Are you finding it difficult to buy holiday gifts this year? It’s tricky to buy the right gift for different persons and still keep to a reasonable budget. Never fear. PITAKA has some great Christmas gift ideas, especially for men.

Boost Productivity Using Your iPad

The iPad Pro is already heavy, so don’t use a heavy case. Slim cases can offer basic protection, which is enough for everyday use.

The MagEZ Case 2 from PITAKA is lightweight and slim. It’s made of aerospace-grade aramid fiber, which is five times stronger than steel but five times lighter. The case is 100% compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard. If you’re using the Magic Keyboard, you surely don’t want to use a case that you have to remove every time you attach the tablet to the Magic Keyboard.

Moreover, with the MagEZ Case 2, you can magnetically attach your iPad to the MagEZ Stand to turn it into a laptop.

Protect and Style Up Your iPhone 14

Many people own the newest iPhone 14, and phone cases are must-have accessories. If you want to decently protect your iPhone 14, the MagEZ Case Pro 3 is perfect.

Unlike other bulky protective cases, the MagEZ Case Pro 3 for iPhone 14 series is not that heavy or thick, weighing about 35 grams. It’s made of renewable aramid fiber and flexible TPU; both materials are durable. The built-in airpockets and interior fiber cloth further protect your phone from drops. And the raised lip allows you to put your phone down worry-free.

Additionally, the edges of the case are covered by both aramid fiber and TPU, offering excellent grip and protection. Having two different materials seamlessly integrated into one case is rarely seen.

Up Your Wrist Game

The newly released Apple Watch Ultra has stirred a lot of discussion after its launch in September. Made of titanium, the Apple Watch Ultra is durable. But the metal can scratch too. So a protective case is a good investment. And cases are not just for protection. They can style up your wrist game too.

PITAKA’s aramid fiber Apple Watch Ultra case weighs about 1 gram, adding no bulk to your wrist but it can protect your Ultra from daily tear and wear. And the carbon fiber look easily goes with your everyday style.

To match with the case, use the genuine carbon fiber watch band for Apple Watch Ultra. The band is extremely lightweight and skin-friendly, ensuring all-day comfort. The patented magnetic fastener makes it effortlessly to install the band. And to unfasten, just press the button once. Also, the band is adjustable with provided tools to fit any wrist.

Both the case and band are compatible with any Apple Watch model.

And to keep your iWatch online anytime, don’t forget to grab the MFi-certified power dongle. The universal USB-C port allows you to plug it into many powered devices, like laptops, iPads or power banks, to charge your watch anytime, anywhere.

Dress Up Your AirPods Pro

Everyone loves style and fashion. Perhaps you don’t have much time to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Some even try too hard and end up being the opposite.

Fashion could be as easy as putting a fashionable accessory in their bag and it doesn’t have to be luxurious. Take a look at the PITAKA MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro, which is more fashionable and functional than the original Apple’s case. It’s simple, classic and exotic.

Many AirPods Pro cases are made of plastic, leather or silicone. And we use aramid fiber, five times stronger than steel but five times lighter. The PITAKA MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro is lightweight and has this grippy texture that’s incredibly comfortable to hold.


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