Event management is planning, organising, and executing events for a particular set of audiences. Event managers coordinate meetings with clients to determine details about the events. They visualise the concept, prepare the budget, assess risks, and develop creative skills to enhance the event. The work of event managers varies depending on the needs of the client. From start to finish, event managers plan, manage, and execute various events, such as weddings, conferences, theme parties, concerts, stage shows, exhibitions, corporate seminars, festivals, award shows, hospitality events, and fundraising events.

In a nutshell, event managers are responsible for running successful events. The job of an event manager is enticing and lucrative. To thrive in the event management field, an individual requires a broad set of skills, such as organisational, people management, budgeting, accounting, strategizing, negotiating, research, creativity, marketing, flexibility, listening, communication, passion, problem-solving, presentation, time management, and passion.

A career in event management does not require a considerable investment and provides much flexibility and freedom to work. If you possess good organisational skills and are passionate about executing events successfully, pursue a MA in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management course to learn how to apply management and business concepts in this booming sector.

About MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management course

Master of Arts (MA) in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management course focuses on equipping students with in-depth knowledge of managing international tourism, hospitality, and event businesses. The course covers key topics, such as marketing planning, operational management, cross-cultural management, event management, strategic approaches, and entrepreneurship.

The course is tailor-made to provide students with management and leadership competencies in the tourism, hospitality, and event sectors. Studying MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management also offers up-to-date skills to enhance students’ employability and boost their careers. Upon completing the course, students will learn to apply management and business concepts to tourism, hospitality, and event industries. The course allows graduates to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting.

Eligibility to become an event manager

  1. For MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management courses, applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from a recognised university.
  2. A high school certificate is also mandatory to apply for the course.
  3. Applicants can only apply for MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management courses if their minimum age is 21.
  4. Applicants with at least three years of work experience in management can sign up for the course if they do not meet the academic requirements.
  5. Proving proficiency in English is essential for non-native English speakers. They can take official English tests, such as IELTS, Password, PTE (Academic), TOEFL, Cambridge English Advanced, or Duolingo demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

Please remember that admission to the course is made chiefly on the merit basis of the undergraduate exam results. However, some universities may ask students to take entrance examinations besides the English language test as a part of the selection process.

To become an event manager, you will require professional experience and robust networking rather than theoretical knowledge. So, attending an event management school provides industry exposure and helps create a portfolio to land a well-paying job. Sign up for the course now!