The world got turned on its head because of COVID. We saw unprecedented cultural and economic shifts as the pandemic hit, and one which everyone is talking about is the great resignation trend that has popped up. We saw its emergence in 2021, and the trend is still gaining momentum in 2022. Experts have predicted that it will likely extend to 2023, and the nature of jobs is being redefined. Job seekers are prioritising flexibility and freedom over loyalty, and the nature of benefits and bonuses is also getting revisited.

According to one study, “25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023”.

Why are remote jobs so enticing?

To begin with, both the work-from-home model and the work-at-office model has their ups and downs. The key factor that attracts people to remote jobs is the immense level of flexibility. Finishing a task in your own time when you are most productive and having lots of time around to spend at home is awesome. You can take care of your family/home, have time for errands like shopping, can take intermittent breaks to increase mental health, no need to meddle with office politics… the list goes on.

Then there is also the added economic advantage. Working remotely means you don’t have to commute and rent places to stay away from home. All it takes is a decent PC/laptop and a stable internet connection. You can choose to eat healthy from home and save up on travel costs.

Tips and gadgets to help you find your next remote job

If you are someone who works remotely, here are a few tips to help you organise yourself and set up the workspace for maximum productivity.

  • Schedule and set routines for yourself
  • Set rules and limits for yourself and those around you
  • Take breaks and walk out
  • Communicate with your coworkers and company

When you are working remotely, certain tools and gadgets are necessary to manage. Sometimes you may find yourself working from someplace else or while travelling. Here are a few tools to help you stay on top of your work when you are working remotely.

  • Power backups/wireless modems
    When you are in the office, you don’t have any responsibility over the internet and power supply. However, working remotely means you have to take care of your internet connection and ensure that there is a steady supply of power even when there is a chance of an outage. You can easily buy reliable inverters/ups, wireless modems, and signal boosters to supercharge your remote work.
  • Additions to your work desk
    When designing a home office, add some things to uplift your mood, like paintings or artwork that can easily make your mood better. Similarly, you can buy cup warmers, backlights etc., to make your workspace more likeable and improve your productivity. Desk organizers, cable hubs, indoor plants, etc., can boost your productivity to a great extent.
  • GPS trackers
    While working remotely, we all inevitably end up in situations when we must work and travel together. Sometimes we’re taking a break from home and visiting someplace, or if you are one of those digital nomads who travel around the world while working, or maybe it’s just a matter of renovations going on at home. No matter what the case is, investing a few quid’s in GPS tracker to safeguard your belongings can be beneficial. They ensure nothing is ever lost, and you can easily keep track of everything while moving.
  • Webcam-microphone set up
    Communicating with your colleagues while working remotely can be a hassle if you don’t have a proper webcam-microphone setup. You might want to switch to a removable webcam that has a closing lid so you can control when it’s on and make sure nothing embarrassing happens when the camera is on. Having your kids or family members walk around in the background while the camera is on can be entertaining for your coworkers at first, but it will quickly start to get annoying when it happens too often.
  • Ergonomic chair and desk
    Prolonged working while sitting in an uncomfortable chair or desk that doesn’t support your posture can be trouble. You will end up having health issues, and overall productivity suffers. Make sure your desk and chair are comfy and complement your work. Having a standing desk to switch to every now and then is also useful.

When you’re managing your own remote job search, it’s easy for small but important details to be missed, so staying organized and having a few tricks up your sleeve is key.