When a truck is involved in an accident, its enormous weight and size makes it nearly impossible for only minor damages to occur. The hassle, frustrations, and financial trauma might just be as enormous as well. Because of this, having the best truck accident attorney by your side will help get the most from the settlement or at least have a fair trial.

Why Hire the Best Truck Accident Attorney

Here are a few things you can get from hiring the best truck accident lawyer in your area.

Avoid Further Trauma

Naturally, you don’t want to talk about the traumatic incident repeatedly to different people. With all that’s happened, it will be difficult for you to get the story straight and consistent. Having an official statement done for you, someone to represent and do all the talking for you, will be a great help to start moving forward and past what happened even if the case is not yet resolved.

Get a Fair Trial or the Best Settlement

If you think this is just between you and the truck driver, you are wrong. Most truck drivers are employed by trucking companies. If this is the case, filing a lawsuit against a trucking company will be extremely hard to do alone. They have the budget to make a settlement or to go head-to-head in a trial with you. Hiring the best truck accident lawyer will even out the playing field for you. It’s about arming yourselves with the right knowledge and people.

Insurance Companies Can Be Tricky

Aside from the police report, insurance companies will also have their own investigation. The information they collect will help them decide who is at fault or how much compensation you should receive.

You will be sent an offer letter for this. If you don’t have an experienced truck accident attorney to help you, you might be easily tricked or pressured into signing the offer letter to avoid further hassles. Most insurance companies don’t offer enough compensation, often neglecting that some damages may come long after the accident.

They also do not include compensation for emotional and psychological damages brought about by the incident. Signing the offer letter will remove your right to file a lawsuit to claim for such damages. Don’t let that happen.

The Truck Driver Might Not Be the Only One at Fault

It is possible that the negligence might not be just on the truck driver’s side. Maybe the driver collided with your car because of a big pothole in the road, which is negligence on the government’s side. Or maybe a technical issue in the truck that is beyond the driver’s control caused the accident, making the truck manufacturer liable as well.

If you hire a truck accident attorney, they are experienced at the system and can navigate through it smoothly. This means they can easily show you all possible angles of the accident.

You Need the Best Strategy to Claim All Forms of Damages

Physical damages to you and your car or property are not the only things that you should file a claim for.

The best truck accident attorney will help you realize and file all the needed documents to cover all the damages you should be getting from the accident. Both economic and non-economic damages should be considered to ensure that you are properly compensated in all aspects.

If you are up against several at-fault parties, you have to deal with every single one of them in court. Having to relive the same traumatic moment during every trial is emotionally exhausting as it is.

Having someone by your side who you know will always have your back, and will fight for your best interest until the very end, is the best decision you will ever make in this situation.