Monopoly to solitaire

What’s more fascinating about open source CMS is – ‘Its source code is free to be used by anyone?’ People usually go for open-source CMS when it comes to low-cost customizations. Let’s get acquainted with some of the must-known facts about CMS:

  • Open source CMS can’t be a monopoly. The entire community of developers maintains them.
  • ‘Open Source’ means the source code is widely available to everyone at no cost. A ‘CMS’ is an interface that assists in creating, editing & publishing web content & can even help you create websites using HTML, Javascript & CSS.
  • You needn’t be a techie expert using an ‘Open source CMS’. With a bit of familiarity, you can do wonders. That’s for sure!
  • This decade is witnessing great interest among people in using CMS – Joomla, Drupal & WordPress.

What should you use – Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? 


Whoever hears it first says, “What is Joomla?”

Joomla is one of the most renowned open-source CMS. This CMS is made up of PHP, which makes it a versatile CMS. MySQL is being used to store data. This software has helped many developers to make money in the shortest span as it builds websites quickly. Apart from that, Joomla is known for its security.

Since Joomla is known to be a highly beneficial CMS, why are there rumors of Joomla dying? Well, since 2015, people have been observing security holes in Joomla. Many of the Joomla sites have been exploited. But Joomla is continually trying to remain alive in the tech world. The passion for achieving this ambition can be seen in the improvements being noticed in Joomla 4.

Conclusive Statement: If you want to build a simple site without much functionality, Joomla should be your first choice. Drupal & WordPress shouldn’t be there in the queue. Why? Because both the platforms – WordPress & Drupal, are a bit difficult to use compared to Joomla. But Joomla is stupendously easy to use. You are expected to have this question in mind at this point: “what is the best version of Joomla?” I would say Joomla 4.


The expert content managers are in love with Drupal because of its advanced functionality & dynamism.

What is Drupal used for?

Just like Joomla, it is a duo – content management & web development platform. If you want to build a site speedily, Drupal is your go-to partner. Many people omit to rely on drupal development believing in the rumors that it is difficult to use. But I can contradict it. Drupal has a drag & drop interface. What can be more simple than that? Right? Getting familiar with the software will solve all complexities.

Conclusive Statement: Using Drupal can open a door of opportunities for you to bring innovation & personalization. Drupal keeps on introducing various updates to keep up with the pace of this fast-growing world. Just like, Drupal 7 has come to an end & Drupal 9 is catching the fancy of many developers.


Finally, presenting the open source CMS that needs no introduction – WordPress. As per the opinion of expert developers, “Be it Joomla or Drupal, they are unmatchable when it comes to WordPress. None of them can offer the easy and interactive interface to make templates customizable & a fascinating plugin architecture.” Well, that’s true! Let me pre-answer the question before it invites a storm in your brain, “How much is WordPress?” – WordPress is FREE, FREE & FREE! One can use WordPress free of cost, but some themes are chargeable.

It’s not over yet!

Everything has a loop, and so has WordPress. Talking about security, encryption & data protection, developers recommend Drupal. Whether handling PCI compliance requirements or complex security situations, WordPress is scored ‘8’, while Drupal gets ’10’.

Conclusive Statement: WordPress can be a bridge for you if you don’t like to code but have a great attraction for building websites. Tech beginners usually consider building WordPress websites to showcase their portfolio, as it is easy to use & cost-effective to build.

Final Comments!

Whether Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, every platform is good in its way. The deciding factor is your essential requirements. Apart from that, we would like to suggest not to believe in any rumor like – ‘xyz is dead’. The concerned brand will make a public announcement when something like that happens.