Pests are everywhere, but when they start to occupy our homes, offices, and properties, they become a real problem. Here is how you can deal with some of the most common types of pests in your home. 

Rodents, termites, and flies are three of the worst types of infestation in modern life. They occur primarily in warmer climates but can take place in the cold of Scotland just as quickly as they can in scorching Australia. Rodents, termites, and flies all seek the warmth and comfort of your home. They do this for survival. Your house is warm and contains all the food they will ever need. To stop the pests, you must stop making your home attractive to them.

Different Pests Cause Different Problems

According to expert pest control Sydney operatives, different pests cause different problems. Of the three we are discussing today will damage your property. Rodents will form nests in some areas and use others as their toilets. They will chew through your furniture and cupboards. They learn how to move around your home through smell once a trail is scent marked.

Flies are difficult pests because they swarm. There are reports of fly infestations in Australia where the animals are so thick in the air that the farmers cannot breathe. They land on feces and carry those germs throughout your home and property. This keeps them away from food.

Termites are a problem. They defile the structural integrity of your home. A bad enough termite problem will see wood crumble away to dust. This can impact the foundations of your home in a negative way. Not to mention that they, too, trail dirt and feces throughout your home – not to say decreasing the value of it almost overnight.

Different Pests Require Different Solutions

When it comes to getting rid of those pests, they each require a different solution. The best thing you can do is hire an exterminator. If you can’t afford to, then heed the following advice.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Rats and mice want somewhere warm to raise their families with access to food sources. You could put down traps, but without the whole array of tactics, you will find you have mice or rats for years. Rodents move using scent trails and their whiskers. Disturbing their courses disturbs their patterns and causes them to interpret them as dangerous. Blocking up holes in your cupboards or access to your larder helps. Also, finding their nesting area and cleaning it out will conquer both the food and the nesting issue.

Getting Rid of Termites

Termites don’t like certain plants. Planting garlic, mint, marigolds, or catnip can help keep them away. If you don’t have a garden, try mixing up a spray of vinegar combined with lemon juice. They don’t like acidity. Spray this on suspicious areas and wait for results. We highly recommend that you hire an exterminator. Rats and flies are dangerous, but termites can bring your house down.

Getting Rid of Flies

Fly catching traps and tape are the best way to rid your property of excess flies.