Sun and brighter weather are proven to improve mood and wellness adding a lovely bit of vitamin D to the body, mind and soul. Soak it all in!

Ever since Wecasa, the online mobile wellness, beauty and home care services booking platform, launched in the UK in April 2020 the company has been on a mission to bring awareness of how self-care and me-time can bring calm, happiness and help with mental health.

The company wants to motivate you to use Summer to your advantage and fit in more time for self-care whenever possible, whether that is going for a walk, exercising outside, reading a book in the sunshine or booking an at-home treatment to fill your happiness bucket.

Increase your self-confidence with selfcare

There is much to be said about investing in yourself and how this can help improve your self-confidence and what better way to achieve this than getting all your treatments at home, on your time. Whether you need a sun-kissed look through highlights or the latest haircut trends, body exfoliation, the latest nail art trends, waxing or eyelash extensions Wecasa’s professional fleet will help get you to the next level in no time, when you have time!

Both Wecasa founders, Pierre André and Antoine Chatelain, are on a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing ease, convenience and a fresh approach to at-home on-demand treatment services and making it a part of your ongoing lifestyle. They suggest the following steps to make it happen:

  1. Boost your self-esteem by booking it in: we are often guilty of putting everyone before ourselves and letting daily chores take over precious me-time. Make a conscious effort to build self-care and me-time into your lifestyle
  2. Empower yourself by being in the moment: we cannot say this enough, but turn off your phone. It’s a challenge, we know, but to fully appreciate me-time and self-care you need to be in the moment and block out the outside world
  3. Revitalise yourself by taking a real break: those emails can wait and so can those WhatsApp messages – turn airplane mode on and make it a real break

How it works

Wecasa works with freelance service professionals to provide professional, convenient offerings to their local customer base. The company currently has 400 skilled professionals on their books and are planning to increase this by 1000 in the coming year to help them expand further into the UK.

Customers seeking services can be connected with a professional quickly and easily just by visiting or the app store to choose their desired service (e.g., beauty, massage, home cleaning). From there, they simply enter their postcode, select who the booking is for, select the treatment date and time and they are instantly connected with a local service provider who can come straight to their door.

It’s that simple, enjoy!

Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform for mobile at-home wellness, beauty, and home services, seven days a week. Visit for further information and to book now.