Hannah Beko Legal Studio

Hannah Beko has been named the new head of mission at the consultancy law firm, Legal Studio.

Her role at the Manchester and Leeds-based firm will be to support the team in building legal businesses and lives that they enjoy.

The mum-of-three, who is also author of the new book The Authentic Lawyer, spent a decade as a self-employed consultant solicitor, and whilst she enjoyed the money she was earning, she soon realised she was suffering from chronic stress.

As she had bought her ‘dream home’ she felt unable to reduce her workload to afford repayments on it.

Now she aims to help others in the legal profession to avoid being in the same dilemma by changing their mindset, working smarter and building the career they really want.

Hannah said: “After investing in my own training, mentoring and business support groups, I started to learn how to create the consultancy business I wanted to run rather than giving it up as I’d expected I would.

“I learned to delegate and when it failed, I picked myself up and tried again. I started charging properly. I sacked clients who didn’t pay or were rude! I gradually imposed boundaries around my time, money and the use of my expertise.”

Hannah said she loved learning from other business owners but came to understand that lawyers didn’t really know that such support existed, or where to reach out for it.

“I created various courses, trainings and qualified as a coach to support lawyers in firstly identifying and then going on to create the life and business that they want to have,” she added.

Legal Studio director Matt Dowell and solicitor Ian McCann had always envisaged a place that consultant lawyers can call ‘home’ and were keen to get Hannah on board.

Matt said: “We are delighted to have Hannah join us. My own personal motivations are freedom, control and financial security. This is what we want to deliver for all of the staff here at Legal Studio and I know that Hannah will help us with that.”

Ian added: “Legal Studio exists to help lawyers enjoy work. We’re honoured to have Hannah join us to further that mission.  I can’t wait to work with Hannah to further support our team to build legal businesses and lives that they enjoy. I’m also particularly excited by the upcoming launch of the Legal Studio Academy which will empower our team, old and new, to do just that.

Legal Studio was founded in 2014 as a new consultancy-model law firm with a simple idea – to build a place where lawyers could enjoy work.