A part of anyone’s lifestyle is finding fun things to do with their leisure time or ways to fill in spare time during the day. Mobile phones are the ideal solution to this, and the latest smartphones have more ways than ever to keep us entertained. Whilst streaming music or surfing the net is always fun, downloading cool mobile apps to check out is also pretty special.

If you are an Android user, Google Play will be where you head to find apps to download onto your phone. Google has helpfully split the many apps into categories to make it simpler. But which types are the most popular?

 Sports betting

One category which has taken off after being allowed into Google Play is sports betting apps. These cool applications enable you to place wagers via your mobile device at some of the best online sportsbooks. If you fancy finding the best sports betting apps to look for in Google Play, Bets.co.uk are a great place to look. They bring together the top internet sportsbooks to choose from and make getting into online betting in the UK super-easy.


 Another big-hitting category on Google Play is social. This encompasses social media apps like TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. When you think about how many users these sites have and how much attention they draw, it is easy to see why this category is so popular. Social apps have accounted for around 95% of downloads from Google Play in 2022 so far, which illustrates their appeal.


 One of the app categories in Google Play that always shows up well is games. Whether it is action, puzzle, sports or racing, mobile users simply cannot get enough of downloading game apps. So far, in 2022, for example, games in this category have accounted for most of the downloads. When you combine figures for the different gaming niches (action games account for 34.19% of downloads, for example, in addition to the 58.86% of downloads attributed to casual games).

Why are games always such a popular app category in Google Play?

 Games is a category that is always towards the top or at the top of the most popular in Google Play. But why is this? The simple truth is that games are fun to play, and many are free to download. They also give a fast and enjoyable way to fill any spare time you might have when out of the house. From boring lunch breaks to the commute home, games are the best way to keep yourself busy.

Popular app categories in Google Play

 While tech can help limit staff burnout or give businesses ways to find new customers, it is also beneficial in our personal lives. Apps that you can download onto your phone are a great example. Although the most popular categories in Google Play can change year on year, the ones shown above are certainly hot right now.