Whether you are a digital enthusiast or not, there is no denying that we are surrounded by amazing technology nowadays. We can see self-driving cars steer about in traffic lanes, avant-garde robots, and even remote rovers landing on Mars without complications. With its endless potential, technology can have enormous benefits for our daily routines. This is especially true for our office hours in the workplace.

Indeed, technology and AI in the office can bring an array of advantages. From simplifying time management to safeguarding the wellbeing of hard-working staff, technology is a very useful tool. To ignore its conveniences would be detrimental to both businesses and their employees.

Therefore, this article explores some of the ways in which AI and technology can offer people a sounder work-life balance. We’ll also look at how your business can limit the risk of staff burnout.

Creates flexible schedules

As the events of the past couple of years have drastically changed our way of living, we’ve had to find new solutions for problems. One of these is the need to reinvent how we work and organise ourselves during lockdown and when social distancing. Unexpected shifts in our daily plans and routines require a more flexible work schedule.

It is safe to say that homeworking would be tricky to carry out without the aid of technology. However, digital devices can provide an excellent bridge for communication between colleagues. With the uptake in homeworking opportunities, technology makes sure that employees can still cooperate and overcome challenges as a group despite distancing.

Firstly, this protects and nurtures the progression of team development, even in difficult circumstances. Secondly, and just as importantly, it allows people to find the right balance between their work and private lives, making certain that their wellbeing is always looked after.

Cuts tedious work and speeds up tasks

Nobody enjoys tedious tasks. They are time-consuming and unstimulating. By implementing technology in the business, repetitive duties will no longer be a burden. In fact, AI is more than able to take care of some monotonous tasks, saving precious time to focus on the more fruitful and engaging elements of work.

Moreover, technology can quicken processes too. For instance, content can be shared and viewed by everybody simultaneously on online platforms. This way, staff will have the chance to reduce the number of unnecessary phone calls and emails. Overall, this will quicken the completion of tasks and make collaboration easier.

Improve productivity and wellbeing

With AI and technology’s many different functions, it is fair to say that innovative tools can help employees work more effectively. Whether it is video conferences, integration of emails, or document collaboration, there are several features that can increase a business’ productivity.

Moreover, technology can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of workers too. With the rise of homeworking, many people are finding it difficult to close their work laptops and disconnect for the evening. In this respect, apps and software can offer a helping hand. By setting up automated out-of-office responses to tasks and meeting requests after work hours, employees will not feel pressured to extend their workday. Instead, they can detach, recharge their batteries, and settle down for the evening.

Monitor environmental and human behaviour

A boost to your employees’ work experience may be achieved through AI sensors that are currently being developed. Specifically, they will be able to pick up anything from air quality and odour to occupant activity and sound quality.

With tech gadgets that monitor environmental and human behaviour, businesses can always ensure that their workers are in the right frame of mind to complete their tasks. Not only will it identify any worrying sign of staff burnout, but AI can encourage businesses to take action as a result. This will help increase efficiency, retain talented employees, and safeguard workers’ wellbeing.

Keep everyone’s diary on point

Busy days in the office can be tiring and challenging. This can be exacerbated if personal tasks end up clashing with group meetings. To enhance time management and avoid feelings of stress, digital ‘public’ calendars can outline staff’s schedules to prevent conflicts.

This can make managers’ lives significantly easier too. With everyone’s diary under their eyes, they are able to realise what each team member has on their plate – and act accordingly.

It would be a shame not to make the most of technology. If it can help businesses manage time and keep their employees happy and focused, it should be a no-brainer. From clever sensors that monitor staff’s behaviour to useful features that improve transparency and productivity, technology has an array of benefits to make workdays enjoyable and to maximise people’s work-life balance.