People are always attracted to great deals. If you are running a business online, you can achieve enhanced engagement by simply offering coupons and discounts to potential customers. But the new business owners need to understand that not all coupons can be used equally. Before you start using coupons and promo codes on your eCommerce site, it is important to look at your target market, business plan, and customer preferences so that you can use coupons to boost returns on investment.

Although free giveaways may appear a great choice to grab audience attention online, it is not good to offer some crazy deals to buyers as they can hamper your brand value. It is better to create deals and offers that can align well with your business model. Coupons must be able to drive sales for your business and generate profits. But if you create coupons out of your budget, they may hamper your cash flows. Therefore, you should create some budget-friendly offers that can prevent nasty dilemmas of profit margins. It is better to keep a track of festive seasons and special events when your offers can look more useful and appealing.

Those who are looking for some effective ways to use promo codes for the eCommerce site are advised to go through the details below. Here we are going to talk about different types of coupons and the right way to use them to boost returns on investment:

New Visitor Codes

Almost 98% of the new visitors on your site do not get converted into sales or leads. It means that all the traffic on your platform is not contributing to your ROI. One of the best ways to boost these statistics and enjoy more sales is to offer coupons at sing-up. It is possible to offer a discount of a certain percentage on the very first order to motivate customers to make a purchase or you can set up a monetary amount for the offer. Customers must be also encouraged to submit their contact details such as email addresses to receive coupon codes as this information can be later used for marketing campaigns.

Social promoter discounts

You may have heard about social media marketing and peer recommendations. They offer a great solution to incentivize visitors who follow, share, and promote your social media page. In this way, you can find more customers that are likely to initiate purchases to grab the discount. With social media connectivity, they are also listed to your future promotions online. In this way, you can establish long-term connections with the audience and boost your brand reputation online. This is a trusted way to gain new customers and motivate them to make a purchase on your business platform.

Flat rate discounts on a specific amount

Buyers are always attracted to free stuff. One of the most creative ways to use coupons at your business platform is to offer flat rate discounts to customers when they make a purchase for a specific amount. For instance, you can offer them a one-time discount of $30 on a collective purchase of $300 or more. Other than this, you can also use BetterHelp Promo Code to capture audience attention towards your brand. While presenting this offer to the buyers, make sure you motivate them to share their email addresses for future conversations.

Free shipping coupons

When it fits your marketing budget, you can help your potential customers to avail free shipping on a purchase of a certain amount. Consumers are always excited to get free shipping service, especially on large orders. Surveys show that almost 73% of buyers consider free shipping one of the main deciding factors for making a purchase from a specific online marketplace or brand. Do not forget to establish long-term contact with the customers whom you offer free shipping so that you can attract them to future sales with ease.

Free gifts on purchase

Several brands also prefer providing a free gift when buyers make a large purchase from an online store. This is a more suitable option when you have surplus stock and need to present a specific item to the new market. You can add a coupon code at the checkout stage that can help customers avail special free gifts from your side. It is a clever way to attract customers to your brand. Many businesses also find it a creative way to introduce some new products to the target audience.

Once you start using these simple tricks and techniques for your coupon marketing strategy, it will be easier to grab great returns in favor of your business.