ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited bring a stunning offer for their valued customers. Now you can get a chance to win a free return ticket to Pakistan through the biggest collaborative lucky draw. Just send money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer and participate in this exciting offer to win an opportunity to meet with your loved ones.

The offer has been designed by the combined venture and efforts of ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited. They believe that “meeting the customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of their business”.

You can become a part of the offer by a simple online money transfer to Pakistan through ACE’s services and receive it through any of the 1650 plus branches of HBL in Pakistan. Remember that the transaction can only be made through HBL; only then are you eligible for this offer.

Now you can explore Pakistani soil without worrying about the return ticket because ACE and HBL are getting it for you without any charges.

Simply Use the Double ‘T’ Method to Win

Want to know the double ‘T’ method for you to become eligible for this fantastic offer? It is straightforward. If you are a customer of ACE Money Transfer and HBL, just send money to Pakistan online through ACE and receive or transact it through any branch of HBL in Pakistan. 

So, “Transfer – Transact” are the double ‘T’ that you should be looking out for to avail of this exclusive opportunity.

For New and Old Customers of ACE

Do you misunderstand that this offer is only exclusive for old customers of ACE Money Transfer and Habib Bank Limited? All customers, either new or old, can participate in the offer. This is an auto-generated lucky draw. You will automatically become a part of this amazing offer by following two easy steps. 

  • Send money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer’s service.
  • Transact and/or receive through any of the branches of HBL in Pakistan

More Transaction – Is it a plus point?

When applying for a lucky draw, don’t you usually see that the companies put on the condition of “doing more will make you win” in a sense that can make it even more difficult to win? ACE and HBL are not amongst those companies that will make your life difficult in order for you to achieve the prize offered. 

It is also important to note that more transactions and transfers will increase your chances to win a free return ticket in this opportunity. However, making unlimited transactions isn’t primarily the eligibility criteria to enter the lucky draw. ACE and HBL have always been trustworthy services, always providing the best for their customers in any way possible. So, even if you make an online money transfer to Pakistan using ACE’s services through HBL, you become eligible to participate in the offer. 

This way, it may become easier for you to win and become one of the ten lucky winners.

Ten Lucky Winners to Receive a Free Return Ticket to Pakistan

Since ACE and HBL care about their customers and think of them more like a family, they have brought a chance for their customers to enjoy the luxury of winning not just one but ten free return tickets to Pakistan. Each winner will receive one free return ticket to Pakistan. 

This is your chance to meet your loved ones and reunite with them. Take in the scenic views that Pakistan has to offer you.

Lucky Draw Schedule

You can enter into the lucky draw starting from the 1st of February 2022 till 15th March 2022. Each lucky winner will be announced in a series of one announcements made every week. Starting from the 7th of February 2022, the first announcements will be made continued till the 16th of March 2022, when the last announcement will be made. The pattern that will be followed for announcements is as follows:

  • First Announcement – 7th February 2022 (1 winner)
  • Second Announcement – 14th February 2022 (1 winner)
  • Third Announcement – 21st February 2022 (2 winners)
  • Fourth Announcement – 28th February 2022 (2 winners)
  • Fifth Announcement – 7th March 2022 (2 winners)
  • Last Announcement – 16th march 2022 (2 winners)

Are You Ready to Try Out Your Luck?

Become a part of this amazing offer with ACE and HBL, who believe in proficiency, trustworthiness, and efficiency in the transaction services provision. Believing in the benefit of the customer rather than the company makes this collaborative effort a fantastic opportunity for you and your loved ones to reunite once again. 

This mutual effort between ACE and HBL is just to bring its customers the best possibilities and show them the emotional affection they have to offer. It is also to show that customers may benefit themselves with the ease of transferring money without worrying about any kinds of doubts, money laundering, frauds, delayed transactions and check payments, along with winning amazing prizes that ACE and HBL have to offer.


So, Don’t Miss This Astounding Opportunity and Shroud Yourself with the Best Way to Send Money to Pakistan Online.

The long-term reputation that ACE and HBL have built will always be presented to their dear customers. Their customers are their family, and family always come first when giving out good things in this world.

So do not be worried by gossiped misunderstandings that remittance companies have and try ACE Money Transfer’s remittance service now.

Don’t forget to check out HBL’s exceptional services and collaboration with ACE Money Transfer.