• Interact and Apex Training have merged to form a bold new platform called ‘Alchemist’.
  • Alchemist combines a scientific approach to learning, with the unique touch of genuine human experience.
  • It offers blended learning and development solutions, supported by technology and data.

When it comes to learning new skills, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how individuals go about adding to their knowledge bank. In the Learning & Development sector today, building new experiences that are both unique and meaningful is an underlying focus for tools and platforms. Interact and Apex Training have joined forces, creating a bold new brand called ‘Alchemist’, which offers personal, tailored learning experiences that are backed by data and technology. Alchemist is about creating learning experiences with humans as the core focus.

Stuart Packham, CEO of Interact Training Group, says, ““This is a massive opportunity to make some real noise in the L&D market. We have done so many things as Interact and Apex over the last twenty-five years. The ability to now blend these two together into the Alchemist brand is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Alchemist aims to help clients understand the underlying root of the challenge when it comes to training their team members, and then finding a unique solution tailored to them specifically, with the added touch of something new, exciting, and effective. The brand aims to challenge conventional approaches to people development, ask difficult questions, and help clients discover the answers.

Alchemist has one team, one culture, one pool of associates, and an endless volume of potential. This is made possible by the team viewing themselves as alchemists, blending both history and learning approaches together to form one bold solution.

John Nicholson, Chairman of Alchemist, says: “People ask me, Why does becoming Alchemist make a difference to what you bring to the market?” He explains: “Well, we’ve got Interactive, Experiential and Immersive experiences, and the opportunity for us now is to springboard from those into going to the next level with our customers. Alchemist is here to build multiple relationships with the same companies over and over again. By making people be the best they can be at what they choose to do.”

Alchemist is a branch of natural philosophy, combining spiritual aspects with science, which allows for the creation of literally anything. When it comes to Alchemist’s blended approach to learning and experience, they see themselves as alchemists. Alchemists’ goal is to become recognised globally for designing human-centric experiences that make a genuine difference in clients’ (and team members’) lives.

The learning tool aims to expand towards new, innovative ideas when it comes to Learning & Development. During training, Alchemist may make use of things like cutting-edge technology; apps; actors and facilitators; experiential situations; or hybrids of the above factors. The aim is to initiate measurable, genuine, lasting change in clients from within – whether it’s virtually, or on a face-to-face basis. This is to focus on empowering individuals to unlock their full learning and knowledge potential – not just in the workplace, but in daily life as well.

Alchemist wants to help transform their clients into alchemists too, by helping develop bold, creative people who take steps towards understanding themselves and building on their skills. Alchemist aims to help people push their own boundaries by taking risks and going against the grain of what’s “trending” now, or what everyone else is doing. Alchemist is learning: transformed.

Find out more about how Alchemist was created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF8KYMHr1Lo.