Christmas is the season of giving. Presenting a loved one with a thoughtful gift can be a sweet way to show your feelings, but it could often be a stressful and expensive task. Gift giving should be all about kindness and gratitude, rather than the cost of the present. In light of the increasing popularity of eco-friendly living many people prefer to give and receive sustainable gifts that won’t go to waste or sit in a wardrobe.

Sustainable gifting is about aiming to minimise the negative impact on the environment that the festive season usually has by using materials that are already in circulation or supporting local artisans and businesses.

In this post we give you a few ideas for eco-friendly gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas season.

·      Sustainable cosmetic or toiletry products

Cosmetic products or gift sets are one of the most common presents we buy for Christmas, so why not opt out for a greener alternative? There are many companies and independent retailers out there that offer sustainable organic products such as soaps, shampoo bars, bath salts and more. All of those are a great way to allow your loved ones to pamper themselves guilt-free!

·      Eco-friendly home products

When buying someone a gift you want it to be something they can use and be handy for them in their daily life, rather than something they’ll put in a cupboard and forget about or throw away after a few months. Which is why home goods such as bed linen, candles, cookware or similar are a great option. Make sure you do a bit of research and buy products which are made from eco-friendly materials and are going to last long. If you’re buying something like bed sheets, towels or dressing gowns for example look for ones made from organic cotton, linen, bamboo or other organic materials.

·      Subscription service

If you have a loved one who enjoys particularly enjoys things like coffee or snacks you can treat them to a subscription to get organic coffee, tea or snacks delivered to their doorstep. That way you’re not only supporting a company with a greener cause but you’ll also provide the person you’re gifting it to with small presents throughout the year.

·      Experience gift voucher

Whoever said gifts should only be material has been very wrong. A great way to gift someone with a sustainable present this Christmas is to get them an experience voucher which can be delivered to their email as an e-voucher so you would save trees by not getting it printed as well. There are many options to choose from. From afternoon tea or a meal to zipline adventures and skydiving, you can give the people you love an experience they won’t forget!

·      Plants or garden accessories

Nothing is more sustainable than a plant which you can take care of and watch grow for many years to come. If you’re buying a gift for someone with a green thumb, it’s a good idea to get them a house plant or some accessories they can use around the garden such as tools, watering cans or similar. You could also get your friends who want to go into gardening a planting kit for their garden which they can use to grow their own vegetables, flowers or plants.

·      Homemade/upcycled goods

What better way to show someone how much you appreciate them than giving them something you made yourself? You can make some home baked goods such as cookies or gingerbread, jam or chutney and make little hampers to give out to your friends and loved ones. Another sustainable idea is to look for glassware or other items you don’t use anymore that you can upcycle with a bit of DIY and turn into beautiful Christmas presents.

Tips for Shopping Sustainably for Christmas Presents

  • Think about the gifts and products you buy through a sustainable lens. What material is it made from? Where was it manufactured and how far has it travelled? Will it be durable? Does the receiver need it or are you buying it just because you’re out of ideas?
  • Research the brand you’re shopping from. Do they support any green causes? Are they doing anything towards being sustainable?
  • If you live close to a shop which offers the product you’re looking to buy, it’s always more sustainable to walk or travel there rather than get the item delivered.
  • If you’re doing your Christmas shopping online try to shop from as few retailers as possible, instead of getting individual items from many different retailers.
  • Plan your shopping and don’t rely on next day delivery.
  • Use sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper or recyclable wrapping paper.

When you make your Christmas shopping list think about the person you’re buying for and what they would like to receive. Don’t buy something that they wouldn’t buy themselves or they would never use. Remember that what matters is not the price tag but the thoughtfulness you’ve putting into choosing the right gifts for your loved ones!