• Value creation and portfolio monitoring software, Untap, is among top applicants chosen for Newchip’s exclusive, equity-free program.
  • Untap is revolutionizing the way Private Capital Market funds manage investments.
  • VP available for interviews.

Newly launched in 2020, Untap was accepted into Newchip’s exclusively renowned accelerator program, which has a notable global reach. Untap is a modern portfolio management solution designed for Private Capital Markets to help manage their strategies, investments, Value Creation and ESG. Newchip’s program was created to rapidly build, fund and scale startup companies by providing founders with all the tools and skills they need, with past cohorts averaging more than 17.5 times the average funding amount. The program has already helped more than 1,000 founders from 35 countries raise funds of over $300 million for their companies. 

Vice President of Product at Newchip, Armando Vera Carvajal, says, “Newchip evaluates a vast and diverse number of companies from across the globe, selecting only a small percentage to be part of our Seed Accelerator program. This careful vetting process of both the business model and founder makes us an ideal partner for venture capital investors and other key stakeholders in early-stage startup financings who are looking for promising startups. Fintech companies like Untap can scale quickly with proper funding and guidance. We are excited for Untap and believe they will do well at Newchip.”

Since its launch, Untap has secured a seed capital of $1 million, along with gaining major customers across the UK, US and Europe. 

“Being part of the Newchip Accelerator, we are looking forward to learning new ideas about how to accelerate our growth and achieve our funding objectives to scale up globally,” says Manfredi Bargioni, CEO at Untap. “Achieving an appropriate level of funding will enable us to fully exploit the window of growth opportunity that we see in front of us.”

 About Untap

Untap is the first fully integrated portfolio management platform offering a one-stop-shop data strategy for private equity funds, amalgamating operational and financial control, ESG improvement, and value creation management into a streamlined solution. The software is created to maximise efficiency when it comes to flow of information and data from portfolio companies to investors, as well as increase the level of insight for AI. Untap also helps ensure the integrity and time efficiency of financial data contributing to monthly and quarterly fun reports. To learn more about Untap, visit: https://www.untap.pe

About Newchip

Started in 2019, Newchip is an entirely digital startup accelerator, headed by a knowledgeable team of investors and entrepreneurs. It was created to help provide startup founders with the correct skill set and tools to rapidly build, scale and fund their companies. The remote, equity-free online startup accelerator has three six-month programs which are based on what stage the company is in: Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A. It comprises a vast network of strategic partners, global investors and skilled mentors to help guide companies from things like team building and developing prototypes, to securing corporate partnerships and high-profile investments. To learn more about Newchip, visit https://launch.newchip.com/