Your kids were cute little moppets until they grew up and you started seeing their tantrums, moods, more demands that you won’t approve of, and that cuteness fading away. Right?

Yes, I understand. Parenting is not just about being a guardian to some adorable darlings, it is more about raising socially and personally responsible human beings who are neither harmful to themselves nor society. But, that is not what we think about before deciding to become a parent. The experiences that you face during the early childhood and infancy of your child are definitely heavenly. As soon as the transition from childhood to infancy starts happening, you realize the job is going to be tougher.

You realize you have to give your kids some space as they don’t have to be just mama’s babies anymore or you don’t. And when you don’t realize this fact, the real mess occurs.

In short, your child is a teen now and they want freedom, less vigilance, less dependence upon you, privacy, and many other changes happen. For example, they want to go to parties, make mature friendships, romantic relationships, using different social media platforms, and start learning new skills, etc. Now, when they want more freedom, they are more prone to develop unhealthy habits if not monitored smartly. I say again, they have to be monitored very smartly because it will not take much for them to become rebels in your home.

An FamilyTime iPhone parental control app can help you be an efficient parent to your teens. Following are the things that you will need to do along with using it. I never say it is easy but yes, it is possible to be friends with your teens.


When you see your child is demanding more freedom, or when you sense they need to be more independent, show them that you take care of it.

Bring significant flexibility in your parenting that they notice. For example, you can stop asking about every other activity (particularly when you know they don’t want to talk about it) or you can start going to their bedrooms with a knock first. However, if you find something problematic, talk to them technically to make sure they do not feel that their privacy is breached.


It is not possible to let your kids live their lives entirely on their own. You have to assist them through this phase so that they are well equipped before being launched.

So, when you actively control their activities like what content they watch and what friends they make etc., it does not work. Because it is like intruding on their private space directly. You can use a parental control app like FamilyTime to put controls on the content they should not watch, keep an eye on their contacts and other activities. This way you will not have to encounter them and start a debate and you will also manage to monitor them.


You and your kids are two different generations. Their interests, activities, and everything is going to be different from yours. So, it is very likely that they make demands that are unusual for you. Never act like this is such a weird thing to do or they will stop asking anymore.

They can go on dates and have parties (under your safety checks through FamilyTime) if they want.


Criticizing their behaviors or activities right after you notice them is the worst idea. It not only irritates your child but also loses impact with time.

FamilyTime parental app allows you to watch their activity history over apps and the internet, their location history, and their call history in detail. So, you can sit with them, talk to them softly, and counsel them every weekend on the basis of what they have been doing.


Now when you are being flexible, make sure you do not allow compromisable behaviors or acts. For instance, the tantrums they show to get their demands fulfilled, watching highly inappropriate content, doing drugs, and being addicted to video gaming, etc. When you will be strict about only a few things, your child will realize that it must be the right thing for them.

FamilyTime is an android and iPhone parental control app that allows you to handle all of the digital activities of your child without asking them. Also, you can get a complete idea about what is going on in their lives. Check out its features on the website. And if you want to download it for free, search by its name on Play Store and App Store.