Digital education provider SCE shows rapid growth following shift to remote learning

Training programme provider Strength and Conditioning Education (SCE) has defied the challenging conditions of the pandemic to report a record year – generating almost £2 million in revenue and over £650,000 of earnings (before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation).

The world-class digital education company – which has bases in both Leeds and London – was founded a decade ago; offering courses designed to turn people into high-calibre fitness coaches.

SCE adapted many of its services for an online audience in 2019 – meaning the company was well-placed to provide for customers during COVID.

After producing an array of new products to fulfill soaring demand, SCE has enjoyed a “dramatic growth period” – with people continuing to sign up for courses despite the reopening of gyms and workout spaces.

Utilising a ‘Three Pillar’ learning methodology, SCE has achieved a market-leading position in fitness education. During an average year, the number of SCE students tops more than 2,000, and the company is aiming to help thousands more in the years ahead.

Founder Brendan Chaplin said: “With the gyms closing for significant periods last year, our challenge was to replicate our coveted practical coaching clinics in the virtual environment.

“Through a combination of newly-developed technology, as well as a passionate and dedicated team of coaches, we were able to deliver a world class experience for our learners.

“This delivery format shows no signs of slowing down with the majority of our students still opting for the virtual experience even though we are now back to in person courses again, which tells us we’re doing something right!”

SCE Head of Programmes – and former SCE student – Steven Gordon added: “Of course, we teach the technical elements to a very high level, but that simply is not enough.

“There are thousands of personal trainers and coaches who are great at what they do but don’t have any clients and aren’t earning any money. Our approach has always been to combine technical skills with both personal and business development.

“We work hard on where you want to take your career and who you are as a person. When you’re confident in your own skin and are prepared to tell the world, the opportunities come to you! When you then learn how to effectively market and sell yourself you really do have the full tool kit to build a long and fruitful career in the industry.”

The SCE course pathway turns aspiring coaches into full-time trainers who work for sports teams, gyms and ultimately run their own businesses.

SCE has one of the widest ranges of programmes available – including a flagship Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course, business coaching, mentoring, personal training and youth coaching courses.

Outlining the company mission for the future, SCE’s founder Chaplin stated: “Our vision is to impact 10,000 students annually, who all have the skills and mindset to positively impact their communities.

“We are well on our way to making it happen!”