The recently launched website, SupplementMatch, enables anyone to compare supplements from different suppliers in order to help them find the best possible deal. The site aims to take the difficulty out of finding the right supplement.

SupplementMatch allows anyone to find the best value for supplements from across the marketplace, a huge benefit since the cost of living continues to rise impacting many people’s lives.

A British entrepreneur and supplement user who was frustrated by how complex the dietary supplement market has become created SupplementMatch. Comparing supplements side-by-side was becoming more and more difficult due to the hundreds of supplements on the market. This was how the idea of SupplementMatch came about.

Supplement users have always had to spend a huge amount of time scrolling through one site to the next and comparing prices as well as formulations. Websites that offer whole-of-market coverage have typically offered little help when it comes to comparison tables, but this is now no longer a problem.

Marketing manager Jenny Green says: “We’re here to make it as easy as possible to find the right supplement at the best possible price.”

According to her: “The supplement market is often complex and muddling, and trying to figure out if you’re getting the best value-for-money is near-on impossible for most consumers”.

SupplementMatch lets consumers compare the ingredients, strength, format, and prices of dozens of supplements all in one place. Shoppers are quickly able to narrow down the available options before getting the best-value offers using a built-in filtering system.

They also consider short-term sales and discounts that might be missed by consumers, together with a historical chart of price changes for each supplement covered.

SupplementMatch started its comparison site by looking at one of the most popular supplements on the market, glucosamine. With our aging population, this supplement is mostly used by those looking to support joint health. Over time, SupplementMatch plans to expand their range of supplements users can compare to cover the whole market.

About SupplementMatch

The free-to-use site, SupplementMatch, is like more traditional price comparison websites where the products being compared cost less than if you shopped for them directly. The website makes a small commission on any sales generated through the use of its services. The technology behind SupplementMatch updates daily, ensuring the information provided is accurate and timely due to the fact that prices and availability in the supplement industry vary on a day-to-day basis.