Writing on any topic requires lots of effort, and writing on technology topics needs double the effort. It is not hidden that we all make excuses for writing on a technology topic, except for those who are extremely enthusiastic about both technology and writing. This article will pinpoint the five core reasons why writing on technology is not a cakewalk.

1. You do not have a grasp:

What would it be like to ask a dancer to sing? The same is the case here when you request an expert of another discipline to write about technology. Many social science students tremble when they are tasked to write a paper on artificial intelligence or blockchain.

If you are one of such students who have little or absolutely no knowledge about technology, you will struggle to write about it.


The solution to the problem is that you can do extensive research and learn and understand concepts from different sources. Online lectures on Youtube are a great help in this regard. Once you know the concepts and understand what the prompt asks you to write about, you will be ready to write on it effortlessly.

2. You have chosen the wrong topic:

There are situations when you understand a topic, know much about it but do not have enough words to write a paper. It happens with all students on different occasions. Anyhow, the reason for this problem is that you have not selected the right topic for writing. Some topics are meant to be summarised and written precisely, but those are not good topics to write about. If you are in charge of selecting your topics, you must choose a technology topic wisely.


Precisely, the topics about technology for writing must have the following attributes:

  • Interesting:

Make sure to choose an interesting and trending topic that will incite you to explore, analyse, and write passionately. Choosing an interesting topic will also engage your reader, your teacher, peer, friend, or follower.

  • A topic fit for the length of the paper:

It is necessary to choose a topic that is appropriate for the length of the paper. Choosing a close-ended topic on which you cannot discuss will be the wrong choice for a long paper. If you have to write a long paper, make sure to write on a broad topic.

3. You do not want to:

Let’s face it, sometimes or mostly, we do not write about technology topics, or other topics, because we do not want to. The laziness to write and procrastination stop us from writing. By and large, people consider technology topics more boring than others. A large fraction of people still believe that writing on technology topics is very technical and thus very difficult. In that regard, they become a bit hesitant to write and impede their thought process.


The solution to this problem is that you need to affirm to yourself that ‘you can’. Once you wash away all your speculation pre-assessments, you will be able to think, write, and analyse.

4. There is plenty of other work to do:

Technology topics indeed need more time and effort to write about. The students who have lots of other work to do find it difficult to take plenty of time to complete writing on a technology topic. Due to time constraints and the high requirement of the technology paper, people cannot write on them.


Although it requires more effort to write on a technology topic, it does not mean it is impossible. There is no such thing as the extremely extra effort required to write on such topics. Therefore, you must adjust your time or complete writing in chunks to complete it on time.

Secondly, you can build motivation to write on the topic by promising to reward yourself with something you love. This is one of the most workable tricks that motivates people to make efforts willingly or unwillingly.

5. You do not have enough resources:

The biggest problem with writing on technology topics is a lack of resources, especially on trending topics. To write a paper on the technology topic, you need to review books, articles, and journals to find the scientific reasons and empirical assessments and their results. Without enough resources, neither your concept around a topic will get clear, nor you will be able to write on it.


Choose a topic on which there is lots of material:

It is important to have lots of material available to help you explore and delve into the chosen topic. The reading resources prevail in new dimensions that we would not have thought of generally. You should read different resources for technology topics, as any idea you write must be backed with scientific evidence, which you can use as citations.

Aim of writing technology essays/ papers:

A technology essay is a type of essay written to understand the advent, advancement, and all the components of technology. Any technology essay holds immense importance than any other essay in terms of its application. Our lives are currently technology-driven; technology is everywhere around us. Technology has become a part of our life from smartphones to biometric access control, smart cameras, to smart alarms. Though we take technology for granted, technology has made our lives more convenient by providing easy alternatives to perform different tasks. Therefore, studying and writing about it is important to disseminate knowledge about the appropriate ways of using it.

Do you need extra skills to write on technology?

You do not need additional skills to write on a technology topic than the general writing skills required for writing on any other topic. However, you will be able to write a flawless paper if you are familiar with the jargon and understand its basic concepts.

Tips for writing a technology essay:

1.    Research:

Do extensive research and find out the facts so that your opinions in the paper are based on empirical research. The more you explore, the more you will be able to create a flawless paper.

2.    Plagiarism-free:

Make sure you write a technology essay that is void of plagiarism. Use free online tools to remove plagiarism and improve the quality of the paper.

3.    Format and citations:

Format and citations are the essences of a paper. Using citation and writing tools, you can incorporate the right writing structure and citations.

4.    Bottom Line:

In sum, the reasons why you are not able to write on a technology topic are that the topic you have chosen is inappropriate, you do not have enough technical knowledge, you do not feel like doing it, you have lots of other work, or do not have enough resources. You can help yourself write effortlessly on a technology topic by choosing an appropriate topic. You can find lots of material, do research, and motivate yourself to complete the writing task.