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Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre retailer, has revealed its top suggestions for customers looking to incorporate plants into their Christmas look this year.

Dobbies’ Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles shares his top plant picks for winter 2021 to complement Dobbies’ Christmas themes, giving customers a wealth of inspiration for their Christmas décor this season.

Marcus commented: “Christmas is about more than trees and wreaths, there are a whole host of stunning plants and houseplants which can enhance your home. And, given the proper care and attention, these plants can last well beyond the ringing of the bells on New Year’s Eve, so they really are the gift that keeps on giving and a worthwhile investment.

“Each of our themes this year have a unique style so I have created a tailored selection that will really complement the key colours and add a splash of botanical beauty to each look.”

For Yuletide Wonder, Dobbies take on traditional Christmas décor. Marcus recommends classic plants such as Red Amaryllis, Red Cyclamen and Red Anthurium to continue the warm colour scheme. Yuletide Wonder features bold scarlet and luxe gold tones, so outdoor plants like Skimmia rubella, Picea glauca albertiana ‘Conica’ will help tie the outside in and create a natural flow from home to garden.

Mystical Woodland embraces rustic tones so to create an authentic feel, Marcus suggests incorporating earthy evergreens including Holly Green, Ivy Green and Buxus into tablescapes and décor. To carry the theme outdoors, Contorted Hazel ‘Contorta’, Bay Trees and Box Topiary are the top picks.

Winter Glamour is Dobbies “Instagrammable” theme for 2021 and features a glamorous look and feel. To incorporate some greenery into this polished look, Marcus recommends indulgent plants such as White Cyclamen, succulent Stephanotis and glamourous Gardenia. To continue the lavish theme outdoors, Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose and Silver Birch are the top choices for an elegant garden area.

For the moody and chic Midnight Reflections look, Marcus advises on plants like Paperwhites and white Hyacinth to add a subtle finishing touch without detracting from the overall effect. Blue Spruce, Ivy White, Holly White and Viburnum tinus are timeless plants that will also enhance the festive glow in this glamorous theme.

For Dobbies’ most colourful Christmas theme, Festive Bazaar, Marcus suggests customers opt for an eclectic mix of pink and blue Hyacinths, paired with Christmas Cherry (Solanum) to really amplify the overall décor. Callicarpa, Vaccinium and Pyracantha the perfect outdoor additions and will bring a pop of colour to winter gardens, tying the outdoors into this fun theme.

To finish off the elegant Champagne Sparkle look, Marcus recommends dainty and delicate plants including Camellia and White Amaryllis so as not to overwhelm the muted palette in this theme. If customers are looking to bring some drama to the décor, Christmas Cacti, Sarcoccoca, Variegated Rubber Plant and Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) present beautiful contrasting textures and will make the Champagne Sparkle accessories pop.

For more inspiration and decorating tips for this festive season Dobbies’ 2021 Christmas look book, filled with ideas and top tips is available here.

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