Minimalist and silver. The two words go hand in hand. Minimalism as a concept is when something is stripped of everything but its bare essentials. These bare essentials are what defines its beauty. Therefore, minimalism, in theory, seeks to recognise the basic beauty in everything.

Silver is a minimalist metal that is nonetheless recognised for its intrinsic and simple beauty. As an affordable metal, it’s one of the most popular materials for jewellery in the world. But the popularity of silver is not based simply on its affordability. The finest silver is also a material of soft elegance that conveys some of the deepest and most heartfelt emotions when young lovers are first gently getting to know each other.

Some of the most beautiful jewellery pieces are the minimalist silver rings or pendants that one person might give to another to signal their interest in a future together. These minimalist silver jewellery pieces also have the added benefit of looking good with practically any type of outfit.

The Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalist jewellery is gaining in popularity across all age ranges and income brackets. There is something about concentrating on the shape of the piece itself, instead of adorning a well-shaped form with a lot of frills that are meant to add to the visual appeal of a piece but instead subtract from it.

Artists practice drawing bowls of fruit, simple landscapes, or the human torso. They learn to appreciate minimalism very early in their training. And the general public is beginning to understand the beauty an artist sees in these simple forms.

Silver as a Minimalist Medium

For artists, sculptors and jewellery-makers, the simple elegance, the shine, and the neutral colour makes silver the material of choice for their artistic creations.

A jewellery-maker crafting a minimalist piece of silver jewellery has to take extra care to create the perfect beautiful form because the form is what defines the piece. And the shine and evenness of silver show any flaws or imperfections in the craft.

The fact that silver is such an unforgiving medium serves to increase the value of jewellery that is made perfectly in the minimalist tradition. The piece becomes valued for the perfection of its intrinsic form, not for its application as a piece of jewellery, nor the value of the material used to create it, but as a piece of art.

This distinction offers a glimpse into the appeal of minimalist silver jewellery and minimalism as a concept. Minimalist pieces of silver jewellery are beginning to turn heads and attract a lot of attention. They can complement an outfit or serve as a contrasting accent.

But the main attraction is in the silver used to increase the visual appeal of the carefully perfected but simple shape of the piece. This is where the genius of minimalism lies.

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