The campus placements worldwide have taken a hit due to the global pandemic. As businesses worldwide face a tough adverse situation, campus placements have taken a huge brunt.

What next?

Not getting placed from campus is definitely not the end of the road. Getting your ‘foot in the door’ might take more effort in the given economic situation but instead of getting dejected, treat this time as a learning opportunity. Put a strategy in place as to what steps you should take to ensure that you have a job at hand.

Here are a few smart things that you can follow to make yourself better prepared to beat this-

  • Make learning a goal for every day

“Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival” – Edwards Deming.

The only way to stay ahead of the game/competition is by learning. You can start learning new tools/technologies applicable to your industry/domain.

e.g. The new and aspiring BAs can learn tools/concepts like UML, BPM, User Story, wireframing, etc., while the senior BAs can keep themselves updated by learning more about digital BA skills, Agile BA skills, etc.

  •  Make your profile stand out

Your profile is your public face to the recruitment world. If the profile is designed professionally, does not have any errors, and outlines the candidate’s key strengths, there is a high likelihood that it will be selected. A poorly written profile will kill any available opportunity. So, it’s worth spending a few hours making your profile look professional. You should make use of tons of resources on the internet today, which aids in making a profile look professional and attractive.

Update your resume to reflect the newly acquired skills, tools, and certifications. Align your resume with the internships that you have done.

  • Identify target companies and create a useful network

Networking is a great way to create opportunities. Identify people in your network who can provide a referral to the hiring companies. In-house referrals increase the chances of getting hired. Check out the Business analyst Resume with samples article here.

  • Become a member of a professional organization

Being a member of a professional organization provides an edge over other candidates. Professional organizations sometimes allot email ids to members which are unique and stand out, as compared to ids provided by common providers like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

  • Be active on professional networking sites such a LinkedIn

Professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, are fast becoming hiring arenas for recruiters. These sites provide useful insights into the candidate’s profile, in the form of projects, testimonials, certifications, etc.  It is imperative to maintain an updated and active LinkedIn profile.

Hence keeping the LinkedIn profile updated with the relevant keywords is absolutely essential to show up for the job searches.

e.g. – for a junior BA who’s pursuing ECBA, the keywords to mention are “ECBA in progress” and other skills like UML, User stories, BPM, wireframing.

Similarly, one can add relevant keywords for the domain as well.

  • Become certified in relevant areas of the chosen profession

Certifications open doors. Becoming certified lends credibility to a profile, showing the candidate’s keenness in learning and seriousness towards the chosen career field. Organizations are always on the look for people who are dedicated to their profession. Certification can widen market opportunities.

e.g. – For an aspiring business analyst or newbie ECBA certification from IIBA is a great one to acquire

In fact, Business Analysis is a great option for a fresher. It is one of the fastest-growing fields. Business analysis has been identified as a key discipline in organizations across the globe. A certified business analyst has a broader perspective of the BA techniques and approaches. ECBA from IIBA is a globally recognized certification and is aimed at freshers who want to enter the field.

  • Research about the prospective organization

Find out about the organization you are applying to. Follow their profiles on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Go beyond understanding the company to understand the industry, from a market impact perspective.  This might prove helpful during the interview process as it shows your seriousness and interest in the job and the organization. It gives the interviewer a very positive signal. Ultimately, every organization wants to employ people who like to work for them.

  • Learn to drive the interview

It is quite difficult to match up with the knowledge of the interviewer. This person might be working in departments like- Finance, HR, Sales, etc. for quite a few years. It is their job to test your knowledge on various subjects and you can easily feel cornered. The smart thing to do is to steer the interview in your favor by showcasing your achievements and your ability to learn something new. This approach would relax the interview process, with a higher possibility of a positive outcome. Interviewers always appreciate candidates with energy and enthusiasm, as it bodes well for their future as an employee of the organization.

  • Emphasize the positive contribution to the organization

The interviewer should be convinced that hiring you will result in a positive outcome for the organization. Highlighting the strengths and skills required for the job at hand can increase the possibility of your selection.

  • Picking up internships Internship Opportunities

Applying for internships is an excellent opportunity in getting job experience.  Doing internships is a good use of your time while looking for a permanent job. It helps in acquiring skill sets which will be useful in getting future jobs.

Many times, companies hire interns who work hard during the internship programs.

  • Follow prominent groups/thought leaders in your industry/domain

It is said that destiny is a lot about being at the right place at the right time, the same holds good for an online presence as well. By following the prominent groups and though leaders one keeps himself/herself updated on the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

It also makes one aware of the most job offers and companies opening positions to hire.

Whatever you do, don’t stop learning, and don’t get frustrated. These tough times will also not last forever. Just try with a positive frame of mind and surely you will eventually be successful in getting a job.