Manufacturing work with a wide variety of goods and materials such as automotive parts, electronics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals and many other types. With the Covid19 crisis, flexibility and innovation have become a primary key focus for this sector, looking to implement cost-effective and automated processes that can overcome the fluctuating demands. These new challenges are not the only concerns those manufacturers will have to face, they also have to be concerned with consumers’ environmental awareness, which has also grown with the crisis. Customers now not only expect end products to be greener but they are also drawing their attention to the way goods are manufactured.

Loadhog, the designer and manufacturer of returnable packaging solutions, has recently collaborated with the international group Böllhoff, who is a leading manufacturer of fasteners and assembly systems. The collaboration has led the company to save approximately €125,000 a year by using the Loadhog Pallet Lid solution to transport its goods.

Use of the Loadhog Pallet Lid, for its efficiency, as well as important environmental and cost saving qualities, forms part of Böllhoff Group’s sustainability strategy. The Loadhog Pally & Lid system comprises of a mobile plastic pallet/dolly hybrid and a lid with tensioning straps to secure the load in seconds, eliminating the use of single-use plastic.

The Pallet Lid is placed on top of the stacked containers and the tensioning straps are hooked onto the pallet to fix and secure the load. Thanks to the Pally, pallet trucks are not required to load or move the pallet, and handlers can press the pedal, which turns the plastic pallet into a wheeled dolly, thus removing double handling.

Mario Grassy from the Böllhoff Group commented: “Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic for industries. The goal is to direct the flow of goods with intelligent transport solutions, avoiding the use of single-use materials. Thanks to the Pallet Lid system the Group has seen major environmental and cost benefits.”

Managing Director of Loadhog, Shaun Khan mentioned: “Our expert design team are always challenging ideas and breaking into new industries. Working with businesses to invest in reusable solutions not only helps to keep track of your resources but also reinforces the sustainable operations process we are all aiming towards. For businesses aiming to grow and succeed they must understand the importance of achieving circular economy, and we can help with this by reducing the use of single resources and exploring packaging solutions to suit specific needs.”

Annually Loadhog’s own Pallet Lid eliminates more than 1.8 million metres of single-use stretch wrap globally for the Böllhoff group, saving approximately 50,000 litres of oil every year. The returnable nature of the goods increases traceability as the resources are not discarded as waste, they are reused. The entire system can then be recycled at the end of its life, reproducing it as new packaging solutions.

Over the last year, Loadhog has seen its close relationship with manufacturers strengthen. Loadhog has cutting edge product range that perfectly meets the demand of complex modern automated production and intralogistics process. From the likes of labour-intensive applications to abundantly automated, Loadhog’s packaging solutions can help speed up production lines, as well as increase space utilised in the warehouse and transportation for all businesses alike. It´s just a logical further development for Loadhog to have the best solution for automated warehousing ready soon.

The need for flexible and cost-efficient business strategies is thus rising with the necessity of implementing greener processes on a global scale. Now more than ever, manufacturers need to shift towards sustainability without overlooking their productivity and cost-effectiveness.