For more than a year, we have become very familiar with the insides of our own houses. Going out and about has not been something that we have had the opportunity to do. This has meant that many of us have become overly familiar with our pyjamas and more casual wear, even during the day. But tie suppliers all over the country are hoping you are ready to get back to your best!

As lockdown ends and we slowly move towards getting back to normal (or at least the new normal), we are heading outside more and more. Seeing our friends, going back to our jobs, and beginning to realise we want to dress up a little more.

If you are in this position, read on for some tips and tricks for getting back to dressing up as we return to the world outside our living room.

Start small

If you have spent the last few months in mostly comfortable clothes, it might feel like a challenge to get back to dressing smartly for outings. A well-ironed shirt can do wonders for even a more casual outfit, or you can throw a nice blazer over a t-shirt for a smart-casual look that could work for drinks with friends or even a relaxed working environment. After all, no one is quite sure yet how the “new normal” will impact our sartorial choices. Mix it up a little and see what works for you!

Go places

Going out socially might make you feel a little nervous, so make an effort to do things (in a safe, socially distanced way) that you enjoy. For example, a meal at a restaurant you enjoy is a great excuse for dressing up, or head down to the cricket club or to play a sport you enjoy. There are plenty of opportunities to make the most of our new freedom.

Working from home

If you are still working from home, or are in a hybrid work situation where you are only sometimes in the office, you might be tempted to stick to your more relaxed looks. Dressing more formally, even for Zoom calls, can help you to get back into the habit of dressing for company. Put on your favourite shirt, tie and jacket even if you are only doing phone calls that day. It will make it feel a lot less jarring when you do return to the office.

The right tie

Choosing the right tie for any event can make your outfit look a lot more put together. Whether you have a tie that goes with your work uniform or even one that you wear to a club, then now is the perfect time to get it out and get used to the feeling of being a little smarter. You can even buy some new ties to inspire yourself to dress up more often!

Are you excited to get back to the activities you love? Don’t forget that the right tie can pull together any look and when you are looking your best, you will feel a lot more confident!