Cryptocurrency has taken its rightful place in the investment world. Millions of people invest their money in buying altcoins and, of course, bitcoin. However, if not so long ago bitcoins were most often used as a tool to pay for goods and services, today other digital assets are catching up with the king of cryptocurrencies.

Of course, many companies also follow this trend and happy to accept payments in cryptocurrency from clients, despite the high volatility of these assets and the high risks of using cryptocurrency as a payment acceptance tool.

Today, cryptocurrency is on its rise, and not every investor wants to part with it. But the paradox is that, despite this, the number of transactions in bitcoins is only increasing every day, just like in other cryptocurrencies. Any merchant should know which payment gateways will help you accept cryptocurrency as payment from customers. In this article, we will list five such services.

The advantages of bitcoins as a payment method

Why, despite the high volatility and the vast number of questions regarding the legal regulation of cryptocurrency payments, many merchants still eager to accept bitcoins?

There are several reasons for this:

  • Innovative payment method. Customers like to try new things, so buying cryptocurrency to pay for goods is a great way to get a closer look at a very promising asset.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality. Cryptocurrency transactions can’t be traced or undone by anyone. All you need for transaction is your wallet address. No confidential information you don’t have to provide.
  • High level of security.The cryptocurrency is decentralized, and to get access to any transaction, you must have access to all the computers in the world, which is impossible under any circumstances.
  • Low commission. Bitcoin transaction fees have increased significantly recently, but as for other cryptocurrencies, they have remained just as low. For example, when you make transactions in USDT, you will pay only a few cents of commission.
  • Practically instant execution. Cryptocurrency transactions are incredibly fast, which cannot be said for bank payments.

Now let’s move on to looking at 5 payment gateways that will gladly accept cryptocurrency from your customers.


If you’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies and trading them on an exchange, you know about the existence of this company. To start accepting cryptocurrency from customers, all you need to do is download a special merchant app.

The company has already taken care of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and protected its customers from it, allowing them to instantly convert bitcoin payments into fiat money.

With this exchange you can easily add a payment button to your website, integrate the service with leading marketplaces and provide your customers with a wide list of cryptocurrencies for payment with minimal fees and send them invoices.


A popular processor with which you can quickly set up cryptocurrency payment acceptance without paying a dime for it.

This processor supports not only cryptocurrencies, but also accepts payments in fiat money. All payments are made almost instantly, in addition, the service provides all the necessary plugins and provides 24/7 support to its customers.


This gateway has been on the market since 2011, when bitcoins were just gaining popularity.

It also takes just a few minutes to accept payments from a client and it is absolutely free to download the client software. And to make payment for goods even easier, the firm is issuing payment cards that allow you to make payments in both cryptocurrency and traditional money. The company will also be able to accept donations in cryptocurrency, quickly convert funds to and from cryptocurrency and offer many more interesting features.

Almost every cryptocurrency user has a wallet from this service. However, not everyone knows that apart from the wallet function, is also a payment gateway.

The problem is that setting up cryptocurrency payment acceptance with this service is not that easy due to lack of ready-made solutions, so you will need some programming skills. Still, after integration you will be able to accept payments from clients in several cryptocurrencies. Of course, absolutely free of charge.


Another well-known service that provides the ability to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat and back, as well as store money in a convenient and reliable wallet, and, of course, accept payments from clients.

There are plugins for integration with known platforms, accepts more than 30 different cryptocurrencies and gives the opportunity to issue a debit card to store and pay in bitcoins.

It is worth mentioning that the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has made digital coins very much in demand not only as a trading and investment tool, but also as a payment instrument. It means that the number of cryptocurrency payment gateways will only increase.