Situated on the southern banks of the breezy and sparkling River Thames, Battersea is best known for the widespread blanket of greenery, social housing estates and its enviable geographic positioning. Battersea is the perfect blend of a robust residential feel and a lot of green and open spaces. Most of the areas are calm while other places are a little crowded with people. With this kind of environment, people can experience a balanced way of living. Battersea ranked No.2 out of 101 London regions on the Best places to live in 2019. The nightlife out in Battersea is active and energetic, just like the vibrant daytime. People who are house hunting can take help from the Battersea estate agents and gear up the process. With the transformation of the Battersea Power station into a community place with restaurants, parks, shops and other amenities, Battersea saw more visitors to this particular place. 


Battersea is in the south-west part of London at the southern end of the River Thames. With so much open space to enjoy the serenity or get along with the happy crowd on the streets, Battersea has got everything to make people feel content. It is easy for families to find a place near schools with the help of letting agents in Battersea. There are over 55 schools in the Wandsworth borough to pick from, out of which 40 of them are Ofsted rated schools and colleges in Battersea. The performance of students located in this region is above average compared to that of the other areas in London, making it more appealing to the parents. People can travel to Victoria, London Bridge, Wimbledon and other parts of London easily. Surprisingly, Chelsea is quite near to Battersea, which many people don’t realise. The town is surrounded by clubs, cafes, pubs and more that are few strolls away. Those planning to buy a property at Battersea usually wonder how much is my property worth before coming to a decision. 


Though Battersea underground is under construction currently, it is one of the best places to live and commute comfortably in and outside the Battersea town. The transport links of Battersea are connected well due to which people opt for public transport more often. The famous Clapham junction station is situated in Battersea, the fastest and the primary mode of transportation for most of the city’s inhabitants. Through this, people can easily reach Victoria within 4 minutes. Battersea Park Train Station provides convenient access to stops Waterloo, Croydon, Wimbledon, London Bridge, Hounslow etc. Water Taxis via River Thames is equally popular among the residents that operate between Putney and Blackfriars and stops by the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter. With an additional option and availability of buses that functions throughout the day commutation are more comfortable now.


With so much green and open spaces available, Battersea is a great place for joggers and cyclists. The Battersea Park is a commonplace of a visit that is about 200 acres adjacent to a large lake. Water rowing is quite popular among people living here. Battersea Arts Centre is yet another prominent spot for art and culture enthusiasts. Performance arts, community events and various art-related workshops take place regularly hosted by the BAC Beatbox Academy. Not only for adults, but even children also have their own space for entertainment. The Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is the favourite spot for all the children where birthday, leisure walks and educational tours are the most popular. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is the best spot for pet lovers where abandoned cats and dogs get rescued daily. This place makes sure that the animals get a kind and beautiful home at the earliest. 



The town is well known for its friendly community, and most of the people living in Battersea adore the way they receive love and support from the fellow residents. Just like the vibrant night pubs and cafes for partying, there are plenty of family-friendly restaurants and places that are so welcoming and comfortable. Apart from this, there are many child-friendly leisure centres and venues in- and around Battersea like soft play facilities, swimming academies and more to keep them entertained. Battersea is a great place to raise children with a great choice of schools and is also a pet-friendly neighbourhood.


There are plenty of restaurants, clubs, cafes, pubs to keep youngsters and families entertained. People looking for adventure sports can head to Go Ape, where they can enjoy high ropes, zip lines, treetop adventures, forest segways and more. Battersea is also known to have many local markets where fresh food and groceries are available. Northcote road market, markets located by the Battersea Power Station, Battersea Boot sale are quite popular among the residents. If you’re impressed with these fantastic amenities, the Orlando Reid South West and central London estate agents are the right property professionals who can guide you through the best properties in the area.