Australia has become a center for Forex transactions thanks to their many reliable online brokers and the regulations in place to guarantee the safety of investors. But what are the best Australian brokers?

You can check out the Australia forex broker ranking to see which brokers are positioned among the most popular ones and compare them in order to make sure the broker you’re planning to use to trade in the Forex market complies with the national regulations and offers all the features you will need.

While other countries, like the US, are stricter in the rules that allow brokers to trade in the Forex market, in Australia the rules in place make it possible for many different brokers to offer this service.

All brokers that want to deal in the Forex exchange market must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Since trading is a high-risk activity, these regulations make sure to protect the customers’ rights and guarantee the safety of their money.

Best 5 Australian Forex Brokers

This is our top 5 best Australian Forex brokers.

The ranking considers different aspects, from overall performance and services to the particular features each of these brokers offers. Another aspect that this ranking takes very seriously is its performance considering security. Obviously, all of these brokers are registered with the ASIC.

Before choosing an online Forex broker, make sure they fulfill your expectations and offer everything you need for the type of investments you are planning to do.

  1. Pepperstone
  2. IC Markets
  3. AvaTrade
  4. FP Markets
  5. EasyMarkets


This broker has an impeccable reputation in the Forex market. With only 10 years of offering their services, they pride themselves on great services, unique features, and reliability.

They have very attractive spreads and require a minimum deposit of 200 Australian dollars.

Pepperstone has also ranked very high in terms of security and considering their educational tools that allow newer traders to learn about the market and strengthen their chances to make a profit.

IC Markets

IC Markets is probably the largest Forex broker in Australia. They are very popular in the region including the Far East. Part of their popularity comes from their lower costs comparing to the competition.

With a long and strong reputation, they ask for no minimum deposit and specialize in certain trades.


AvaTrade is not strictly an Australian company, but the broker complies with regulations from 5 different continents and has offices in Sydney.

This broker has put in place measures to attract newer traders and beginners, as well as bigger trading companies. They rank very well in terms of security and cost while lacking some educational tools that may be appreciated by those giving their first steps into the online trading world.

FP Markets

FP Markets play a strong role in the competitive world of Forex exchange in Australia. They hold an impeccable reputation, ranking very high in terms of security.

They offer a very advanced technology platform and are known for flexibility when it comes to spreads.


EasyMarkets is one of the most trusted brokers in the Australian Forex trading world. They have received awards and get great reviews online, as well as recognition for their professionalism.

This broker has a strong presence in the Forex market, offering traders more than 120 currency pairs to deal with.

EasyMarkets ranks very high regarding security, which is something that should not be taken lightly, and they offer interesting and innovative educational tools that will be appreciated by beginners in the online trading world.