Most casino visitors will spend the bulk of their time trying to figure out how to play pokies to hit the jackpot. While others will ignore the slots and go for other popular games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Only a small percentage of people will look at the full selection of games available, analyze odds and house edges, and make the wisest choices. Don’t worry if you fall under one of the first two categories, it’s not too late to do a little exploring and (hopefully) win some cash while you’re at it.

When it comes to online casino games, it usually pays to think outside the box. Because some of the least popular options often have the best odds of winning. You can also count the fun and excitement of learning a new game as a benefit.

Keep reading for some of the best, but lesser-known games that offer incredible odds and low house edge!

Sic Bo

You’ve probably seen versions of Sic Bo while checking out online casinos. This is a popular dice game with Asian origins. Translated, it means “precious dice” in Mandarin.

Sic Bo shares a few similarities with roulette since you play your bets on the table before the dice are shaken and rolled. It’s sort of like a mash-up between roulette and craps, offering you just as much excitement and even better odds of leaving the table with profits.

Video Poker – Look for Games with Bonuses Games and Multipliers

Many people know all about video poker, but don’t quite understand how beneficial bonus features and multipliers can be. When you choose 3 or 5 card versions of video poker, you must make the best hands according to the usual poker rules.

Additionally, the new software-based poker games also offer you special features like bonus rounds and multipliers. These both enhance the gameplay and also offer you chances to collect more credits.


This is one of those betting games we’ve all heard of, but only a few have ever tried playing. In fact, backgammon is one of the oldest casino games of all time. It’s a dice game where players make wagers and a designated dealer throws the dice.

The goal is to get your first two pieces over the bar of the relevant dice roll. Whoever places the jump bet correctly is the winner.

Pai Gow

Do you love dominos and poker as well? then Pai Gow is bound to appeal to you since it’s a kind of combination of both those games. This unique card game gives you optimal chances to win by forming two best hands out of seven cards.

Nowadays, you can find many unique twists and variations of Pai Gow and all of the other games mentioned in this list. Especially online where software developers face very few limitations as to what they can achieve.

In some cases, you’ll find more intense, or simpler games that still offer incredible chances to win!