Worthily Films

COVID-19 has bought with it uncertainty and disruption across the globe and

According to Mind (a UK mental health charity) Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting all our lives. Things are changing fast, and many of us are worrying about what it all means for ourselves and for our loved ones. Those of us already living with mental health problems are facing extra challenges too.

Waiting for Time by Worthily Films is a short film directed by The Bashford Twins, starring Ariyon Bakare and Jade Harrison and written by Paul Chronnell. Waiting For Time highlights the theme of men’s mental Health, a subject, which may resonate with many, chiefly after living in seclusion for so many weeks.

As a newly formed creative company, Worthily Films wishes to tell stories with numerous layers and complexities, while inciting significant discussion. Waiting for Time is not a film about self-destruction, it brings light and a message of hope.

David Sessions the behind the scenes photographer on WAITING FOR TIME by Worthily Films talks about what pulled in him to the undertaking. “I feel emphatically about stories that address emotional well-being. Experiencing childhood in South Africa, in a culture that can be particularly conformist in their viewpoints, I felt there was an essential… Young men don’t cry mindset. As a gay man, I thought that it was troublesome living in a general public, which here and there has truly dated opinions on the progressive world. WAITING FOR TIME’s subject of psychological well-being is incredible. The story has a noteworthy meaning, which is why I needed to be part of the project. It discusses the need to grant your truth and express your sentiments instead of limiting them inside” David Sessions

For the Bashford Twins, WAITING FOR TIME by Worthily Films has a potent story to tell about men’s psychological well-being. “We read the script a couple of years back and cherished the idea. WAITING FOR TIME manages men’s psychological wellness and the battles Heath’s experiences. This was a main purpose behind bringing this story to the screen. There are stories in the media where the self-destruction of men has risen significantly, and it should be spoken about more frequently to educate and support the individuals who to require it” Bashford Twins.