When on vacation, there’s a tendency to ruin all the hard work you’ve accomplished at the gym. The juicy feasts, excess drinks, and non-stop relaxation time make it no surprise that people often come back from their holidays with a few extra pounds.

According to health experts at GymEquipment.co.uk , there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down, but regular exercise is still important. “Vacationers shouldn’t forget their health routines or they’ll risk adding on some extra weight. No one’s saying you shouldn’t take the time to slow down, but sticking with your gym routine and cardio can keep you healthy and resilient throughout your entire vacation.”

Here’s a few ways to stay in shape while vacationing:

  • Watch your food

It’s tempting to eat everything under the sun while on vacation, especially if you’re in a country you’ve never visited before with foods you’ve never tried before. Snacking throughout the day in addition to stuffing your face at mealtimes could be your downfall.

Before going overboard, study up on local culinary dishes and their caloric value. Find a few restaurants in the neighborhood you’re staying in that offer healthy options. Really take into consideration quantities and the time of the day you eat — have a lighter breakfast, a medium lunch and a full dinner. You can still indulge in new and exotic cuisines, just make sure to be conscientious about what and exactly how much food you’re consuming.

  • Watch your drinks too

I once went to Aruba and was amazed at the quantity of cocktails I passively consumed in the few days I spent there. Like many vacation spots, the bar was open around-the-clock, and the drinks were freely flowing and incredibly cheap. In such situations, it can be hard to maintain control.

Sweet mixed drinks often mask the taste of alcohol, making them easier to drink. If you’re a fan of the sweet cocktail, limit yourself to one, maybe two max per day. Savor them and drink them slowly so as not to keep running back to the bar for more. If you’re still interested in drinking, switch to low-calorie beer or vodka flavoured with lemon and soda water.

  • Hit the gym

Many people think vacation is an excuse to take a break from their fitness regimen, perhaps because the fitness facilities and your private instructor aren’t there. If you aren’t committed enough to motivate yourself, then you haven’t reached fitness nirvana yet.

If the idea of going to the gym while on vacation doesn’t work for you, then a long walk or light jog by the beach will help keep off those extra pounds. Try to keep it within the same schedule as your exercise time back home. Add some fun to your exercise by taking a class in the country’s local sport, like Capoeira in Brazil.

  • Practice mindful meditation

A vacation is a great opportunity to take some time for yourself and clear your head. Mindfulness is a way to channel your thoughts on the present positive aspects of your life and cut off the worries that tend to hold your back. To achieve this, solitude is key — although you can meditate in groups, it’s often more effective to find a quiet spot with your mat and concentrate. If you’re vacationing on a peaceful, tropical island, there are many spots to find solitude and serenity. You’ll feel refreshed and clear-headed after every session.

Good health is for both the mind and body, so treat both with lots of care and respect. Happy travels!