On the 5th of august Joe Hingira took nasty tackle while playing for a team based in Liverpool called Fc Marines. Fc Marines is a team Northern Premier League Division One North West and Joe was taking in a pre-season friendly part as was getting his fitness up before preparing to trial for bigger teams over the summer pre-season period. 

The 6’1 powerful striker was enjoying his game as reporters would say he would entertain the crowd with his skills on the ball occasionally putting the ball through his opponents legs and chasing the ball down when needed to by his teammates. Joe was quickly winning the love from both sides of the pitch from both supporters as his style of play would occasionally wow the crowd.

In pain, Footballer Joe Hingira will currently miss a big part of his semi-professional career as he sits and waits to get a clear from his physio as he is recovering from a nasty snap in his talus bone located in the back of his ankle. Currently he has been out for 6 months as the picture shows the back of the talus bone has snapped off following by himself sitting on the hospital show his swollen ankle.

(22) year old semi pro footballer Joe Hingira was on a good run during the second half of a game when a defender thought enough was enough and took out the big 6’1 striker as he went round him with a beautiful step over snapping his ankle from behind in the process. 

“I’ll be back soon, it’s just a minor setback and everyone goes through such accidents” said The enthusiastic Joe Hingira he then went on to add “ I’m just a little disappointed as to why he went so hard it’s just a friendly but that’s the only thing they can do when they can’t take the ball off you they snap you”

Joe Hingira previously also went on MTV reality TV show witch he hasn’t broadcasted as he want to keep a low profile as he wishes to carry on working towards his football. Currently Joe is in talks with Several clubs over the 2020 period to go down and take part in training but healing his injured ankle is his priority. Where will the previous Salford City Fc Captain go next? Let’s wait and see.