Ahmed Dahab was born in Sudan. He emigrated to Kuwait as a child, demonstrating a flair for business and entrepreneurship from an early age.

Today, Mr Dahab is a highly successful, extremely accomplished businessman. By 2011 he had made his first million pounds, founding his first company before he was 20.

After amassing sufficient collateral to join the real estate business, Mr Dahab participated in a largescale development project in Turkey. In this capacity he was particularly successful, though it soon came to light later than not everyone wished him well.

Mr Dahab’s organisation was investigated by the State Security Service in 2016. After an investigation lasting only 30 minutes, Mr Dahab’s company was implicated in money laundering accusations.

Ahmed Dahab was subsequently subjected to a shocking series of events that included physical and mental torture, wrongful imprisonment, and ultimately, a terrible miscarriage of justice. Ahmed Dahab wrote about his experiences in his autobiography, The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab.

To increase awareness of this grave miscarriage of justice, Mr Dahab is staging a competition, inviting readers to submit illustrations of the Public Prosecutor of Kuwait. Alternatively, readers may add a comment via the entry form on Mr Dahab’s website, sharing their thoughts on the matter. The winning comment will win £250, while the best illustration will win £1,000.

Opening on the 9th March and closing on the 9th May 2020, the competition welcomes entrants from all over the world. Prize money will be paid to each winner via bank transfer within 14 days of the competition concluding.

Submit your entries here: https://www.ahmeddahab.org/competition/


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