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How to Choose the Right Mortgage

Choosing the right mortgage essentially comes down to two important considerations:

  1. Can you afford it?
  2. Is it a good deal?

Assessing affordability begins with using an online mortgage calculator, which can be a useful tool for calculating approximate monthly repayments.

After which, ensuring you get the best deal means using a reputable independent broker to conduct a whole of market comparison on your behalf.

In total, there are eight major areas that need to be addressed to ensure you get the best possible mortgage to suit your needs. Each of which will be discussed in-depth with your broker, prior to submission of your mortgage application.

  1. How much can I borrow?

The maximum amount you can borrow will usually be calculated on the basis of your annual income. For example, most mainstream lenders will offer mortgages to a maximum value of 4x or 5x the annual salary of the applicant, or the combined salaries of joint applicants.

  1. How much can I offer as a deposit?

The bigger the deposit you provide, the more competitive the mortgage you will subsequently be offered. In addition, qualification for a mortgage in the first place becomes much easier with a larger deposit payment. Most lenders require deposits of 10% to 25% to qualify for a mortgage.

  1. Is repayment or interest-only better?

If you are a first-time buyer, an interest-only mortgage is unlikely to suit your needs or in-fact be available. By contrast, many (if not most) buy-to-let mortgages are available exclusively as interest-only mortgages. Which of the two is better will therefore be determined by your intentions and objectives, which should be discussed in advance with your broker.

  1. Fixed or variable rate interest?

All mortgage rates are technically variable in nature, given how fixed interest rates are only fixed for a set period of say 2 or 5 years. However, this introductory fixed-rate period can amount to considerable savings if the provider in question is offering a highly competitive deal. Plus, it is worth remembering that at the end of this introductory fixed-rate period, you have the option of switching to a new or the same provider for an even more competitive deal. With Credit Boost, you’ll be able to access lower interest rates for mortgages and other consumer loans.

  1. What about additional fees and charges?

Do not fall into the trap of assuming interest is the only major borrowing cost when taking out a mortgage. From initial arrangement fees to admin fees to legal fees to completion fees and early repayment fees, some lenders go to extremes to impose all manner of additional levies.

  1. Will I be able to overpay from time to time?

Some lenders welcome and encourage overpayment, in order to ensure debts are settled as quickly as possible. By contrast, others impose penalties for those who attempt to repay their debts early, especially within a fixed or discounted period.

  1. Could I qualify for a discount under a government scheme?

There are plenty of government schemes available that can open the door to enormous discounts or aid affordability of various types of properties.  Examples of which include Right to Buy, Help to Buy and Shared Equity Schemes – all of which should be discussed with your broker to establish your eligibility or otherwise.

  1. Have I compared all options available?

It is impossible to fully compare all mortgages options available without the help of an independent broker. This is due to the fact that many specialist lenders in the UK provide mortgages exclusively via approved brokers and do not work directly with the public.

Buying a property in 2021:London locations with potential for homebuyers

London is famous for its prime properties and high prices. From first-time buyers to foreign investors, everyone wants to own property in London! In 2019, a first-time buyer spent an average of £412,600 to buy a property. Of course, we all know that properties can sell for £1 million in the heart of London, especially properties in prime locations. From gorgeous penthouses to spacious townhouses, and luxurious apartments, London has it all.

If you’re looking for properties in London in 2021, to invest in, to call your home or to own as buy to let properties, then you’re in luck. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, London has now become a buyer’s market. While some sellers are quoting exorbitantly high prices, most sellers are willing to sell properties at a discount because of the limited demand while the supply is constant. Considering that London will continue to remain a buyer’s market in 2021 and the current stamp duty holiday until the 31st of March, 2021, it is a great time to invest in London property. So, before you start looking for properties for sale in Marylebone or Hyde Park, here is a list of some of the best areas and locations to buy property in London in 2021.

Royal Docks

Royal Docks in East London is a riverside industrial district that has become quite a hotspot among property investors. With development properties along the river Thames and apartments with a view of the gorgeous London skyline, the properties available in Royal Docks are breathtaking. With a modern mix of old and new, Royal Docks is becoming a trendy spot among young professionals and new-age people looking to live in upcoming cities that are very close to central London – with the Royal Docks being just 20 minutes away from the centre of London city!  A beautiful lake, various green spaces, up and coming bars and restaurants, and proximity to the river Thames, Royal Docks is definitely a location with high potential in the future.


Barnes is a district in the  London Borough of Richmond which is located along the river Thames. With high-end properties, some of the best private schools in London and a family-friendly urban village atmosphere, Barnes is becoming very popular among high-end buyers. Many prominent investors and homeowners are moving from their central London homes and investing in property in Barnes. From high-end villas to Victorian townhouses, as well as attached and semi-attached homes with terraces and garden spaces, Barnes really does have a variety of homes. So, while you might be looking for properties for sale in Kings Cross, now might also be the time for you to start thinking about investing in a property in Barnes as well! With a strong sense of community and many open spaces, Barnes is becoming quite popular among real estate investors and new homeowners.


You don’t need to be a sports fan to know that Wembley is the home of sports in London! Thanks to the infamous Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, Wembley is often frequented by locals and tourists alike. Recently, thanks to significant investments and infrastructural developments, Wembley is becoming one of the most popular areas in London among first-time buyers and young families. This area is actually very popular among working professionals, given that it is just 15 minutes away from central London. In fact, the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, a fully bilingual international school, has brought families from all over the UK and families from across the globe to Wembley. Offering a mix of history, culture and a whole lot of sports, Wembley is a great place to buy property in the near future!


If you’re thinking about investing in buy to let properties in 2021, then Newham is the place for you. Newham is known to have the highest rental yields in the East Ham area, with a whopping 5.8 per cent rental yields. Newham is an East London borough that has seen significant growth in population and property prices since 2005. While it might have been the 2012 Olympics that put Newham on the map, speedy growth and development, modern infrastructure and affordable housing have made Newham very popular among homebuyers and real estate investors. As a matter of fact, experts believe that the real estate prices of Newham might actually outperform the rest of London in the coming years!

So, the next time you find yourself looking for properties for sale in Hyde Park, you might want to consider looking at properties in these up and coming districts. While Hyde Park is regarded as a prime location in London, it seems that homeowners and first-time buyers prefer to move to the boroughs of London, where the developments are newer, the areas are greener and where they can enjoy the best of both worlds. To find excellent properties in upcoming areas in London, get in touch with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London.

8 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Website and Make More Sales

Everyone knows that the internet is a great place to find new customers, but it’s also a tough market to crack. Figures supplied by WordPress plugin builder, WPForms, suggest that there are somewhere between 12 – 24 million eCommerce websites across the world in 2021. Naturally not all of these are in competition, but that does not mean that the market is any less saturated.

If you want your shopping website to be profitable, you need to keep your users’ attention for long enough to make a sale. Beyond that, you need to make certain that their overall experience whilst on your site is a positive one. The simple reason for this is that a complicated and arduous online shopping experience won’t help you to acquire repeat custom – and it’s widely established that it takes much more effort to bring in new customers than to retain old ones.

With these thoughts in mind, here are 8 tips to help you supercharge your eCommerce efforts and give your customers cause to return time and time again.

1.      Speed matters

Online shopping is all about convenience, and if your website does not offer that, it stands very little chance of making a positive impression.

Perhaps the best way to approach this is to think about consumer attention spans. These are generally short, and so you will need to make sure that your website captures their attention quickly. If it takes too long to load, that simply will not be possible.

There are tonnes of ways to improve your website load speed, from minimising HTTP requests to choosing a better hosting provider. Some of these are more technical than others, but it is worth speaking to a web designer to find out exactly what is happening with your website.

2.      Easy navigation is best

Sites that have simple designs and easy-to-navigate menus will almost always beat competitors that use more complex site structures. Why? Well, as we have already mentioned, customers value convenience and if they cannot find what they are looking for, they might just go elsewhere.

From planning a winning wireframe to simply creating accurate and easy-to-find product categories, do not make it difficult for users to find and purchase the products they need. Remember, this is an eCommerce website – not a maze!

3.      Provide accurate and high-quality images

When you visit a physical retail location, you choose your purchases by picking them out from shelves or rails of other products. You can see what the shop has and select exactly what it is that you like. The same should be true online.

When consumers shop on the internet, they do not want to be entering into some kind of raffle or guessing game – and so it couldn’t be more important to provide accurate and high-quality images of the products that you sell.

Allowing customers to see exactly what they are buying will lead to higher sales volumes, fewer returns, and a better customer relationship. So, whether it is different colourways or just the size and shape of a product, make sure that your website users can get a feel for what they’re buying before they have to part with their money.

4.      Include product reviews

Believe it or not, product reviews are more than just a way to increase your ranking and visibility on sites like Amazon and eBay. In fact, displaying reviews from existing customers could prompt new website visitors to give your products a go.

This is known as social proof, and it can be generated from customer reviews, social media feeds, and other online interactions. If you can show that web users are already supporting your brand and enjoying your products, you will stand a better chance of gaining the trust of new users and minimising any doubts they may have about your retail credentials.

5.      Make it easy to checkout

The quality of your website does not just end with the products. Even if your users have decided to purchase a product, they could still be put off by a convoluted and time-intensive checkout process.

To ensure that you do not fall at the final hurdle, make it a priority to get a reliable payment solution in place. Payment services provider UTP Group, who also offer physical retail solutions including card machine paper, offer an easy-to-use eCommerce payment gateway system that will allow you to serve your customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

It is the simplest way to improve your checkout process, and it’s important to remember that the last impression you make on a customer is often the most enduring.

6.      Clearly display your store policies

High-quality retailers can manage their customers’ expectations effectively, even when they are dealing with a negative issue such as a return or a complaint.

To foster trust among customers and build your site’s credibility, you should consider displaying your returns policy and other similar shop rules in a prominent place. This will help you to communicate your sales and returns processes to customers, who will be grateful for the clarity even if their purchase was not the perfect fit for them.

7.      Keep your website up to date

Websites that are kept updated sell more, not least because customers can take heart that the brand behind the eCommerce store is probably responsive.

Thankfully it’s not hard to keep your website up-to-date even if your product lines aren’t changing and doing so could help you to rise through the Google ranking pages as part of a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.

The bottom line is that if you want your e-commerce site to succeed, you need to leave users with a good impression. Remaining active on blogs, product pages, and social media, will help you to do exactly that.

8.      Use plain English!

Regardless of what you sell, cutting the jargon could help you to make more sales. The simple fact is that customers want to find and purchase products simply. Impenetrable walls of text and unclear descriptions could prevent them from doing that and lead them straight into the arms of your competitors.

Writing in plain English is one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers, tell them about what you do, and encourage them to make a purchase. Whether it’s product descriptions, shipping information, or you’re about section – leave the technical language for another time.

Attract more customers, and make more sales

All things considered, improving your eCommerce website should be a priority – and it doesn’t even have to be hard. With millions of competitors out there, there are plenty of examples to take a lead from, and even more to do exactly the opposite of.

Whatever it is that you offer, whether it is fashion retail or HVAC eCommerce, focus on simplicity, customer service, and user experience. It’ll make a real difference to your online sales strategy.

Plastic vs Metal Pedestrian Barriers: Which Should You Use?

Pedestrian barriers play a role of importance in a variety of potentially hazardous settings. Barrier systems are established and maintained to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way, or to direct foot traffic where crowds may become an issue.

While it’s true to say that metal pedestrian barriers have their points of appeal, plastic barriers are fast becoming a more popular alternative. Steel and plastic pedestrian barriers are exceptionally stable, can be arranged in almost any configuration and there are cost-effective options available to suit all budgets.

There are advantages to plastic pedestrian barriers that make them a more appealing purchase for many everyday applications. It is always worth considering the various options available, but these are just a few of the reasons why plastic pedestrian barriers are the most popular option:

High Visibility

Firstly, plastic pedestrian barriers are advantageous in that they are manufactured in a variety of bright, bold and highly visible colours. This makes them a safer choice when visibility is poor, or when it is preferable for the barriers to be seen from a distance.


Particularly where construction sites and more general work sites are concerned, it is a good idea to limit the presence of anything that may conduct electricity.  Plastic pedestrian barriers are therefore a much safer option, given the fact that they contain no conducting materials whatsoever. In the event of an accident involving electricity, it need not pose a risk to those touching or in close proximity to the barriers.

No Scrap Value 

Plastic barriers have no scrap value, making them a less attractive target for thieves. It is not uncommon for various types of metallic barriers and related components to be stolen and sold to make a quick profit. Even if the scrap value of the metal is relatively low, it could still be enough to encourage opportunist criminals to steal them.

Made from Recycled Materials 

Some of the better plastic pedestrian barriers available today are manufactured from recycled materials. They are significantly more energy efficient to manufacture in the first place and have a lower overall carbon footprint than comparable metallic pedestrian barriers. Doing your bit for the environment is as simple as ensuring the plastic barriers you buy are made from recycled plastic.

Can be Recycled 

Likewise, most plastic barriers can also be recycled when they are no longer needed. The lifespan of a quality plastic barrier is more or less indefinite, however, with little to no maintenance required along the way. Still, if anything untoward occurs, at least you know you can recycle your plastic barriers responsibly.


Last but not least, plastic barriers have the advantage of being lightweight to carry with ease yet durable enough to get the job done. There are also water-filled barrier options available, which can be as light or heavy as you need them to be, in accordance with your requirements at the time.

For more information on any of our products or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Street Solutions UK today.

Yatharth Marketing Solutions Offers Sales Training Programs in Chennai

The Sales Training Programs in Chennai is designed to help sales professionals achieve sales success for themselves or their sales team. Most sales training programs help develop sales skills and techniques needed to approach cold leads, create new sales opportunities, close deals, and build rapport with clients.

Whether you’ve just started out on your sales career, or you’re a pro who has been in the sales for years, The skills and techniques you carry with you are the keys to your success. So, you’ll always find room for improvement.

Yatharth Marketing, CEO – Mr. Mihir Shah, is known for offering the best Sales Training Programs in Chennai. He has a unique way of delivering Sales Training with all the updated technologies, simplicity, and ease. He is responsible for industry-leading Corporate Training, Leadership Training, Sales Training, and Sales Consultancy that have a strong and lasting impact on the growth of the company.

In addition to that, Mihir has a keen understanding of employee psychology and a drive to inspire success. Mihir can help your team achieve your goals faster. Sales Training Programs in Chennai unfortunately still follow the bygone methods that no longer have any relevance in or after the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the fast-growing world, the bygone techniques really need to be changed by the latest techniques in the air.

YMS’s Sales Training Programs in Chennai are known for the successful execution of sales strategies that will help your business achieve greater targets and build a great brand image in the market using all the updated technologies and also considering the importance of the traditional technologies.

When it comes to delivering the Sales Training in Chennai, the unique way YMS follow for delivering the training includes the following key aspects:

1. Proven Sales and Corporate Sales Training Programs:
Our extremely innovative corporate sales training programs have been developed by YMS professionals, tested, and proven successful for over several years.

2. The Method Worth Long-Term Success over Short-Term Fixes:
Our exclusive method emphasizes ongoing replication of what we call “reinforcement training.” It assists to boost your learning path and then increasing your successes over time, as our attitude becomes part of your company’s DNA.

3. A Unique Way of Delivering Training:
Long after the enthusiasm of our first training takes place; we’ll persist to support what your people learn with continuing training practicum, personal coaching sessions, and interactive online tools. Actually, we’re the only organization that provides that type of ongoing reinforcement.

4. Simplicity:
The YMS approach is simple and easy to apply in your team’s routine activities. That’s in stark contrast to many over-engineered methods with procedures people won’t use and attitude that executives can’t reinforce.

There are numerous options for sales training in Chennai, but Yatharth Marketing has been a brand for decades due to its professional approach and its ability to customize its training for its clients. Mihir always says “When better is possible, good is not enough.” Standing upon his words he has always updated his training methodologies for the betterment of the clients and the company as well.

Honestly, if you are looking for a Sales Training Program in Chennai, Yatharth Marketing is your desired destination.

For more information visit, https://www.yatharthmarketing.com/sales-training-in-chennai.html


Mihir Shah, CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solutions

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Benefits of using cloud based mlm software in mlm business

Are you running an MLM company? Well, running and developing the company would be so exciting. But, it might be a little too difficult to handle the task of managing the network, users, compensation, and goods.

Why don’t you let the job be taken care of by automation? This is what you can do with MLM software that is based on the cloud, which we are going to mention here. Here are some benefits that will benefit your MLM company from such apps.

A Central Database

In today’s times, no matter what business you are in, all that matters is knowledge and data.

It will be easy for you and the members to access information from a central database with structural points.

And this is the basis on which the software for cloud MLM is designed.

 Scalable Solutions

A cloud MLM software helps to maintain documents smoothly.

Robust Structure

A quality cloud structure makes the data and the program completely secure and robust, keeping all the data safe and secure, with access authority the way you want.

Resource Management

In MLM, all that matters is a commodity, network, and member management.

The app helps to efficiently control, manage, and track resources, making the direct sale an easy way for you to move forward.

Customized Solutions

In the advanced and evolving technology room, you can deploy and integrate the software according to the particular need you have for your business, making it even more seamless.

Plan Management

Will you have a rigorous strategy for the marketing, delivery, and sale of products?

Don’t let the manual hassles get in the way and let the technology of automation do it for you.

Multi-Lingual Support

You will need a stronger communication channel to reach out to people who speak different languages as your MLM company grows.

A multi-lingual support system is supported by cloud MLM software.


Who says that it will contribute to more expenditures by integrating new technology?

In the long run, you will be able to reduce multiple redundancy costs with the support system it offers.

About cloud MLM

Cloud MLM software is an MLM software development company. They offer Best MLM Business Software that can be customized to fit any type of online business, multi-level marketing, and direct selling business, our MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software add-ons help you generate leads for your MLM business!

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What to look for when buying a house in 2021?

So many options to choose from – but the main ones will depend on the location and budget.  There are many factors to take into consideration.   If you are looking for a beautiful climate, a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and an exclusive place to relax in, Monaco could be the answer.  Nestled in the corner of the Cote d’Azur with the Mediterranean sea on the other side, it is the ideal place for a luxury home – or even an apartment.   To guide you with all details about property for sale in Monaco, a professional and experienced estate agent will be essential.

Some points to consider when looking for a house in 2021 are:

Safety and security:   With Covid-19 upsetting the whole world, more people are looking to buy or rent homes in “safer” areas.  The tiny Principality of Monaco offers just that.   It is known as a haven, with security well taken care of by an armed national police force big enough to take care of every individual.

Climate and space:  The sun-baked summers and cooler winters are ideal.  Space is a problem since it is one of the smallest sovereign states in the world.  However, the plan to reclaim land from the sea (about 15 acres) and construct the famous Le Portier (also known as Portier Cove or Mareterra) will provide additional space and plenty of new constructions.  This is due for completion by 2025, but already buyers are showing interest in purchasing properties off-plan.

Environment:   With healthcare now being a priority, the eco-friendly country has much to offer.  The Government has a “Green is Glam” policy and has encouraged research and technology to improve all aspects.  The parks are maintained beautifully, with a reduction of chemical treatments and preservation of water resources.  Waste management and wastewater treatments are effectively run.  Subsidies are given to purchase clean energy vehicles, and solutions are ongoing to decrease the “carbon footprint” (amount of CO2) produced during operation, for both new constructions and old buildings.  Air and water testing is done to regulate the quality used for swimming.  New seabeds are being formed to preserve all species of sea life.

Tax benefits:   One of the main incentives in investing in property in Monaco is the tax benefits.  There is no capital gains tax or wealth tax.  Even property is not taxed except for rental properties which attract tax @ 1% of the annual income plus additional charges.   The tax is 33.3% if real estate is sold at a profit.  However, there is a levy where real estate losses can be adjusted against sales gains for five years.   There is no personal income tax, nor is there an inheritance tax as a beneficiary.  However, French nationals residing in Monaco need to pay their income tax to the French government as per its laws.

Also, the VAT is higher, and the corporation tax is 33%.  Both employers and employees need to contribute significant sums for social insurance.

Monaco is on the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) which shares information regarding financial status globally.   The government will check that you live there more than 183 days in a year to be a Monegasque citizen.

Transport:   This aspect should be looked into for the convenience of the buyer/tenant.  The rail system is run underground with easy access to France and links to major cities in Europe.  Bus routes are frequent, mainly on the A8 – west to France and east towards Italy.  There is no airport in Monaco, but there is one close by in Nice, France.  There is a heliport in Fontvieille district with charters available.  To save on ground transport, inclined elevators and travelators are available for the public.

Documentation:  Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Monaco provided they can make contractual commitments according to their nation’s laws.  The documentation is simple.  A public Notary will be required to validate the agreement.  Everything needs to be in writing, including the buyer’s bid and the seller’s offer with all relevant details.  All negotiations will also be in writing.  A deposit, usually 10% of the sale price, will need to be made.  The purchase offer has real legal value in Monaco.  A sales agreement can be drawn up to strengthen the authenticity of the deed.

Protection against liability/Insurance:   Owners are usually liable for any violation of planning or environmental regulations.  Tenants are held accountable for improper maintenance/use of the premises or inappropriate behaviour in the neighbourhood.  Owners can limit their liability towards tenants by inserting relevant clauses into the agreement.  Both owners and tenants can obtain insurance to cover hazards like fire, flooding etc.   Specific insurance to cover all construction costs, such as architects, builders, contractors, can benefit the owner.

Conclusion:   Monaco is the most expensive country in the world!  Stability, economic growth and safety make it even more attractive!  So, if you are looking to buy a property in this elite part of the world, either for your own residence/vacation home or as an investment for rental, it is worth considering all the many pros and relatively limited cons, by taking the expert advice of a professional real estate agent.

Property Investment Guide: Pros and Cons of Buying an Investment Property Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know. Countries were put under lockdown, and economies were hit, people lost their jobs, almost every sector was impacted, especially the real estate industry. While some renters struggled to pay rent, others chose to move into smaller places while a few others decided to put together their life savings to invest in a property they could call home. Coronavirus pandemic impacted everyone very differently.

As of 2023, property remains one of the safest and most reliable investment opportunities – despite troubling economic and political concerns.

For example, according to RWinvest, rental demand has been skyrocketing in the UK for a couple of years now, and it is expected to continue throughout the year and beyond. Whilst there is a slight dip in property prices predicted, experts are suggesting that it may, in fact, be the opportune time to get involved before prices shoot up years later.

While some people started thinking about increasing their earnings, others began working towards owning their own home. After all, times of uncertainty make us want to control as much as we can. If you’re thinking about investing in property amid the pandemic, maybe you’ve already spoken to estate agents in Leamington Spa, or perhaps you’re already looking at houses in the area. Then you must consider this investment guide with pros and cons by the estate agents in Coventry to help you decide whether or not you should buy a property during this pandemic. After all, this needs to be a well thought out decision!

The pros of investing in property during the pandemic

Low-interest rates

Banks have slashed the interest rates for mortgage loans and home loans. With the introduction of the stamp duty holiday, investors have a chance to buy great property at great deals. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has reduced the stamp duty to zero per cent for property under £500,000. This has allowed investors to save thousands of pounds, making their investment value lower and very budget-friendly. The estate agents in Nuneaton can show you fantastic property within the stamp duty mark.

Good deals in the market

Due to distress sales during the pandemic, investors might be able to grab an excellent property for a nominal price. Also, developers and builders who are either creating new projects or have recently finished new projects offer great discounts and deals as incentives for investors to buy property. This means a potential buyer might be able to buy a new apartment at a great price, thanks to the many discounts offered in the current market. The Allsopp & Allsopp estate agents and lettings agents in West Midlands and Warwickshire could help you with some fantastic deals in 2021.

Stable supply, low demand

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID, there was a change in the demand for property. The need for real estate has decreased, but not by much. However, this decrease in demand and a steady supply has led to a slight decline in prices. Also, since the demand is not too high, there is not too much competition among investors. So, a seller is highly likely to offer a potential buyer a good deal, especially if they’re looking to make a quick sale.

A safe investment

At this point, with the uncertainty of what the future holds, property investment seems like a very safe and sound investment. With economies falling and unstable stock markets, it appears that investing in property is the only way to make a profitable return in the future. Of course, investing in the right property at the right time, for the right amount of money, is crucial.

The cons of investing in property during this pandemic

Uncertainty of future prices

At this point, a potential buyer might think that he or she is getting a great deal. However, the real estate industry’s future is rather uncertain because no one knows what will happen post-pandemic. That means the future valuation of property is unknown. Of course, buying property in prime areas is always a good idea, but you never know the property value in unpopular areas in the future. While real estate prices are expected to rise post COVID, there is a high possibility that the value of property reduces in the near future because of the after-affects of the pandemic. In such an unpredictable market, leveraging a real estate agent CRM could be the key to navigating these fluctuations and securing valuable investments.

Strict loan criteria

While the interest rate might have reduced, the number of criteria banks are looking at before lending money has undoubtedly increased. Banks want to see a very high credit score, bank statements, a strong history of timely payments and a steady income. Due to this, it might be difficult for potential buyers to get pre-approval. During this pandemic, looking for houses without a pre-approved mortgage is almost impossible!

Uncertainty of employment

One of the biggest challenges of COVID is the uncertainty of jobs. With large multinational corporations laying off hundreds and thousands of employees due to the pandemic, almost every working individual is concerned about their job To invest in property, you need to pay your monthly mortgage, which is very hard to do without a steady income. So, while the property deal may seem too good to be true, you must have a regular income that you can use to pay off your loan while maintaining your day to day expenses.

How to Best Utilize Your Flyer Printing Budget In Singapore?

How to Best Utilize Your Flyer Printing Budget In Singapore? 1

Flyers are helpful when you want to run a business promotional activity. So, you must know to budget it effectively before buying them in bulk in Singapore.

One of the senior flyer graphic designers at the Express Print commented, “You must know which type of flyers you want. They can have extremely colorful designs or very basic ones. The colorful ones have higher charges than the basic structured ones. Also, the flyers’ bulk order matters a lot in really estimating the overall cost of each flyer. So, as a business owner or person, your order quantity should be optimized. For this, you can consult our customer executives first. They are better at helping our clients decide the perfect quantity to be ordered for flyers.”

“Have a set budget in mind. If you are clueless, ask around. Take reference from your business friends or colleagues who use flyers regularly for their promotional activity. This way, even you can negotiate better terms with the flyer printing service providers. And then, no one would be able to misunderstand the reason behind the final costing decided for the order you put on our website.” This was a realistic comment on managing one’s budget before choosing the flyer printing service in Singapore. It was left by the senior director at the Express Print.

Digital flyer printing service is much better if you want to optimize your cost. The conventional method requires a lot of plates to use enough color combinations in real life. That’s not at all needed when digitized printers or machines are used for flyer printing orders. This is one way to save your increasing expenses on the business promotional activities using modern and aesthetic flyers.

“Another factor in deciding on the pricing would be the date or time of delivery. The urgent deliveries of digitally printed flyers can be charged extra. However, if you wait for the standard delivery period to let our graphic designers and manufacturers complete the order, it wouldn’t be anything that you can hold responsible for paying.” This was another tip of saving the budget for flyers printing service in Singapore by another designer working at Express Print.


Learn the best ways to utilize your budget for the flyer printing services in Singapore from this press release content. To know more about flyer printing Singapore, visit site

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Lot has been said in the media recently about the volume of potentially false or dishonest statements made by workers under the State’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) or furlough scheme. It was proposed that quite as much as £3.5 billion could have been mistakenly paid out, perhaps because of an error on the part of managers or that the allegation was false. We believe that the HMRC is actively reviewing nearly 27,000 “extreme risk” allegations of the CJRS where misconduct or fraud is alleged. HMRC already has a CJRS scam hotline and urges citizens to notify them of furlough fraud as they become suspicious of it.


The first conviction for furlough theft (with alleged fraud for the sum of £495,000) happened in July and has been widely documented. Two more people in London were taken into custody in September for attempted furlough theft for the sum of £70,000 and there are expected to be further prosecutions in the weeks and months ahead as inquiries proceed.

The Finance Act2020, which fell into effect on 22 July 2020, gave the HMRC authority to audit and recover grants from CJRS that employees were not eligible to obtain. If HMRC decides that a corporation has obtained a grant from CJRS to which it is not qualified, it shall focus to recover the sums through a tax fee irrespective of whether the funds were reported in error or purposely.

HMRC also has the authority to enforce fines for false funding claims, however, there is a time limit during which employees can “own” inaccurate statements by CJRS and escape a fine and a furlough investigation. The value of the settlement is up to the amount of the falsely claimed award, meaning that the contractor will be affected twice as much as the reimbursement (tax) and the fine.

The period for notifying HMRC of erroneous statements and preventing a punishment shall be the latter of:

  • October20, 2020 (already passed);
  • 90 days from the date on which the employer obtained the wrong CJRS funding;
  • 90 days after the conditions modified, implying that the contractor was no more eligible to collect the benefits.

If employees do not “own up” to erroneous statements and are then caught, HMRC will regard the error to report as “deliberated and secret,” which means that the starting point for deciding the value of the fine to be levied will be 100% of the wrongly accepted award.

If businesses come forth after the timeframe has ended, they may be required to pay a fine, although the fines can be decreased. If managers “own” without being asked by the HMRC, the value of the fine may be limited to 30% (but not less) of the inaccurate value of the funding claim. If, moreover, the manager steps forth after being prompted by the HMRC, the liability can be limited to just 50% (but not less) of the wrong value of the funding claim.


If HMRC considers that a corporation has obtained funds by CJRS that it’s not eligible to (and is thus liable to a tax fee to repay them), but that business is:

  • Leading to insolvency proceedings; or
  • There seems to be a “strong risk” that it will be exposed to insolvency proceedings;

And there is a serious risk that any or more of that tax responsibility will not be met, that the individuals accountable for the administration of the corporation will be collectively and greatly eligible (with the firm and one another) for the payment of the related sums. In this situation, the HMRC shall give mutual and multiple notices of responsibility to the persons involved. The individuals accountable for the administration of the organization shall include executives, shadow managers, and others personally or indirectly involved or taking part in the operation of the organization.

The ways which provoke personal responsibility in this manner, the vice president in consideration must have been accountable for the administration of the business at the point the tax in an issue first becomes due i.e., the acceptance of a completely inaccurate or fraudulent grant claim and must have known at the time that the organization was not qualified to obtain the CJRS funds it claimed.

Individual accountability for the refund of unlawfully obtained CJRS funds and related fines is not the end of the issue for managers and administrators. The administrator who is proven to have participated in furlough theft is also at risk of criminal penalties. Besides, they are liable to actions for violation and infringement of their contractual responsibilities, such as the practice of proper precautions, competence and vigilance, and the progress of the performance of the business.

Measures can also be required to disqualify board members under the Business Directors Disqualification Act 1986. The consequence of the dismissal order is that the person cannot, without leave from the court, be the administrator of a business or in any manner (explicitly or implicitly) be involved or engage in the creation, development, or operations of an organization for a duration of up to 15 years.


HMRC did not hold back in urging staff to disclose cases of furlough fraud, and it was announced at the start of August that almost 8,000 complaints had been submitted by HMRC at the time. As the rate of redundancies is likely to rise, we foresee a spike in whistleblowing lawsuits as workers may attempt to contest their dismissal on the ground that the dismissal of their jobs was not due to retention, but because they raised questions (blown the whistle) about being required to operate whilst on furlough, or other practices of their company that may indicate that the organization is not eligible for the furlough funds that they have obtained or asked for.

It is highly advised for managers with some questions regarding these topics and what this could entail for them to pursue legal counsel as a matter of priority to limit their publicity.

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