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The Four Top Bracelets for Him

An easy way to elevate men’s look? Jewellery. Simple pieces can really make a difference in your man’s style, presenting a more refined result and sophistication in every outfit.

Bracelets are especially good in bringing elegance, and they are also practical to wear and to match. The fashion alternative to the old watch, a contemporary item your boyfriend or husband will always have at his wrist. There are of course many designs on the market that combine various materials and finishes, so if you are looking for bracelets for him, here are four of the latest pieces.

Chain design

One of the latest trends in bracelets for him is definitely the chains design. These bracelets are available in many different dimensions of chain and intertwines, allowing to choose between various patterns. Considering colour, silver is always the most popular one as it can go with a lot of outfit and styles. However, there are also new chain bracelets for him that incorporate colour in innovative ways, like the iridescent finish, a black matt colour or an elegant chocolate coating. These bracelets also come in combination with steel plates, for a manly yet more elaborate result.

Leather and steel design

For a more aggressive look for your man you can surely opt for a steel and leather combination. These materials are a classic and convey a vintage vibe to the outfit, without being boring. The leather usually comes braided, for a smart yet rough look, in black or brown, and the details are often made of stainless steel, allowing resistance to an everyday wear. Bold and impactful, the leather and steel bracelets for him can also come in a more fashion version that adds tasteful zirconia. This design is a bit more sophisticated than the basic one, but remains virile and strong in its effect.

Steel and stones design

A more contemporary and fresh look can be achieved with stainless steel and stones bracelets. This is the style for men who want something more colourful and playful, a subtle highlight to their outfit to make formal clothes more trendy. This design of bracelets for him, in fact, alternates steel plaques and pearls to little stones like sodalite, howlite, malachite, black agate, tiger eye, and lava stone. The stainless steel gives brightness, while the brown, green or blue stones offer a needed pop of colour. But you can also choose white or black stone for a tone-on-tone result. The perfect design for a casual- formal dress code.

Composable bracelets

The latest trend in bracelets for him are composable link bracelets. This design is perfect for a gift to the men in your life because it allows you to create a unique item with a wide selection of letters, symbols and icons. Particularly suited to celebrate important occasions, but also a great customisable piece your man can wear everyday. The links are made of stainless steel and they can be changed or added anytime you want. A slick and meaningful choice for men’s jewellery.

New Societal Psychological Thriller, MINDWASH, Featuring Ben Edlin and Camille Hyde, Takes New York By Storm with Special Screenings December 4-9, 2022

Brand-new Societal Psychological Thriller from The Arcane Company Makes Special NYC Run
Featuring Ben Edlin (Chicago Med, L.A.’s Finest) and Camille Hyde (All American: Homecoming, Katy Keane, The Wedding Year)

NEW YORK (November 29, 2022) – Lon Haber & Co | IPPR and Beatrice Brigitte’s The Arcane Company are thrilled to announce a special New York VIP NYC run of the recently completed societal psychological thriller, Mindwash, with special screenings for press and industry and more. Screenings take place in New York December 5-9, 2022 with details to be provided by request. 

The film stars Ben Edlin (Chicago Med, L.A.’s Finest) and Camille Hyde (All American: Homecoming, Katy Keane, The Wedding Year) and was written, directed and produced by Beatrice Brigitte(Gotham). Mindwash is Beatrice Brigitte’s feature directorial debut and made its World Market Premiere at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival and was a “buzz title” during AFM earlier this month. 
Producers include Beatrice Brigitte (Gotham) and Kazy Tauginas. (The Equalizer 2, American Rust, Dolemite is my Name, Lola, The Blacklist). 
Mindwash in itself has been an incredible experience from beginning to end. Each cast and crew member is equally pivotal in creating what became not only a feature film, but a work of art and a chilling love letter to society and the human race.” Said Brigitte. 
Mindwash follows the story of Billy Seldom (Ben Edlin), a motivational speaker who is on the verge of becoming a household name with the slogan, “Think for Yourself.” He is about to reach a new pinnacle of success when the world suffers a catastrophic event. We follow him on a journey of self-destruction, including being on the verge of a cryptic demise of a co-dependent relationship with his longtime girlfriend Natalie (Camille Hyde), as he wrestles with the ever-changing landscape of media, fear, and influence. Billy tries to find his place in a world now spiraling out of control and exemplifying the lack of individual thinking.  Billy must now ask himself if he really THINKS FOR HIMSELF. 
Mindwash is further bolstered by its extremely talented crew, including an original soundtrack by Wynne Bennett, known for her work on Space Jam: A New Legacy, Janelle Monáe: Dirty Computer, Book Smartand The 61st Annual Grammy Awards, and cinematography by Orlando Briones (Bully, Journey, A Promising Game). 
Executive producers are Charles Reimer and Isabella Reimer.
Lon Haber & Co. | IPPR is representing the world for Mindwash.

Mike Collins Mortgage Advice – How a bridging Loan can help you despite the high interest rates

Mike Collins Mortgage Expert, Independent Financial Consultant, explains what bridge loans are and how you can use them in this current environment

Bridging loans, which are interest-only loans, can be taken out by people who have immediate cash needs. It acts as a bridge between credit becoming available and debt.

Anyone looking for a short-term solution can use the lifeline to help them buy or sell property, make renovations, or build work. This is often useful when time is limited.

Mike Collins, who has 17-years’ experience in financial management, said: Two in five home buyers lose their property purchase due to delays in their mortgage payments. The importance of being able and able to move quickly for the borrower is evident – and that can be done with a bridge loan.


“A bridging loans are typically paid back in a few weeks, which means that the interest is more managed and the loan is more affordable. I’ll be explaining bridging loans in more detail below.

Interest rates on Bridging Loans

They can be fixed. This will bring stability as long as you keep up the repayments you have made. Variable rates for loans tend to fluctuate in line with the Bank of England’s base rate of 2.25% (Sept.2022).

It is inevitable that the higher the interest rate, so are the repayments.

Rates may vary depending on how much you plan to use the loan. Rates for bridging loans to land and business bridging are typically higher than rates for residential properties.

Buyer demand is exceptionally high. This can lead to delays in the conveyancing or buying process. Bridging loans are therefore more necessary.

It is important to understand that interest rates are quoted on a monthly base when looking at them. This is due to the fact that most interest rates are 9-12 months.

Access to cash quickly

Bridging loans are faster to arrange than secured loans and mortgages, especially if timing is crucial.

Funds can be released in three days. This makes bridging loans stand out from the rest.

It’s easier to arrange, as the lending decision often depends on your exit strategy. The exit strategy is your plan for repaying the loan at the end of the term.

One can be obtained even if your credit rating is poor

Your credit rating is a major factor in whether you get a bridging loans. But, it can also have an impact on the interest rates and fees you might pay.

Bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get one. In fact, lenders are more likely to focus on the property and not your credit score when they rate you.


Because the loan is secured against any asset of value, there are not lengthy checks.


Help for broken chains

Recent research showed that one in five applicants required a loan to bridge the gap. They were involved in a chain of events that caused them to miss their purchase timelines.

Bridging loans may be an option, as they can still allow a sale to take place, with completion times on average taking four months.

However, the current rise of interest rates could cause a dropin buyer demand and, therefore, a decline for bridging loans. For many property developers and buyers, however, loans such as these can be lifelines.


No matter which bridging loans you choose, be sure that they are members in good standing of the Financial Conduct Authority. This ensures that complaints, especially those involving large amounts of money can be addressed in accordance to FCA guidelines.

A group of protestors have invaded the Red Bull global headquarters outside Salzburg

A group of protestors have invaded the global headquarters of Red Bull outside Salzburg and unfurled a 400-foot banner depicting Vladimir Putin riding the company’s famous bull logo. The words “Red Bull gives Putin wings” are written in English across the top of the banner.

In a surprising move, Red Bull has refused to cut ties with Putin’s Russia, even after the country’s actions. Red Bull is still for sale in Russian grocery stores.

The protests were organized by the Ukraine Solidarity Project (USP), a network of European and Ukrainian activists exposing global brands for regressive policies on Russia. Trade deals with Russia mean that companies continue to make profits and contribute to the Kremlin, in addition to threatening global solidarity in times of economic crisis and Putin’s aggression.

Red Bull is given a failing ‘D’ grade by the respected Yale School of Management, which ranks corporations for how they do business in Russia. The drinks company says it has only suspended marketing and new investments in Russia, meaning unlike many of its competitors – such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola – it continues to sell its products there.

This week, a message from Oleksandra Matviichuk of the Friends of Ukraine 2020 party was projected onto the side of Red Bull F1 racing HQ in the UK. The message delivered an important two-minute appeal to drivers Max Verstappen and Naomi Heggella.

The Red Bull headquarters is in Fuschl, near Salzburg. Famous for its futuristic domed office buildings and a lake, the building has been the site of many campaigns. One day, USP campaigners evaded security and reached the reception building, where they proudly displayed their 20’x20′ banner.

The Ukraine Solidarity Project released a statement in which they said:

“Red Bull is a major international brand that continues to sell in Russia. This decision is highly significant and has profound implications because it signals these companies are comfortable with the illegal invasion of Ukraine. As long as they maintain their ties to Putin, they’re making it easier for him to invest in repressive policies, like illegal detention, torture, or disappearances. They need to withdraw. Meanwhile, Red Bull’s remaining in Russia means Putin gets wings.”

Red Bull has reiterated its position on Russia, stating that it has suspended marketing new investments but hasn’t pulled out of Putin’s Russia.


Growth plan in action as Inter Scientific hires new managing director

Inter Scientific, a Northwest-based regulatory compliance firm has appointed new managing director – Tim Liddicoat.
The firm assists businesses from all across the globe, with offices based in both Europe and the US.

Liddicoat, who brings 27 years of expert experience, hopes to drive growth targets to help establish Inter Scientific through his management in one of the world’s leading compliance firms in the healthcare, vape, cosmetic and food industries. He will be crucial in building on the company’s recent successes as well as ensuring client satisfaction in the Tobacco Product Directive and PMTA regulatory frameworks.

It’s an exciting time to join the company as its internal laboratory and regulatory services are now fully operational and important international accreditation for testing of e-cigarettes and CBD vape products has been secured.

Inter Scientific founder and CEO, David Lawson said: “We are delighted that Tim will be joining us as managing director.

“He has a fantastic record of building strong teams and helping organisations achieve international recognition.

“As our business has witnessed exponential growth across the cosmetic, vape and food industries in recent years, we will continue to invest heavily in our people and services to ensure our clients have the best service globally.”

Liddicoat added: ‘I am thrilled to be joining Inter Scientific at such an exciting time for the business and look forward to building future success with the team and in partnership with our customers.”

As well as its growth strategy, the company has long-term plans to make its lab sustainable as possible including taking measures such as recycling schemes and reusing consumables.

Its first environmental impact record is due at the end of the year and data will be used to make further improvements to its environmental status.

For more information visit: www.inter-scientific.com.

Survey reveals only 28% of Brits enjoy Black Friday

In November 2022, the brand Thought Clothing started a survey that simply asked Britons: ‘Do you like Black Friday?’.

The retailer, best known for it’s ethical fashion, wanted to find out the general thoughts on surrounding the sales periods in the UK and whether or not people are bored of the constant marketing surrounding retail. According to the results, they found that only 28% of Britons like Black Friday!

The Results

After completion of the survey, Thought found that only just over 28% of the public liked Black Friday, with 32.8% unsure on how they feel about it and almost 39% reporting that they actively did not like the sale period. The data shows that people in the UK may be becoming weary of the constant messaging around the sales period and as many shoppers demand more sustainable goods and services, the want for super low prices from unsustainable outlets may drop over time.

Thought Clothing has been building Thoughtful Friday since 2015 and are so proud and grateful for the continued support shown by the public. what started as a drive towards a planet-friendly alternative to Black Friday, has since turned into a great initiative promoting some of the most important charities and social initiatives in the UK and beyond.

Sustainable Shopping Tips for Black Friday

1. shop with ethical brands 

Shopping with ethical brands is a great start and whilst it can be tricky to work out which companies are backing up their claims, a bit of research online can go a long way. The Thoughtful Friday initiative is a great opportunity to find ethical clothing at a good price.

2. think about the impact of the item after the purchase 

Whilst shopping with ethical brands is great, thinking about the impact of the item after the purchase is also essential. a lot of clothing can end up in landfill so it is important to recycle old items and pass them on to someone else who will love them after you.

3. only buy items that you will love 

The third tip is to only buy items that you love, this will increase the chances of them becoming a mainstay in your wardrobe leading to good value both for you and the planet.

4. invest in better quality clothing that will last 

lastly, investing in good quality clothing will also have benefits for you and the environment as you will spend less on replacing older clothing and reduce the amount of waste that ultimately may end up in landfill or not being recycled or reused.”

The Best Forex Trading Systems

We’re here to discuss the best forex trading platform for beginners that is available. Naturally, you are familiar with trading systems and their effects on your forex account. Forex trade systems are known as strategies or laws that direct your forex transactions. They are similar to rules that tell you when to enter and exit a market, how much to risk, and what profits you should aim for. This differs from automated trading systems, which rely on robots to do all the work while you watch or supervise, depending on the situation. However, while you buy or sell currencies at your own risk, forex strategies guide you. Forex trading systems come in various forms and come from multiple sources, making it challenging to pick the best option out of several. You should conduct thorough research to produce the best that the world has to offer. Even though there are thousands, if not millions, of them, and the vast majority are not worth the time spent sorting them out, this is laborious work—which is why this article exists.


Considerations to keep in mind when selecting a trading system are discussed in this article.

Let’s look at the first point. The system’s profitability. Why is this crucial? Since you are occupied with money exchanges, you focus on creating gains. Therefore, you should be able to determine how profitable a system will be. Most of the time, this is calculated in pips per month. This means that when you use a good forex program in your live online trading account, it will tell you exactly what to expect when you use it to get a certain number of pips per month, like 300. The trading system is more profitable the higher the pips per month ratio. In a few months, you could also double your investment.


Second, the system’s historical decline. When choosing a forex trading program, the system’s maximum historical drawdown should be considered. It can be measured on a backtest or a live account and is defined as the most significant decrease in cash equity in a forex account’s history. It is typically expressed in pips or as a percentage of the cash float utilized for system testing. This drawdown is utilized for comparing various trading systems. The drawdown is also used to determine how much money you need to put into the system.


The system’s consistency or stability is another consideration. With stability, a forex system strategy with high-income potential and profitability is complete. This indicates that you only occasionally and irregularly have profitable trades. Imagine that you have winning trades once a month and only watch the trend for the rest of the month. It dulls the experience of trading. But if you have one that stays the same and is stable, you have everything you need to trade regularly and make money.


The profit-loss ratio is the next thing to think about when choosing a sound forex system, also known as a forex trading system. This is the proportion of winning exchanges to exchange misfortunes forex exchanges. The system will benefit more from this ratio. So pay special attention to a higher benefit misfortune proportion in a framework given forex exchanges.

There are a plethora of additional factors to take into account when selecting FXTM forex trading systems. Still, a good forex trading blog will help you better understand the options available to you. From various trading platforms, you can view a variety of forex trading charts in video format there.

To increase your trading success, all you need to do is contrast with the above considerations. By the end of this article, I will have made a few suggestions. I appreciate your time.

New parternship between the University of Exeter, Alchemist and InnovateUK sees the launch of Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership aims to develop workplace learning diagnostic tools that support data-led course creation and increase learning outcomes.

The collaboration will explore real-world walls within the learning & development sector through substantial research to create new plans for diagnostic technology services with effective delivery.

UK based learning and development provider Alchemist is interested in devising a robust diagnostics tool so that they can provide even more relevant and reliable metrics on the performance of their customer learning programmes, before, during and after the customer engagement. Alchemist intends to lead the way with demonstrating the value of a truly blended learning approach in the commercial sector.
The university will embed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate into the Alchemist organisation ensuring their research expertise fits within ALchemist’s wider business landscape of organisational development, with a particular focus on new and emerging technology in the learning sphere. The Associate will use their expertise and add value to Alchemist through their research with a view to co-publishing research and engage in thought leadership through publishing reports and articles that share an academic insight.
Stu Packham, Chief Executive of Alchemist
“We have high hopes for this research collaboration. It provides us with a unique opportunity to address the value that truly accurate diagnostics based on data can bring to the different types of blended learning deliveries available in workplace learning programmes. The research will help us to understand how we can use data more effectively to identify the optimal mix of activities, content and resources that maximise learning outcomes. Ultimately, we believe this will lead to improved workplace productivity and performance. We are confident that this collaboration has the potential to be truly ground-breaking and we are excited to be a part of it.”
Professor Leroy White, Department of Management, University of Exeter Business School
“From the academic perspective, the KTP offers a unique opportunity for us to develop and apply new theoretical and practical insights on workplace learning programmes, which have primarily been unexplored with academic rigour.”
The KTP is part of a UK-wide scheme that helps businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity by accessing the knowledge and expertise of the country’s leading universities. KTPs are essentially partnerships between a business and a university, with the aim of transferring academic knowledge and expertise into the business in order to innovate and improve performance. This partnership is between a graduate or early career researcher, who will be seconded to Alchemist and a team of academics from the University of Exeter Business School. The partnership is structured around a specific project investigating the efficacy of diagnostics in learning that has been agreed between Alchemist and the university, with clear objectives that are aligned with  strategic goals. The project is jointly supervised by representatives from Alchemist and the university, and is expected to last for two years. At the end of the project, it is expected that the knowledge transfer process will have resulted in lasting benefits for Alchemist, including improved competitiveness, productivity, and profitability.
Whether the partnership manages to create a ‘model’ or not, the participants are confident the research framework will give them a number of interesting insights to share in the L&D field, co-publishing researchbetween Alchemist and the University of Exeter. There is a completely open agenda regarding the outcomes of the research, as this is a true learning opportunity for the business who is willing to be shaped by the outcome, not shape the research to suit their preference. The participants expect this to be the start an ongoing strategic relationship between Alchemist and the University of Exeter.
Innovate UK Funding
KTP funding with Innovate UK helps to support knowledge-sharing between businesses and universities, so that businesses can benefit from the latest academic research. This can be done through a range of activities, such as secondments, training programmes and conferences. The aim is to help businesses to innovate and grow, and to create high-quality jobs. This type of partnership is crucial for ensuring that businesses such as Alchemist can keep up with the latest developments in their field, and for ensuring that academia is putting its knowledge to good use.
The Team
Knowledge Transfer Partnership Team
– Andy Treen KTP Supervisor
– Laura Buchanan- Enterprise and Innovation Programmes Manager
University of Exeter Team
– Leroy White – Academic Lead
– Aaron Page – Academic Supervisor
– KTP Associate – Vacancy to be filled
Alchemist Team
– Ollie Christophers – Industry Supervisor
– Lucy Kent – Learning Supervisor
– Stu Packham – Executive Sponsor
Updates on the progress of the partnership will be posted on the dedicated KTP page on Alchemist’s website https://thisisalchemist.com/knowledge-transfer-partnership/

Official Launch of Alpha Share’s new DeFi division Momentum

The Web3 presence Alpha + Momentum embodies Alpha Share’s NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad services as well as Momentum Project’s DeFi investments and innovations.
Started in the heart of a bull market, Alpha Shares had the opportunity to create a new innovative DeFi product that develops value for the investors involved. The project has now successed in that vision by building Alpha Shares — the community-owned NFT Marketplace that disperses ownership participation and enables NFT holders to gain from a rich ecosystem in Web3.
Decentralized Finance technology (DeFi) has always been at the core of what drives the Alpha Shares team, its innovation, and the desire to build unique experiences. Since the launch of the Alpha Shares Marketplace in August, Alpha Shares has been iterating on the roadmap of other DeFi products under its umbrella, and now its unveiling the Alpha Shares’ DeFi Division — Momentum.
Momentum launched on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with an advanced algorithmic stabilizer token that increases in value and reflects stable coin dividends. One of the unique feature sets of Momentum is its advanced bonding mechanism which feeds the health of the liquidity pool. The treasury from Momentum is unlike many other projects due to the technical aptitude of this division. The treasury is used to invest and incubate new technologies ranging from Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS), decentralized exchanges, auto compounders, etc.
The creation of the Momentum DeFi Division is a major milestone in the evolution of the Alpha Shares ecosystem. The Alpha Marketplace with its experience and relationships in the NFT marketplace along with the technical prowess of Momentum creates synergistic opportunities not found in any other web3 company.
Just think, what do you get when you combine the power of Alpha Shares NFTs with the power of Momentum’s DeFi technology and investments? Capabilities unlocked. This will allow for an investor to be invested in a project or hold an NFT that gives access to getting dividends from services like PoW and PoS. The NFT mint sales will drive marketplace traffic and returns will be distributed in USDC to holders. That’s a real example of the power of Alpha Shares + Momentum. More information can be found on the Alpha Shares and Momentum website and discord.
Announcement Medium:
About Alpha Shares
Alpha Shares is a web3 based NFT multichain marketplace built around speed, technology and creating community. Alpha Shares is a hub for collectors, NFT project owners, investors, and enthusiasts with the ability for investors to create passive income through NFT transaction sales. Currently on Avalanche, Alpha Shares NFT Marketplace has plans to expand to the Ethereum change at the end of 2022. Alpha Shares provides launchpad services and marketplace solutions for NFT projects.
website: alphashares.io
About Momentum Project
Momentum is the DeFi division of Alpha Shares. The Momentum brand focuses on innovating DeFi technologies for the upcoming DEX, auto compounder and other DeFi services.

Carer with ADHD drops dress sizes after overcoming poor eating habits

A nurse and part-time carer has revealed how she’s dropped two dress sizes in six months after her ADHD diagnosis helped her understand her eating habits.

Becky Cheetham was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago which helped her to understand her over indulging tendencies.

After joining the Goal Getters meal plan by MuscleFood, the 30 year old from Manchester has seen the pounds slip away and has learnt how to control her eating.

Becky cares for her sister Hannah who has cerebral palsy. During lockdown the siblings created TikTok and Instagram accounts which have grown to 2 million followers under their account @cheethamswithdreams.

The sisters set up the account to act like a bucket list – they wanted to tick off some of their goals whilst posting them on TikTok to share some positive news during a challenging time.

During that time Becky also saw the pounds pile on, reaching her biggest size, a size 22, it was then when she began to feel self conscious.

Growing up, Becky was always aware she had bigger hips and curves just like the rest of her family – but it wasn’t until she was older that she began to feel uncomfortable in her body.

Now, after six months on MuscleFood’s Goal Getters meal plans, Becky has dropped from a size 22 to 18.

Becky said: “I just got to a point in lockdown where I felt self conscious and uncomfortable within myself.

“Everyone in my family is on the curvier side so it never bothered me until I got older and was around other people really.

“I would say in lockdown I reached my biggest weight and that’s when I realised I needed to do something about this. It wasn’t about the number on the scales, it was about how I felt.

“Being a size 22 isn’t bad, I’m someone who’s been at both ends of the scale and has still felt uncomfortable! It all comes down to just feeling unhealthy so I needed to find something to tackle that feeling.

“After I was diagnosed with ADHD last year, my eating habits began to make a lot of sense. I used to find myself fixating on something. If I fancied a chocolate bar for example, I wouldn’t just have one, I would over indulge which is a symptom of ADHD.

“It works both ways too, sometimes I wouldn’t eat all day because I wasn’t hungry. Then at about four in the afternoon I would just binge eat.”

After starting Goal Getters, Becky saw her relationship with food begin to change. Each week, Goal Getters provides pre-portioned and calorie controlled meals and snacks straight to the door.

Meals include the Beef Ragu & Tagliatelle Pot and the Sausage, Bean and Potato Pot as well as snacks such as MuscleFood’s Chocolate Fudge Protein Cookie and the Peperami Salami and Cheese Snack box.

Becky continued:“I have tried so many diets and had no willpower but with Goal Getters I have no excuse with everything delivered straight to the door.

“A lot of other programmes like this only offer one meal a day, which is usually dinner. That meant that I was eating whatever I wanted in the day and then relying on that one meal in the evening which just isn’t going to work.

“It’s common with ADHD to forget to eat, so Goal Getters is perfect, everything would show up at my door at the start of the week, right down to the snacks!

“All I had to do was set my alarm for a specific time so when it would go off, it reminded me it’s time to go and make the meal already pre portioned for me.

“I’m also realistic with myself too and I don’t want to completely restrict myself, I’m a chocolate person, and so the fact that my little chocolate fix was provided for me was really important – it feels like a guilt free treat along the way.”

Becky used a personal trainer and began to walk a lot more alongside the Goal Getter meal plan and lost two inches from her waist, hips and chest within six months, completely recompositioning her body.

She said: “I’m someone who likes to start both things at once – diet and exercise. But I also know what works for me and I just wouldn’t have been able to jump straight into hardcore workouts. I started off making little yet effective changes like walking to my destinations instead of driving before starting my PT sessions.

“I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself so I try to be realistic in everything I do. I want to prove to people that it’s achievable.

“I’d love to drop another dress size by Christmas. But again, I’m not putting too much pressure on myself, I feel so confident in myself and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come already.”

A spokesperson at Goal Getters said: “Becky’s done amazing over the last six months and she’s seen her body completely change. She’s been realistic with her goals – which is so important – and she’s seen her body go through a period of recomposition.

This means she’s replaced the excess weight with muscle which makes her physically and mentally stronger, and she has seen the inches fall away.”

Here are Becky’s top three tips for others looking to start their weight loss journey:

  1. Be committed to the change – if you’re not passionate about making this change in your life then it will feel much more difficult.
  2. Do it for yourself – you won’t really commit to the hard work if you’re trying to please other people around you.
  3. Have everything prepared – this is often the hardest part, but having everything pre portioned with Goal Getters gives you no excuse when it comes to giving your body the right foods.

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