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A History of Adam Milstein: Businessman, Venture Philanthropist, and Community Leader

Adam Milstein is one of the most influential businessmen in Los Angeles. He was born in Haifa, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1981, along with his wife Gila and their two young daughters. Today he is an investor, venture philanthropist, and advocate for Israel.

This article will cover Adam Milstein’s early life, education career and philanthropy through his and his wife’s foundation which supports pro-Israel causes.

Adam Milstein’s Early Life and Education

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 to Eva and Hillel Milstein in Israel. Eva’s and Hillel’s parents immigrated from Eastern Europe to Mexico and Argentina prior to the Holocaust. Both parents made Aliya to Israel in their late teens and got married in 1950. The family lived very modestly but the Jewish values instilled in them by their parents drove them all to succeed at a young age. Adam went on to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) after high school.

After completing his military service, Adam studied at the Technion Institute of Technology (the Israeli MIT) where he graduated Cum Laude in 1978 with a bachelor’s in business and economics. During this time, Adam also worked to expand his family’s real estate development and construction business. In 1981, he moved to the United States and attended University of Southern California where he earned his MBA. From there, Adam worked for highly regarded real estate corporations before joining as a managing partner to Hager Pacific Properties which is now one of Southern California’s leading commercial real estate companies. 

Continued Career and Beginnings in Philanthropy

During his career in business, Adam Milstein has continues to be a leader and is always looking for ways that he can better improve the world around him. His experience serving in the IDF gave him leadership skills that would benefit both his personal life as well as his professional life. He believes strongly in giving back to society which is one of the reasons why Adam co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America; a project that provides free monthly books in Hebrew to the American-Jewish community. 

The Foundation

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (“MFF”) was co-founded by Adam Milstein and his wife Gila in 2000. 

The mission of MFF is to strengthen American values, support the U.S.-Israel alliance, and combat bigotry and hatred in all forms.

MFF also works to strengthen the Jewish people and their affinity to the State of Israel – the homeland of the Jewish people, by instilling pride in their Jewish identity and fostering the courage to stand up and combat our detractors.

MFF builds coalitions that provide Americans with facts and knowledge to advocate and take effective action against radical movements that spread hate, bigotry, and discrimination. 

MFF also partners with other organizations around the world to fight antisemitism and bigotry against all people regardless of their race or religion.

Other Philanthropic Efforts

Throughout his time in business Adam has committed so much of his personal resources to helping out others including organizations like StandWithUs, AISH HaTorah , Hasbara Fellowships and the Israeli American Council. He firmly believes that if you have the ability to help, then there is always someone who needs it more than you do. It is this mindset that drives him every day. Today he continues on as a prominent leader within these institutions while also serving on several public company boards where he works hard towards making positive changes in society, especially when it comes to advocating for Israel throughout the world.

Waste Not, Want Not: Building Materials You Can Reuse and Recycle

The construction sector is responsible for 11% of carbon emissions around the world. To address this, the UK government has introduced a ten-point plan to reduce carbon emissions within the industry. This includes releasing whole-life carbon assessments to the general public and updating design standards.

There are many more things the construction industry can do to reduce its carbon footprint, including reusing and recycling building materials. As well as being environmentally conscious, research shows that this can reduce costs and improve a company’s credibility. So, think outside of the box and focus on sustainable waste management.

This article will explore some of the building materials you can reuse and recycle. Whether you’re managing a sustainable project or building your own home, these materials will leave you with a clear conscience and the world with a cleaner atmosphere.


The war on plastics is a continuous effort. Over 380 million tonnes of plastic is thrown away every year, and only 9% is recycled adequately. To battle this, the construction industry can recycle and reuse its plastic waste. This includes plasterboard (or drywall), which is found in walls and floors.

As walls are an integral part of any building, the construction industry produces a surplus of plasterboard. One of the best ways to dispose of this is single stream recycling. This allows businesses to recycle large volumes of waste with ease and can be applied to some of the materials below.


Metal is a durable and strong building material. If you want to build with the environment in mind, steel is a great metal to work with. In fact, research shows that the steel we use is made of 40% recycled scrap metal. This means you’re reducing carbon emissions before construction has begun.

It is also simple to recycle or reuse steel. In construction, metal bars are placed within walls to provide strength and stability. These are called rebars. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating a space, you may have a surplus of this material. However, as the Steel Recycling Institute claims around 65% of these bars are recycled, this shouldn’t be an issue.


In the UK, brick is the most common material used to build houses. If you walk down any street in the nation, you’ll see bricks upon bricks forming the environment around you. So, it’s important that we’re able to make this building material as sustainable as possible. Luckily, reclaimed bricks can be used in construction.

One of the best times to use recycled bricks is during a renovation, from reviving a century-old public building to replacing a wall in a barn conversion. They may be slightly less apt for insulation, but they’ll add a sense of vintage style to any renovation project. So you can save the environment one reclaimed brick at a time.

Wooden pallets

Construction is no small task. Building a simple structure requires a large number of different materials. These are often stacked and stored on wooden pallets. In the UK, these pallets account for 10% of waste in the construction industry.  To reduce this waste, companies can attempt to reuse these or recycle them for scrap wood.

Overall, the construction industry has a long way to go before it is carbon neutral. There are governmental plans in motion to reduce the environmental impact of the sector, but it always helps to start small and focus on the little things. So, using materials that can be recycled and reused is a great way to be environmentally conscious. By following these simple steps, builders and engineers shine hope on a greener future. How will you help build a carbon-conscious society?












From Bricks to Glass: Six Essential Materials to Build a Home

If you’re considering building a home, then you should think about the products you need to purchase. The market is teeming with new and innovative building materials, but sometimes simplicity is key. However, there are certain things you can’t live without, such as the floors beneath your feet and the roof over your head.

Here, we will look at six materials you will need to build a house from scratch. There may be more options at your fingertips, but as long as you have these select few, you should have a home suitable for living in.

Bricks and cement

One of the first materials you’ll need to build a house is brick. In fact, this is the most commonly used material by builders and engineers to build houses in the UK. If you’ve ever worked on a building site before, this won’t be particularly surprising.

There are a number of different bricks to choose from, including clay and concrete. If you’re hoping to be more environmentally conscious, you may choose to reuse bricks from old buildings. This is a great way to recycle construction materials and reduce the carbon emissions of your building process.

Of course, bricks won’t do the job by themselves. You will need to purchase cement to stick your building materials together, or the house won’t weather a storm.

Have you ever dreamed of having a homemade out of Lego? Well, due to developments in the construction industry, your dream might not be completely unrealistic. In recent years, plastic is being utilised to build homes around the world. Not only is using recycled plastic better for the environment, but it can also serve as a surprising conversation starter.


In addition to bricks and cement, metal is integral to the construction process. From essential pipelines to electrical work, most homes will be filled with different kinds of metals. Rebars, for example, are steel bars that hold a structure in place. On average, 65% of these are recycled, so they’re an environmentally conscious material.

There are countless uses for metal when building a home. It can be difficult to calculate the exact amount of material needed because of this, however, and this might result in waste. To stop clutter from accumulating around your site, consider waste disposal systems that can be found the country, such as skip hire in Leeds. This will also be useful for other wasted materials that you can’t reclaim yourself.


There’s no way around this – you will need glass when building a home. Whether you’re installing a simple glass window or an extravagant glass door panel, you’ll want it to protect you from the cold outdoors. Triple-glazed glass is a great option for any homeowner. As well as being strong and hardy, this glass will insulate your home and keep the cold out and the heat in.


Wood is another important building material for both the interior and exterior of a home. This might surprise you since wood is hidden throughout the infrastructure of domestic buildings. In the UK, homes are built with wooden frames behind the drywall. This can hold insulation or protect electrical wires and plumbing pipes. As well as this, you will need to procure wood to create floorboards for your interior.


Plasterboard (or drywall) is used to create sleek walls and ceilings. As well as giving you a smooth surface to decorate, this material fortifies walls and insulates any home. However, this isn’t always a necessary inclusion, as you might enjoy the rustic aesthetic of an exposed brick wall or wooden finishings.


Insulation is important for being warm and comfortable in any building – especially in the UK. This can come in many forms, so we can’t recommend it as one building material for you to buy for your project. Blanket insulation is ideal if you have unfinished walls, and it can also be used in ceilings and floors. Foam insulation can also be used if you’d like to choose an option that isn’t as thick. Really, there are lots to choose from, so make sure to research each option to discover which is right for your home.

That’s a wrap – six essential materials to build a house. There are many more to choose from, but this is a simple list to get you thinking about your dream design. It doesn’t matter if you’re sticking to the basics or thinking outside of the box, building a home is a lot of work. So, stay motivated and you’ll create something to make you proud.









Limited Edition of luxurious silk pyjamas from Lotty B

When the world came seemingly to a standstill, many brands continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes, often separated from colleagues and managing from their own homes, coming up with ideas of how to make life really celebratory as soon as the occasion arose.

Lotty B, brand owner and designer behind her synonymous brand and also Pink House Mustique, used some of that time to dream up new Limited Edition Lotty B collections and started with a luxurious pair of pyjamas that whilst originated on Mustique Island were actually handmade in England.

Two glorious Lotty B prints have been reimagined in sumptuous silk twill, printed in England and the Lotty B garment designs have been entirely handmade by an atelier based very near our UK HQ. The pyjamas have been limited to 50 pairs in each print, with the Limited Edition numbers hand-embroidered onto the Lotty B labels.

We love the relaxed fit of these Coco Chanel inspired PJs with generous sleeves, flattering slits in the side seams on the jackets and high-waisted, gently flared bottoms with chic attention to detail such as the flat-front finishing on the waistband with two mother-of-pearl buttons and rouleau loops.


To complete this set as a stunning gift, you can choose to match up with a soft eye mask and hair scrunchies. All available at www.pinkhousemustique.com.

For more information, please contact Lucy Hall at Pink House Mustique:


020 7193 7525

07973 213777

Happy Strolls and Healthy Walks: The Healing Power of Spending Time Outdoors

 There is nothing better than spending a morning or an afternoon immersed in nature. From birds tweeting light-heartedly in their nests to ducklings splashing about in a large pond, you are bound to experience something truly special. If the temperatures allow it, you may even go for a paddle in a small, pristine lake with your dog, partner, kids, or even by yourself. What is there not to love?

Alongside providing both memorable moments and the perfect backdrop for social media pictures, spending time outdoors has many other advantages. In fact, it has immediate positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. It is safe to say that “an hour outdoors a day keeps the doctor away”.

With this in mind, we explore a range of benefits that come with spending precious time outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air.

Reduces stress levels

You have a lot on your plate. Whether it is household duties or pressing work commitments, life can sometimes be busier than you would like it to be.

Strolling through your local meadows or woods will do you the world of good. In fact, spending time outdoors can reduce your stress levels significantly. Time in the fresh air will help you decrease levels of cortisol, a hormone in your body that is triggered by stress.

Moreover, being in an inspiring, natural setting can release tension and stimulate your imagination.

Boosts your mood and makes you smile

Natural light tends to elevate people’s mood and well-being. Not only can it cheer you up, but some physical exercise in a natural environment can truly boost your self-esteem too.

If you are feeling under the weather, a short staycation close to fields and beautiful green spots will revitalise you. You could lodge in a historic castle hotel and enjoy a weekend exploring its surrounding parks and grounds. You will smile, laugh, and be back to your usual cheerful self!

Improves memory

Sometimes, the brain will just not cooperate. You may be trying to memorise figures and facts to inform colleagues at work about a specific task. You may be reading a book for your own leisure and finding it difficult to keep focused on the story. Whatever the scenario, leaving the house and going for a relaxing stroll will repower your brain cells.

Evidence shows that spending time outdoors can enhance memory functions. Specifically, a study by the University of Michigan reveals that a walk in the park can improve both your memory and attention span.

Helps tackle anxiety and depression

Another significant advantage of being outdoors is that it can help fight anxiety and depression. From soaking up some all-important natural light to feeling the grass under your feet, nature offers many opportunities to relieve mild depression symptoms.

In fact, those who spend time in nature tend to show less neural activity in the area of the brain generally associated with anxiety and depression.

Enhances confidence

Strolling through the meadows and admiring its wildlife makes you happy and settles you down. But does a challenging outdoor trip have a positive impact on your well-being too? The answer is yes.

Hiking to the top of steep hills, riding your bicycle for hours on end, or trying climbing for the first time are all great activities for your body. They are indeed more demanding than a casual walk in the park; however, the sense of achievement will truly skyrocket your confidence.

Fixes your sleep pattern

Is falling asleep at night a struggle? Would you like to doze off as soon as your head hits the pillow? Get yourself outdoors during the day and restore a natural sleep pattern at night.

Too much artificial light and too many hours indoors can unsettle your internal body clock. Instead, spending time in nature and exposing yourself to sunlight can fix your circadian rhythm.

Provides an increase in vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hormone that is key to a significant array of health benefits. It helps prevent a number of serious health problems, including heart diseases, dementia, diabetes, and even cancer. Sunlight is possibly the best source of vitamin D, which means that spending time in the sunshine is the perfect way to truly maximise your well-being.

When the sun is out, get your walking shoes on and soak up as much light as you can!

Protects your eyesight

It is fair to say that nowadays we spend endless hours in front of laptops, smartphones, televisions, and many other digital screens. They may be providing entertainment or helping to carry out your job, but they are certainly not doing your eye health any favours.

One of the most worrying risks to your eyesight is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which may cause dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain. The best way to reduce these symptoms is to ditch tech screens for a while and venture outdoors. Free from bright, artificial light, you will give your eyes a well-deserved rest and reduce the chance of developing near-sightedness too.

Ultimately, spending time outdoors is great for the body, the mind, and the soul. Whether you are climbing a mountain, dipping in a stream, or going for a casual stroll, you are making wonderful memories and truly nurturing your physical and mental well-being.













Expert Tips to Help You Cope with Divorce

Marriage separation can legally be done through having a divorce. The Office for National Statistics had released report explaining that the most common reason for divorce is unreasonable behaviour. Despite this, there are many reasons couples consider a divorce, and every reason is acceptable in the path of improving your wellbeing.

Divorce is quite common. Since 1964, around one-third of all marriages have ended in divorce. And as of 2021, 42% of all marriages were expected to end in divorce. Despite this, many men and women may feel ashamed to leave their partner.

Well, we’re here to tell you that divorce is all right. If you’re seeking divorce help, here are some expert tips that can guide you through the legality process of separation. This article will highlight the ways that you can process your emotions and cope with the stresses of the separation.

Acknowledging the five stages of divorce

Acknowledging that your emotional responses flare is the first step to coping with a mental health during the divorce. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, an acclaimed psychiatrist, theorised the five stages of grief in her book On Death and Dying (1969). This is often compared to the five stages of grief. If you’re going through a separation, acknowledging these stages may help you understand your emotions.

  1. Denial – At the beginning of the process, you may find yourself in a state of denial. This will enable you to separate yourself from overwhelming emotions, such as stress and anxiety.
  2. Anger – Overwhelming emotion often translates into anger. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the next stage may lead to feelings of hatred and betrayal. It’s in your best interest to process every emotion before moving on to the next stage.
  3. Bargaining – You may begin to blame yourself for the events leading up to your divorce. During this stage, you may attempt to find a solution and ‘mend’ your broken marriage. Quite often, this won’t work, but it’s all a part of the process.
  4. Depression – After the emotional whirlwind of denial, anger, and bargaining, you may fall into a state of depression. This stage could last the longest and be the hardest to overcome.
  5. Acceptance – During this stage, you may begin to find peace in your divorce. Negative feelings, such as anger and depression, may continue.

Seek professional help

Going through a Divorce could be one of the most stressful experiences you of your life. According to the Social Readjusting Rating Scale, divorce is the second most severe life stressor, preceded by the death of a loved one. Permanently separating from your partner may lead to a number of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. Therefore, it’s important to ask for help if you’re going through a divorce.

Take a deep breath, acknowledge your emotions are reasonable, and remember you’re only human.

If you’re struggling with mental health, reaching out for help is going to be a challenge. And that’s completely understandable! Speaking about your emotions is daunting and can leave you feeling vulnerable. In this instance, try reaching out to your closest friends and family members. This is a great way to start your emotional recovery. And that’s what friends and family are for!

Its probably tough to accept to accept your struggles and even tougher to seek the guidance of a therapist., but if you’re struggling with your mental health for a prolonged period of time, than seeking a therapist is inevitable. Despite being daunting, therapy is definitely worth your time and energy. Therapists are trained to help you through the emotional turmoil of your divorce. You can receive a number of therapies, including CBT, DBT, and exposure therapy. If necessary, you may be prescribed medication. And that’s okay, too!

Prioritise your wellbeing

Its important to not let the stresses of the divorce distract you from what’s important, which is your mental and physical wellbeing. Prioritising your wellbeing will reaffirm your value during this turbulent time. As well as exercising, eating healthy, and getting an adequate amount of sleep, self-care comes from doing what makes you happy. Whether it’s watching your favourite film or spending time socialising, taking time for yourself will help you cope with your divorce.

And continue with this. After separating from a long-term partner, you’ve probably got a lot of spare time on your hands. Fill your life with the things that make you happy! This could be adopting an adorable dog, cooking new and exciting recipes, or attending pottery classes. Really, the possibilities are endless, and each solution is unique to you and your experience.

In conclusion, its important to take some time to feel at peace with your divorce. We hope this article has reassured you that divorce is a normal process, your emotions are valid, and your wellbeing is the most important thing. Everything else in your life – your family, friendships, and professional life – will fall into place when you have taken the steps to care for yourself.








Mindful gifting this Valentine’s Day, with Dobbies

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of ways to say ‘I love you’. From flowers and chocolates to fizz, the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re looking to spoil your loved one with a more meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day, then Dobbies, not your average garden centre, is the destination for gifts that encourage mindfulness and wellbeing.

With more people than ever aware of the importance of wellbeing, mindful gifting is set to be a huge trend for 2022. From self-care products like luxury body butters, to mood-enhancing diffusers for inner balance, to eco-friendly candles and gorgeous houseplants that benefit the environment, there’s a wide range of gifts perfect for your Valentine at Dobbies.



What better way to pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day than with luxury self-care products to enhance their wellbeing? New to Dobbies is the Meraki range of organic lifestyle and skincare products that look as good as they feel. Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with nature in mind, they are the perfect choice for those looking to gift mindfully this February.


Treat your other half to something to help them unwind with a fantastic range of calming gifts from Dobbies. Guaranteed to unlock their inner zen, there are plenty of options that will help your loved one slow down. From soothing candles to aromatherapy diffusers from Aery, a new range to Dobbies, there’s a wide selection of products guaranteed to soothe a busy mind.


You can’t go wrong with a luxury candle on Valentine’s Day, and Dobbies has a wide selection to suit every scent. The vegan and cruelty-free brand, Aery is a popular choice, with a range of high-quality candles that look ultra-luxe for men and women, and feature calming scents made with essential oils. If your loved one is a fan of luxury home décor, treat them to a glamorous tealight holder to make their next cosy night in or bubble bath extra special.

If your Valentine loves flowers, consider taking a mindful approach and gift them a houseplant instead of the traditional bouquet. Not only will houseplants last longer, therefore giving your loved one more time to enjoy their present, but they are also proven mood-boosters. What’s more, houseplants purify the air as well as provide on-trend lush greenery, meaning they actually enhance the environment they live in.

For more Valentine’s gifting ideas visit dobbies.com


Designed exclusively for Furniture Village, discover a new collection of sophisticated upholstery from Italian design house, Nicoletti.

Founded by Giuseppe Nicoletti in Italy’s ancient hilltop village, Matera, Nicoletti has been making design-led contemporary furniture for more than 40 years. Expertly crafted using only the highest quality Italian leathers and fabrics, each piece tells a story of furniture artistry. Striking a balance between craftsmanship and cutting-edge comfort, discover a collection of contemporary silhouettes and innovative design. From high-shine metal frames and sleek arms to traditional tufting backs and statement stiletto legs, each piece has the makings of a modern classic.

Bringing Italian sophistication to everyday comfort, the Tesla range is both effortlessly cool and beautifully striking. Offering luxurious support with its deep seat cushioning and built-in head rests, the range lets you claim your forever spot with its perfect positioning technology.  Curved to offer extra comfort, the angled arms provide a space to rest, whilst the stylish metal feet offer a sturdy but elegant base.  Available in a selection of fabrics and coloured leathers, the range features an array of sizes, including chaise and corner options, along with a matching armchair.

Combining exquisite Italian artistry and optimum ergonomic comfort, the Theron range is perfect for those looking for added support.

Available in either titanium or chrome, the industrial-inspired open metal frame adds to its neat aesthetic, providing a trend-led finish for this contemporary design. The Theron range comprises an array of sofa sizes, including chaise and corner, as well as a matching armchair.

Discover a piece that strikes a balance between contemporary and industrial design. Versatile in form and function, the Bellini chaise includes an inbuilt leather console, offering a flat, easy-to-reach surface to place nearby items whilst you relax into the traditionally tufted velvet upholstery.

Featuring clean, straight lines across the slim arms and metal frame, this sleek silhouette adds a serious touch of tailored grandeur.

Available to purchase with or without the bolster cushions, the Bellini is available in premium 100% leather and fabrics in an array of colours.

Featuring a whole host of designs across six new ranges, the collection is exclusively available online from December 23rd and in-store from Boxing Day.

For all PR enquiries, please contact Lucy Bowes or Jen Lupton at Cool Blue: E. furniturevillage@coolblue.co.uk T. 07827 582049

Since the opening in 1989 of its first store in Abingdon (Oxfordshire), Furniture Village has remained true to its founding principle of offering high quality furniture and accessories that exceed the practical requirements of UK customers seeking durable, attractive and great value furniture for their homes. Furniture Village is today the UK’s largest privately-owned business of its type, employing 950 staff, and offering more than 500 different furniture ranges online at www.furniturevillage.co.uk and from 54 stores across the country.

Are you utilizing the Cloud? How the Cloud can help your business

These days, if a business is not utilizing the Cloud in some way, there is a good chance they are missing out on opportunities – in the worst case scenarios, it can cause a business to fall behind their competitors.

In the last few years, the Cloud has become one of the most game-changing technology solutions in the IT world, and in business altogether. It has made its way into many different aspects of our lives. For example, most mobile smart phones have options for Cloud storage for apps, photos and other media the user may wish to store. Web-based email services is also Cloud-based, and is the reason you can check your emails on your phone. Additionally, social networking – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – all utilize Cloud technology.

TechQuarters, a London IT support company based in the UK, has been working with and using the Cloud for the better part of a decade. They told us that the reason Cloud technology is so popular and so successful is because it can deliver all kinds of services to end users without the need for powerful computers or servers at the endpoint. These days, even applications can be hosted in the Cloud and streamed to computers as if they were installed on them.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud refers to any virtual pool that is hosted across a network; multiple servers or even multiple datacenters work together to create logical pools known as Clouds – these logical pools are centralized, meaning that it occupies one location on a network, even though the hardware that supports it might be spread across multiple physical locations.

The way it works is that all the hardware needed to build a Cloud is assembled – this includes servers, storage arrays, wi-fi routers, firewalls, etc. When the hardware is setup, software called a hypervisor is installed – the hypervisor then virtualizes the software, which is the process that makes it accessible by users in different locations.

There are 2 main types of Cloud: Public and Private.

With a Private Cloud, all the hardware and infrastructure described above would be located on the site of the organization that was using it. The benefits of a Private Cloud include low-latency, better performance (as it is private, so you’re not sharing power or storage), and better physical IT security, as the organization can supervise the infrastructure constantly.

With a Public Cloud, the infrastructure is may be spread across the world, in datacenters owned and managed by the Cloud service provider. Examples of Public Cloud services would be Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud – Azure is the Cloud service that TechQuarters recommends, as they use it and regularly onboard their customers to it as part of their managed IT support services. The benefit of Public Clouds is that they are much cheaper (no need to build your own infrastructure), and as such they are much more scalable – the infrastructure is already there, so if you want to increase usage, you simply pay a bit more for your subscription.

How can the Cloud help your business?

There are a range of benefits for a business using the Cloud, some of which can be seen almost immediately, and other benefits that will reveal themselves over time. To start with, using the Cloud in a business context can increase productivity greatly – but how?

When a business is using a Cloud infrastructure, it means that all their data and perhaps even the essential apps that their workers use are stored in the Cloud – this of course means that those users can access the data and apps from anywhere in the world, so long as they are connected to the internet. Removing this barrier to work means even if they’re stuck at home, or sat in a train that is delayed, they can still access their work resources with a range of different internet-connected devices.

Another great benefit of the Cloud is easier communication and collaboration. As we have discussed, the Cloud enables people to access data through any device that is connected to the internet, and from any location with internet; this means colleagues can collaborate even when they’re on different sides of the world. The Cloud also supports a range of different forms of communication – for example, video calls and video conferences use Cloud computing; Cloud Telephony (officially known as Voice over Internet Protocol) is a new alternative technology to PSTN that is growing in popularity due to the ease of implementation.

Another great benefit of the Cloud is that it makes IT support much easier to implement. If a business’ IT infrastructure is based in the Cloud, it means that an IT professional does not need to visit the business’ site to be able to provide support to that infrastructure – the business simply needs to give them access to the infrastructure, and they can provide support from anywhere in the world.

Buy To Let Conveyancing – What’s Happening In 2022?

Buy To Let Conveyancing Comparison

If you are a Buy to Let Investor then you will be focusing on buying High yielding properties. Your Buy to Let must be fully tenanted to maximise yield. Finding the right property and management agent is key to having that all important hands-off Buy To Let investment.

Once you have found your potential Buy To let property you will want to understand your buy to let conveyancing costs. You can do just that by using the Homebuyer Conveyancing quotes comparison service. No personal details are required to compare Buy To Let conveyancing pricing online. No spam, that’s progress

Commercial Units Now Being Turned Into Residential Student Clusters

Why leave commercial buildings empty? The pandemic has caused many High Street buildings to become empty and working from home has highlighted to Business Owners that they can run their business from a smaller office.

Commercial space was generating premium rents and the commercial property owners need to somehow get money flowing once again. This is when we see a change of use – A commercial unit is changed to residential use.

It’s a relatively quick fix as long as the commercial structure can be compartmentalised into cluster units. Typically a commercial unit in a city centre can become a Student cluster of apartments. These are Ideal for your Buy To Let portfolio.

These Clusters consist of 5 bedrooms each with an en-suite, a shared kitchen Diner all retained within a fire corridor. Managed by an experienced agent that understands how to facilitate repairs, what needs to be done at the end of term and who pays when damage occurs. Joint tenant agreements sorts the above with the guarantor footing the bill if the tenant fails to pay their way.

Investors Back In The Market Place

The ongoing Pandemic has shaken the cities and the apartment homeowners are selling up to move to new properties that have space for a home office and if possible with a garden. Being confined within a small apartment and working from home is no fun. This additional buy to let stock together with the Student clusters will be welcomed by Property Management Companies. Their revenue will grow which will enable them to provide an improved service.

Get The Buy To Let Conveyancing Covered?

The Homebuyer Conveyancing website provides a Conveyancer finder service which is ideal for investors that need to find that all important Lender approved Conveyancer. They can establish their applicable associated legal fees and disbursements. In addition within all Homebuyer purchase quotes there is a search pledge. If you need to pull out of the transaction through no fault of your own then another set of searches will be supplied for Free up to a value of 300.

Homebuyer goes that 1 step further and all Buyers of property can benefit. The conveyance can start on day 1 when normally searches are ordered after the Survey. Being on control of conveyancing is key. Get to exchange of contracts as fast as is possible to secure your property.

For more information visit the Homebuyer Conveyancing secure website

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