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DiagNodus Ltd receives a prestigious grant from Innovate UK to help it develop a radical new test for Covid-19


Thumbs-up for DiagNodus as company receives highly competitive Innovate UK grant

DiagNodus Ltd, a Cambridge biomedical company based at Babraham Research Campus, has received a prestigious grant from Innovate UK to help it develop a radical new test for Covid-19 using anal swabs. DiagNodus expects its new test to be more accurate than the model currently in use, which is based on collecting material from the nose and throat.

Dr. Alex Loktionov, CEO and Scientific Director of DiagNodus, commented: “recent peer-reviewed studies (https://doi.org/10.1053/j.gastro.2020.03.065) have shown that the virus remains in the bowel for longer than it does elsewhere in the body. Therefore, if we develop a test that spots it in bowel material, using our already proven diagnostic approach, we can trace the disease in patients who might otherwise have tested negative, but are in fact carriers of Covid-19. This can also protect from infection medical professionals performing gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures, and I am delighted that Innovate UK will be helping us take this project forward”.

Hard at work: A DiagNodus scientist doing her bit in the battle against Covid-19

The recent funding boost is the latest in a series of positive developments for DiagNodus. Earlier this year, the company’s innovative research on detecting bowel cancer was featured in the British Journal of Cancer, one of the world’s top medical publications (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41416-020-0893-8). The company has also launched an ambitious strategic partnership with St. George’s Hospital, a leading London NHS trust, as well as strengthening its Board with a new director tasked with commercialising its products and drawing in investment. This builds on an impressive track record in recent years, which have seen the company gain two granted patents, while the European Commission has recognised the work of DiagNodus with a prestigious Seal of Excellence. DiagNodus will announce a major fundraising round in the coming weeks.

For more information on DiagNodus, please see http://www.diagnodus.com/ or follow @Diagnodus on Twitter

Finding out what lurks in the ocean


The Earth consists of 71 per cent ocean coverage. Estimates by NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center claim that there is 321,003,271 cubic miles of water within these vast areas. With all of this space to play with, just what can be found in our oceans? Tracerco finds out…

Marine life forms

There’s a whole lot of life thriving in the sea. There are hundreds of thousands of known marine life forms in the ocean, though many are still to be discovered and some scientists have suggested that the actual number could go into the millions. Plus, there are also around 4,000 species of coral reef fish found across the globe — that’s close to a quarter of all of the world’s marine fish species—though be aware that a millilitre of ocean water contains close to 1 million bacteria and 10 million viruses.

Dizzying heights and depths

How low does it go? Well, the deepest known area of the Earth’s oceans is the Mariana Trench. Located in the western Pacific Ocean and to the east of the Mariana Islands, the deepest point found here measures in at an estimated 11,000 metres — or 36,000 feet. The average depth of the Earth’s oceans is also 3,720 metres — or 12,200 feet.

The longest mountain range in the world is beneath the sea too. Named the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, this mountain chain stretches for more than 56,000km across and covers parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, Earth’s highest mountain in the ocean is the Mauna Kea. Found off the coast of Hawaii, the mountain rises for 10,203 metres (33,474 feet) from the ocean floor, with 4,170 metres (13,680 feet) viewable above sea level.

The largest living structure on the planet is also underwater. This is the Great Barrier Reef — it measures around 2,600km and is so huge that it can be spotted from the Moon.

There are also dangerous structures on the seabed. On the ocean floor near to the Gulf of Mexico, brine pools can be found as can underwater volcanoes where mud and methane explode from them as opposed to lava. There’re also underwater hot springs found across the Earth’s oceans, where water with temperatures of 650°F shoot out — that’s hot enough to melt lead.

We have only dipped our toes in the water though. According to National Geographic, we have so far only explored around five per cent of the Earth’s oceans to date — that means that we have more detailed maps of Mars than we do of our planet’s ocean floor.

Treasures from history

The world’s biggest museum is technically the ocean, as there are more artefacts and treasures down there than all the museums of the world. There is almost 20 million tons of gold within the Earth’s oceans too — if all which was suspended was mined, there would be enough to give each person on the planet around 9 pounds of gold. Up to $60 billion in sunken treasure is housed on the floors of Earth’s oceans as well.

Of course, not all treasures are gold and silver. Scientists predict that there could be as much as 50 quadrillion tons of dissolved solids found within the Earth’s oceans — calcium salts, magnesium salts, potassium salts and sodium salts make up the bulk of this huge figure.

Sadly, the treasures of the ocean are sharing their space with trash. Every year sees an estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage dumped into the world’s oceans though, with most of this being harmful plastic.

Vital trade and communication links

Without the sea, we wouldn’t have nearly as many connections to the wider world. Over 90 per cent of all trade between countries is carried by ships, while around half of communications between nations occur using underwater cables — hence the importance of subsea pipeline inspection to keep everything running smoothly!

How Important Are Early Company Audits?


When you’re running a business, it’s vital to be on top of monitoring its financial health.  Additionally, stakeholders need to be satisfied that appropriate accounting policies and methods are in operation.

A statutory audit can take many different forms and depending on the nature, scale, and complexity of your business, one may be deemed more appropriate than the other. Take for example, a small retail company: the audit most likely will focus on stock valuation, cash receipts, and margins. On the other hand, an audit of a large property investment company will most likely focus on property valuation, systems, and funding.

Other than clarifying a business’s financial situation, an audit report, when presented to potential investors, can also help offer the reassurance they need before making an investment decision.

In relation to this, the main benefits of supplying investors with an audit report include:

  • The credibility given to financial statements — the main purpose of an audit is to verify that the financial statements are true and fair thus helping to build trust with an investor.
  • Improves planning, budgeting, and forecasting — since statutory audits give credibility to historic numbers, this information can be used to forecast ahead and ultimately limit the potential financial risks a business might face.
  • Compliance — for business owners, shareholders, and potential investors, showing conformity to an audit process is one way to show investors that a company is credible and transparent.

As any investor or entrepreneurs know, business transparency is key when an investment decision is being made. Having comfort that the financial statements have been audited increases the confidence that investors have.

Highlighting the importance of this is Andrew Millet from Wisteria Accountants, stating: “Any company that is seeking investment over the next few years should be thinking of voluntarily having themselves audited. Leaving it until the year of investment is often too late”.

Fledgling businesses

Early stage businesses that are seeking growth funds will need to do what they can to encourage investors in. Without a doubt an interesting business model, a credible management team, a good trading history, and robust systems will all help to promote a strong story. A statutory audit will further enhance an investor’s opinion on the target company and demonstrate that the management are transparent, thorough, willing to be open to scrutiny, and operate with a heightened level of integrity.

Often early stage businesses get carried away focusing on sales and product. While obviously it is important that they do this, they must also keep an eye on processes, systems, accounting, reporting, and compliance.  A statutory audit will help companies achieve this.  Investors love a great idea, but ultimately, they need comfort that the management team are reliable, organised, and compliant. An audit will help substantiate this.

The Ultimate Guide to Veganism: What It Means, Tips and More


The month of January feels like a distant memory, but whether you decided to commit to Veganuary or not, the plant-based lifestyle is increasing in popularity — in 2018, the Vegan Society established that there are around 600,000 vegans in the United Kingdom and this figure is only set to grow. As a result, consumers are spending more and more on vegan food products — and it’s not just appealing to a strict vegan market. Many people are striking a balance somewhere in between veganism and vegetarianism, opting for a ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle. Products are flying from supermarket shelves, with Applewood’s vegan cheese selling out in 40% of its stockists in October 2019.

So, with a predicted veganism influx of 327% by the end of 2020 in the UK, could it be time to change up your lifestyle? Before you return back to your carnivorous habits, take a look at this comprehensive guide to all things flower-powered!

What is a vegan lifestyle, and what are the benefits?

If you lead a vegan lifestyle, your diet excludes all animal products — from meat, to dairy and anything derived from animals, such as gelatin. This also includes any foods that are processed using animal products (meaning that some wines will be off the menu!). People commit to vegan diets for a range of reasons, from animal welfare, to raising awareness of the carbon footprint of a carnivorous diet, or even as a health-related measure. As a result, the benefits of veganism will largely depend on the reason behind making the change; from a health perspective, it’s a nutrient rich diet, aiding weight loss, and there are studies which have suggested that it can lessen the risk of certain health conditions. However, as the climate change narrative continues to grow, there’s a growing emphasis on the role that veganism could play in lessening individual carbon output, which collectively, has the potential to help restore the world’s atmospheric levels. Many activist groups are turning their focus onto the environmental damage of human activity and the step towards making our everyday lives more sustainable.

What’s new for veganism in 2020?

The new decade started with something along the lines of a plant-based revolution, with many popular food retailers finally recognising the supply demand for vegan alternatives. Back in 2019, the popular bakery chain Greggs unleased hysteria with their vegan sausage roll, sitting alongside the traditional meat alternative. They followed this up in January 2020 with a remarkable marketing campaign leading up to the unveil of their vegan steak bake, which involved blacking out store windows, creating an air of exclusivity for the new product. The product has been a sold-out phenomenon, with many left empty-handed on their quest to sample the new product.

The vegan alternative has taken off, sending reverberations across the market as other retailers revealed their own plant-based treats. KFC, Frankie & Benny’s, Costa and Subway have all branched out to revel in the meat-free craze. There’s even a growing range of plant based sweet treats available, from fair trade vegan chocolate to doughnuts and more!

The growth in popularity and the strengthening of links between the meat and dairy industry has triggered a huge financial soar in the vegan food market, and it is now a multibillion-pound industry which only looks set to grow. In fact, the influx of plant-based products into the market was recorded at an impressive 9,590 new vegan options, as established by the Vegan Society.

The affordability of veganism

On the topic of money, leading a vegan diet has often been considered as a costly pursuit… So, is it actually expensive to be a vegan, or could it be realistic even for those on a budget? The answer to this varies, but for the most part, being vegan can certainly be purse friendly. Many of the core ingredients of a vegan diet are some of the cheapest components of the standard meal — vegetables, beans, pasta, rice and fruit. While there’s undoubtedly been a far wider variety of processed vegan options available in supermarket fridges, these are not necessarily healthy and can often be more costly additions on your weekly shop.

One vegan shopping trolley will differ from the next depending upon preference, but by filling your meals with affordable, staple ingredients such as lentils, pulses and tofu, you can be realistic when it comes to eating a purse friendly plant-based diet.

The UK’s vegan hubs

In a recent study by Nisbets, the top UK ‘vegan cities’ were revealed, with some interesting entries on the rundown. The cities which made the list have the most either vegan or vegetarian eateries, and Norwich came top of the bunch, closely followed by Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Newcastle.

In Glasgow, there are 3,000 listed veggie or vegan eateries, from the vibrant The 78 kitchen, The Flying Duck late night plant-based junk food, and the appropriately named ‘Glasvegan’ brunch spot. Back over the border, the North East has seen a lot of plant powered innovation in the past few years, from glazed vegan doughnut retailers, to the quirky Little Greens Cafe which prides itself on serving high protein, vegan options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. In fact, the annual vegan food fest ‘flower power’ is held at Tyne Bank Brewery, a bustling spot to sample a lot of vegan goodness. Many people are following the buzz of the vegan scene that a city has, but surprisingly the UK’s capital city doesn’t even feature on the list — suggesting that it’s got a bit of catching up to do!

The dietary demographic of our population is certainly changing, and the plant-based revolution only looks set to continue… Could it be time for you to make the switch?

Stay Healthy on Your Vacation with These Tips


When on vacation, there’s a tendency to ruin all the hard work you’ve accomplished at the gym. The juicy feasts, excess drinks, and non-stop relaxation time make it no surprise that people often come back from their holidays with a few extra pounds.

According to health experts at GymEquipment.co.uk , there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down, but regular exercise is still important. “Vacationers shouldn’t forget their health routines or they’ll risk adding on some extra weight. No one’s saying you shouldn’t take the time to slow down, but sticking with your gym routine and cardio can keep you healthy and resilient throughout your entire vacation.”

Here’s a few ways to stay in shape while vacationing:

  • Watch your food

It’s tempting to eat everything under the sun while on vacation, especially if you’re in a country you’ve never visited before with foods you’ve never tried before. Snacking throughout the day in addition to stuffing your face at mealtimes could be your downfall.

Before going overboard, study up on local culinary dishes and their caloric value. Find a few restaurants in the neighborhood you’re staying in that offer healthy options. Really take into consideration quantities and the time of the day you eat — have a lighter breakfast, a medium lunch and a full dinner. You can still indulge in new and exotic cuisines, just make sure to be conscientious about what and exactly how much food you’re consuming.

  • Watch your drinks too

I once went to Aruba and was amazed at the quantity of cocktails I passively consumed in the few days I spent there. Like many vacation spots, the bar was open around-the-clock, and the drinks were freely flowing and incredibly cheap. In such situations, it can be hard to maintain control.

Sweet mixed drinks often mask the taste of alcohol, making them easier to drink. If you’re a fan of the sweet cocktail, limit yourself to one, maybe two max per day. Savor them and drink them slowly so as not to keep running back to the bar for more. If you’re still interested in drinking, switch to low-calorie beer or vodka flavoured with lemon and soda water.

  • Hit the gym

Many people think vacation is an excuse to take a break from their fitness regimen, perhaps because the fitness facilities and your private instructor aren’t there. If you aren’t committed enough to motivate yourself, then you haven’t reached fitness nirvana yet.

If the idea of going to the gym while on vacation doesn’t work for you, then a long walk or light jog by the beach will help keep off those extra pounds. Try to keep it within the same schedule as your exercise time back home. Add some fun to your exercise by taking a class in the country’s local sport, like Capoeira in Brazil.

  • Practice mindful meditation

A vacation is a great opportunity to take some time for yourself and clear your head. Mindfulness is a way to channel your thoughts on the present positive aspects of your life and cut off the worries that tend to hold your back. To achieve this, solitude is key — although you can meditate in groups, it’s often more effective to find a quiet spot with your mat and concentrate. If you’re vacationing on a peaceful, tropical island, there are many spots to find solitude and serenity. You’ll feel refreshed and clear-headed after every session.

Good health is for both the mind and body, so treat both with lots of care and respect. Happy travels!

Non-Emergency Directory Service announces Blue Pages “App” Website


A new information service called Blue Pages “App” (Blue Pages), https://www.bluepagesapp.co.uk/, has launched its website in the UK aimed at providing comprehensive information about non-emergency services such as charities, government departments and other non-profit making organisations. Under Blue Pages these are called “Member Organisations.”

The point is to give a simple and financially savvy path for these associations to expose what they do and to make it simpler for purchasers or individuals from the general population to discover the data they need as fast as could reasonably be expected.

The first thought, to which Blue Pages owes its intuition, originates from examination into the quantity of waste calls made to the crisis administrations 999 number. In the coronavirus pandemic examination featured that there had been a checked increment sought after by the overall population for a wide range of help. Looking further back, explicitly at 999 calls, it was discovered that of the 30 million or more calls made to 999 every year, some 30% were considered a waste for example non-crisis, costing the UK Taxpayer around £50 million every year.

The thought has now developed into a progressively complete catalog administration giving part associations the capacity to list their administrations while exploiting highlights, for example, Events, Classified Ads (for example Occupations) and Articles. There is a scope of reasonable part membership choices accessible, including a Free alternative and £1 every year at the Silver level.

Chief, Ray Sherry, of Greenforce (Wales) Limited who has propelled the administration says, “By chance I ran over an article on squander 999 calls. After a touch of exploration, I found that there was certainly not a solitary site or application out there that brought all these assistance benefits together in one spot. Rather individuals would simply call 999 in light of the fact that it was the most straightforward activity. I trust we can impact that after some time yet for the time being we simply need to make it simpler for individuals to locate the correct assistance.”

With an ever increasing number of individuals utilizing cell phones, to get to help benefits, a cell phone application will follow in a couple of days. The site at first records more than 200 part associations and will dispatch its promoting effort on 5 July 2020, to concur with the NHS’s 72nd Birthday.

Blue Pages App expects to give in any event 25% of its catalog pay to great aims from Year 4 onwards.

Corporate Colonialism from the 4th World


“Whilst such corrupt corporate greed runs rampant throughout the world, our species will remain divided, unhealed, impoverished & fundamentally unequal” – The 4th World.

“Corporate Colonialism” : The 4th World’s Message To Humanity.

MP3 | WAV | YouTube  | Spotify

‘Corporate Colonialism’ focuses on highlighting the perpetual poverty of the third world; serving as a stark reminder of colonialism’s continuous legacy. Depriving the majority of its native populations from being enriched by their sought-after resources, supranational corporations, persist in plundering the profits of these exceptionally lucrative regions of the Earth.

821 million people face hunger & starvation daily, with 98% of these living in third world countries – accounting for 78% of the entire global population. This has major relevance to the Black Lives Matter movement, given that the majority of third world populations affected by world hunger are non-white, whilst non-struggling first world populations exist in majority white nations.

Colonial empires were founded upon elitism, racism & white supremacy – resulting in the violent enslavement & impoverishment of non-white populations. It’s a harrowing reminder that corporations who now actively support the Black Lives Matter movement, continue to contribute to the sustained impoverishment of people in the third world.

The wounds of colonialism still endure, tormenting humanity by fanning the flames of injustice & oppression via economic deprivation & starvation, as well as the ongoing systemic racial injustice and discrimination that has come to a boil in the first world.

“The hierarchical first & third world systems belong to the savage, dark ages of the colonial history they spawned from – it has no place existing in this century, let alone to this day in 2020” – The 4th World

‘Corporate Colonialism’ is a conscious hip-hop single, focusing on highlighting the perpetual poverty of the third world. The vocal flow is a harsh critique of unfair power structures & seeks to open up the possibility of a better world, if only we could leave these out-dated and archaic disparity behind us.

Deliberately mysterious, The 4th World (sometimes stylised as T4W), is a London-based artist & lyrical innovator, that combines hip-hop influences with orchestral elements to create unique musical experiences & sounds.

With deep concerns for the future of our planet & the welfare of our species, The 4th World channels raw emotions into powerful lyrics & messages, to awaken people’s minds to the natural world & healing power of our planet and universe.

The poetic style of his socially, environmentally, politically & spiritually conscious lyrics expose the injustice of the world, along with the negative spiral of disillusionment that continues to permeate through society.

The 4th World wants to become the first artist to spread an awakened alternative – the universe’s spiritual message – to the human race of planet Earth… Step into the realm of The 4th World & discover the emboldened new dawn that humanity could enter.

Enter The 4th World Via

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Post-lockdown boost for Morley Glass & Glazing


Morley Glass & Glazing has achieved a 35% increase in production of its sealed units with Screenline blinds inside compared to pre-lockdown manufacturing levels.

Last week the £18m turnover company manufactured 3400 integral blinds compared to a weekly average of 2500 which was typically produced prior to lockdown.

 Managing Director Ian Short said: “We were closed for six weeks as directed by the Government but since our return to work in mid-May demand has been higher than ever. At first we thought it was everybody playing catch-up and fulfilling existing orders and we were expecting orders to drop. But demand has increased and there is no sign of it abating.

“We suspect that as many people have been working from home or have been spending more time at home on furlough they have been reviewing their properties and deciding to invest in home improvements including the installation of new doors and windows – many with integral blinds inside. The fact that most people will not be able to take holidays abroad this summer also means there may be more cash for home improvements and creating more suitable longer-term home working and home entertainment environments.

 “This is great news for the industry and long may it last. Everyone is adapting to new ways of working observing social distancing and implementing new measures that give consumers confidence that they can safely improve their homes during the COVID-19 period.”Morley Glass & Glazing manufactures Uni-Blind sealed units with screenline blinds inside. The blinds are available with a choice of five operating systems including manual cordless solar controlled and fully automated. Slimline blinds for composite doors and vertical sliding sash windows are also available. Morley has recently launched fire-rated Uni-Blinds in a partnership with fire glass manufacturer Pyroguard. And most recently the company has invested in an app that allows users to operate the electric blinds from their smartphone or tablet. Morley Glass & Glazing also holds £1m of ScreenLine spare parts and accessories in stock for order from its website with next day delivery.

All orders placed for Uni-Blinds sealed units by 11am every Friday are delivered in just 10 days. Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses.

AIS Eurelo sign with top digital marketing agency novi-digital


novi.digital Welcomes AIS Eurelo As New Client

Lancaster-based agency, novi.digital, to begin work on SEO campaign for global manufacturing experts, AIS Eurelo.

Novi.digital are to begin developing an SEO strategy for machinery solutions specialists, AIS Eurelo. As a joint venture with one of the UK’s largest privately owned industrial engineering companies, Ainscough Industries, AIS Eurelo are already globally connected in the industrial sector. The agency have stated that they expect their own industry-leading knowledge will be well-matched by the strong foundation that AIS Eurelo is built upon.

Aaron Crewe, Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to welcome a company of AIS Eurelo’s calibre to our clientele. Having worked with many businesses in the industrial sector over the years, we look forward to putting our knowledge to the test with AIS Eurelo.”

AIS Eurelo has been formed as a business specialist in lifting and logistical solutions, from the installation, to the relocation of capital plant and machinery. The business already has a team across 9 international locations that are experienced in moving equipment globally on large scale projects. Novi.digital has stated that they will be helping AIS Eurelo on launching their website and building an SEO campaign that helps develop international growth.

AIS Eurelo was formed to provide lifting and logistical solutions when it comes to relocating or installing capital plant and machinery on a national and international scale. From a single machine move, to the relocation of an entire facility from one country to another AIS Eurelo has an experienced team who carry out large scale, multi disciplined projects all over the world moving equipment from one country to another on a regular basis.

Ethan Giles, Senior Operations Manager, stated: “Our goal in working with AIS Eurelo will be to help them expand globally through an effective SEO campaign that generates new enquiries, allowing them to develop long term working relationships with clients.”

“Having already worked with clients of varying sizes in the industrial sector, we are confident that our strategy will be well-suited to AIS Eurelo’s aims as a business.”

AIS Eurelo are one of a number of recent client signings for novi.digital, with both BBP Solicitors and TCG Direct being recently welcomed to the agency. The agency has also recently been shortlisted amongst some of the top digital marketing agencies in the world by the European Search Awards with the prestigious ceremony taking place in Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament later this year.

Novi.digital is a data-driven and psychology-focused SEO and PPC agency that focuses on the fundamentals of business: sales, conversions, and traffic.

To find out more about novi.digital’s services and for all PR enquiries, contact Ethan Giles over email or ask for him by calling the Lancaster office on 0800 955 6684.

7 Benefits of living in an Eco-pod by Philip Doleman

aerial view of forest

Most people are going to live in eco-pods, so there are many benefits of living in eco-pods. The most common benefits are sustainability, minimal disruption, and adaptability.

Philip Doleman, an Architecture, designs such eco-pods that offer all the mentioned benefits. Apart from these, his designed eco-pods offer a peaceful and quiet mind and allow you to feel the taste of nature.

Following are some of the extraordinary benefits of living in an eco-pod:

  1. Sustainable

The most crucial benefit of eco-pods is its sustainability. There is a low impact with a light mark on the globe. The materials used in eco-pods are renewable, and there is the use of energy-efficient LED lighting that saves power costs as well.

The designs of eco-pods may include restorative ecological attributes like solar hot water systems. The sustainability here is a cost-effective factor.

  1. Minimal Disruption

The selection of a standard living range may imply to minimal disruption. The total cost compared to the big building is lesser, and you are getting the same thing. For an eco-pod, you need no construction site mess and save you from wasting time and money.

Remember that if you decided to have an eco-pod, there is no need to break down your existing home. The aim is to avoid disruption, not doing it.

  1. Adaptable

Yes, the eco-pods are highly adaptable for every individual to come up with lots of possibilities. Try to relocate your eco-pod to suit your changing requirements like your farmhouse etc. For creating a multi-purpose community as a blend, then add additional Pods to the area.

  1. Cost-Effective

Though all the benefits of eco-pods are cost-effective, they are 40-60% cheaper than conventional construction. A single Pod can be used for multi-purpose, so get the efficiency of space. A saleable asset should your circumstances change.

  1. Transportable and Portable

The eco-pod that you owned or constructed must have single site delivery. It will ensure its portability and adaptability purpose of your locality over time. So, the Pods are transportable, and wherever you move, you can take it with you.

  1. Privacy and Security

The Pod’s design is such that the internals’ construction conditions are safe, secure, and weather protected. There is a peaceful arrangement of compartments for the Pod that has a bigger size.

  1. Eco-friendly

Getting back to nature, your Pod keeps the love of the environment as its priority. As your eco-pod used to be small, you can make a bit of it out. You can make out of recycled, re-purposed, and recovered supplies.

Moreover, the eco-pods are eco-friendly as most of them use wind or solar power. So, do not focus on stuff related to other power sources.

Final Words by Philip Doleman:

There are a lot of benefits to eco-pods, which are far away from our approach. In short, there are countless benefits if someone makes proper use of it.

Those people who choose an eco-pod as an affordable piece can determine to live with more rare luxuries and adopt a more simplistic way of life.