A fun and fuss-free social sportsbook, Fliff has caught the attention of sports bettors across the United States by turning sports predictions into a social game. Its recent growth in popularity has shot Fliff right to the forefront of top social casinos and sportsbooks, and we wanted to know why. We set our team of experts with the task of trying Fliff out and passing on any top tips from first-hand experiences to be able to help players who are looking to try out Fliff. 

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In this article, expect our expert reviews of Fliff, guides, sign-up information, promos, and frequently asked questions to help you get started with the sportsbook.

Expert Review – Fliff Social Sports Betting

Fliff Social Sportsbook is sports betting reimagined as a new and exciting platform that turns activities such as score predictions into some play-for-fun social gaming. Play against your friends and other users with a range of bonuses and rewards available to earn and watch your progress on the in-game leaderboard, unlocking badges as you go to showcase your achievements. Available on the social sportsbook is an extremely strong line-up of the big sports and leagues from the NFL, NBA, and MLB. It also features some college sports, adding to its appeal to all sports fans. Fliff also offers an impressive welcome bonus for new users who sign up for an account and various other promotions for existing customers. 

Being a social sportsbook, Fliff does not require any real money to be paid to play on the platform. Users are often set up to get started at the sportsbook with a generous welcome offer for signing up, where they will receive in-game currency in the form of Fliff Coins and/or Fliff Cash. Fliff coins, however, unlike Fliff Cash, can be purchased by players, and the forms of accepted payment methods to do so are that of recognized names such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and bank transfer.

Fliff Social Sports Betting Promo Code

Securing the Fliff social sportsbooks promo is simple – there is no promo code required to claim this, and it will land in your account shortly after completing the sign-up process. Similarly to all of the promotions offered at the social sportsbook, these will not require a promotional code to claim.

How did Fliff Social Sportsbook Rank Against our Key Criteria?

Spoiler alert! Fliff ranked very highly. The sportsbook went through the toughest of critics, our experts, and was judged against strict criteria in various areas. Below, these have been rated and reviewed for your information, according to our experts. Keep reading to find out how they did.

The Fliff Sports Betting app meets many of our strict criteria and players can find out more about it below.

Strength of Reputation and Trustworthiness

Expert Rating: Strong

Fliff social sportsbook has a strong reputation and is trusted by users to provide them with the safest, most legitimate online sports betting. Being able to sign-up and place wagers without needing to submit any of their financial information means that players do not have to worry about their details being in the hands of the wrong people. Players can also trust that they can play worry-free, as it will be with virtual currency instead of real money.

Security and Safety

Expert Rating: Strong

It is vital to ensure that all platforms, such as Fliff, are safe and secure for players to interact with. Despite being a social sportsbook, there are still transactions and payment details that can be made, so users will want to be assured that their details are safe. At Fliff social sportsbook, players can go about their business with confidence that their information is secure.

User Experience

Expert Rating: Excellent

The usability of Fliff is fantastic. Everything is smooth and seamless, with easy-to-navigate menus, odds, and sports. It has a modern feel, appealing to those who are more likely to use it, being purely offered as a mobile app. The well-presented platform went down a treat with our experts and is one of Fliffs stand-out features by far compared to its competitors.

Real Customer Reviews

Expert Rating: Good

It is important to remember that no matter what the platform, there will always be both positive and negative reviews left by users. However, with Fliff, players familiar with how social sportsbooks or similar work and understand its unique features will be very satisfied with the customer reviews as they are overall positive and will bring new players to the platform who should not be disappointed with their experience. Overall, our experts were pleased with these reviews and think they will be helpful.

Variety of Sports Available

Expert Rating: Strong

The range of sports available to bet on at Fliff social sportsbook is outstanding. It features all household names, including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS. Due to its social sportsbook nature, it can also provide odds on sports that are less commonly come across, such as college sports and eSports. It is important to have such a variety because players can then get involved with multiple sports on one platform as opposed to using several. This inclusion of college and eSports really stood out to our experts and resulted in a strong rating overall.

Customer Support Options

Expert Rating: Excellent

Fliff has ensured that as a mobile-only sportsbook, they are present across various social media platforms for players to find easily. Players can submit queries via direct message on Instagram, TikTok, and X. Fliff customer service can also be contacted via its easy-to-navigate contact page on its app, where players can submit a message to the team.

Mobile Compatibility

Expert Rating: Strong

Since Fliff social sportsbook is currently only available to download on a mobile device as an app, its mobile compatibility is five-star. With high-definition graphics, a smooth and seamless user experience, and a simple but effective design, this deserved our highest expert rating, and it lived up to its expectations.

How to Sign-Up to Fliff Social Sportsbook

To sign-up for Fliff and its social sportsbook, you will just need to download the app from the App or Google Play Store, complete the required sign-up process, verify your details and away you go. Get started now by following the below guide from the experts below:

  • Click the link provided to be taken to the Fliff sign-up page to download the app, OR head to your provider’s app store and search for Fliff.
  • Enter your details like your name, address, date of birth, etc. 
  • Verify your details
  • Create a unique username and password combination 
  • Sign in and find your welcome bonus ready and waiting in your account
  • Enjoy!

What is a Social Sportsbook?

Social sportsbooks like Fliff are entering the market to offer an alternative to conventional sportsbooks. The main feature is that you are not wagering real money but using a virtual currency specific to that sportsbook, usually in the form of coins. These tend to be earned by signing up to the sportsbook and continue to be gained by playing. These can often be exchanged for another form of virtual currency that can then be used for rewards and cash prizes. This type of sportsbook can often be a popular option amongst players as it provides a more casual and relaxed experience, and players will feel a sense of security as they are not wagering any of their hard-earned cash. Another advantage is that social sportsbooks can offer odds on more niche sports and events due to its use of virtual currency, such as college sports and eSports.

Fliff Social Sportsbook Pros and Cons

Below, you can find some of the social sportsbooks’ advantages and disadvantages as decided by our experts.


  • Dedicated mobile app
  • You can play for fun with no real money deposits required
  • Range of sports and events
  • Over 120 lines on top US fixtures
  • Cash rewards


  • Minimum withdrawal limits
  • Only offered via a mobile app

Fliff Social Sportsbook on Mobile

A unique feature of Fliff as a social sportsbook is that it is only available to download as a mobile application. Currently, with no live website and the app only compatible with smartphone devices and not tablets, Fliff relies on specific sportsbook app users to maintain the brand’s success. However, what Fliff may lack in online presence, it makes up for in the design and functionality of its mobile app. It is a well-presented platform that is easy to navigate with complimentary colors. You also get a small snippet of this on the link to download the app. Expect a smooth, high-definition, immersive experience each time when playing the Fliff app.

Fliff Social Sportsbook Features

There are two main features to Fliff that make it different from the rest. While it is a social sportsbook instead of a usual sportsbook, it only offers its services via an app. Keep reading to find out more about the different features and need to knows ahead of your time using the social sportsbook.

App only gameplay

With Fliff social sportsbook only being accessible via an app on a smartphone, this means to view its features in more detail, it will need to be downloaded and have an account created. There is a website link that will take players to the Fliff site, where they can download the app from there and read a little about the brand. As with most apps, however, it means that players can benefit from high-definition graphics and a seamless and immersive experience compared to being limited to a desktop site. It also means it is fully compatible with mobile devices, so there will be no limitations.

Sporting Fixtures

The sheer volume of sports that are present at Fliff is phenomenal. Even the inclusion of slightly lesser headliners, such as college athletics and eSports, is able to be offered thanks to its social sportsbook status. Without the requirement to wager real money, more specific markets can be offered to customers. Of course, still expect to find great odds and offers on the headliners and biggest sports in the country from NBA, NHL, MLB, and many more.

Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash

Fliff coins and cash are the form of virtual currency used at the social sportsbook. Coins can be obtained by signing up with the sportsbook and will be around at almost every step of your time playing at Fliff. Playing games, entering giveaways, and inviting your friends, there are so many ways to earn Fliff coins, and you can also purchase these if that is your preference. These do not hold any real monetary value and can not be redeemed at any stage for cash. 

Fliff cash is an alternative virtual currency at the social sportsbook. A key difference to Fliff coins is that you can not directly buy Fliff Cash. You can win more of the virtual currency by placing winnings picks, unlock more through various bonuses, and be gifted with virtual cash by entering social media giveaways. Fliff cash can be exchanged for real cash prizes once played through and meets the minimum withdrawal values; terms and conditions apply.


Offering a generous welcome bonus, Fliff sets players up with many coins to get started at their app. These are sure to keep you entertained for some time, and lots of other bonuses and promotions the app runs. Fliff does not limit the offers available to new and existing users and even offers daily bonus coins every couple of hours for just using it. All of these are simple and quick to get involved with as none of the promotions ran at Fliff require any entering of promo codes and no playthrough 

Payment Methods

Despite being a social sportsbook where there is no requirement for real money to play, there is still the ability to get real cash prizes and purchase coin packs at the social casinos if players wish to. This means that there are some recognized payment methods available at Fliff, from Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfers, and Maestro, to name a few.

Is Fliff Social Sportsbook legal for US Sports Fans

Fliff social sportsbook is completely legal across the majority of the US. The nature of Fliff not requiring to be categorized under gambling and instead complying with the sweepstakes law means that it meets the legal requirements to operate in most US states. Similarly to that of social casinos, it is free-to-play with no purchases necessary. Customers must be 18 and over to play at Fliff social sportsbook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Fliff social sportsbook is a mobile app that does not require real money to place bets on sporting fixtures and events.

How does Fliff make money?

Players purchasing coins and the app selling gift cards are two ways Fliff makes money.

How is Fliff legal?

Fliff complies with all the legal requirements to operate as a sweepstake sportsbook and does not require to be categorized as a gambling platform.

Is Fliff Cash real money?

No, Fliff cash is a virtual currency at the social sportsbook. It can be exchanged for real cash prizes at certain points – T&Cs apply.

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