YorkTest has launched a new offer aimed at making at-home food sensitivity and allergy testing more accessible to households across the United States. This initiative is part of their continuous effort to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions.

YorkTest, a pioneer in health and wellness with forty years of experience in home-to-lab food allergy and food sensitivity testing, has announced a 7-day offer to enhance accessibility to their testing services across the US. Starting on Thursday, 27th June, all YorkTest tests will be available at a 30% discount with free delivery, plus a $40 Amazon gift card for each test purchased.

Since their inception, more than 500,000 individuals have used their tests to gain health insights, often resulting in significant lifestyle changes and improved wellbeing. The company’s at-home testing kits require just a finger prick of blood and provide results within 7 days, presented in a straightforward format.

YorkTest offers a range of food allergy and food sensitivity test bundles suitable for individuals, couples, and families. The food sensitivity (IgG) tests analyse reactions to 200 different ingredients, while the food allergy (IgE) tests screen for 23 major food allergens and 18 environmental allergens. Conducted by an accredited laboratory, these tests ensure high accuracy and reliability.

For those seeking further support, there is an option to book a consultation with a nutritional therapist to help interpret the results and recommend dietary adjustments. All tests are also HSA and FSA-eligible.

Richard Dawson, CEO at YorkTest, said: “This limited-time offer reflects our commitment to making health awareness accessible to as many people as possible. By offering a significant discount and additional benefits, we hope to empower more individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions that can lead to better wellbeing.”

To benefit from this offer, readers should visit the YorkTest website and select the test or bundle of their choice. A $40 gift card is included with every test purchased, including bundles. When a bundle is purchased, a $40 gift card is provided for each test in the bundle.