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The importance of a company website for a company can hardly be underestimated: Anyone who does not present themselves with their own website will remain invisible to many of their customers. Last year there were over a billion websites on the Internet. But not every website brings its owner the desired success: Company websites with poor quality are not searched for, are not found, and perform poorly on Google. More interesting information on this topic can be found on the blog

The company website is for information purposes

First of all, a company website serves as information for your potential customers. Today, these customers primarily find out about your company, your products and services online. A successful company website helps visitors get an initial, positive picture of your business. Companies that do not maintain their company website regularly are less successful in the long run. That’s why you always keep your information up to date or, best of all, publish specialist articles in your company’s own blog. This way you can optimally represent your company online and show potential customers the right products and services.

The company website turns visitors into customers

But how do visitors become loyal customers? Two aspects are important here: the presentation of the website and the content of the company website. The optimal presentation ensures that the website offers visually and content-wise exciting and attractive incentives for visitors. Because this is the only way he gets the feeling: “This is the right place for me” and “This is exactly what I was looking for”. The right content makes your website the hub of your company’s online activities. This allows you to present the exciting history of your company in moving images on your website. Or you can link your online shop with your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Co.

You should pay attention to these characteristics of successful company websites if you want long-term success:

  1. Good content. Good content is the decisive criteria for your company’s success on the Internet. You will only be found in search engines if you know what is in demand in your industry and offer the right content. This way you not only get more visitors, but also the right visitors. The content on your website must be relevant and valuable for the visitor, which means preparing a purchase decision on the website. And that requires relevant and in-depth content. ‘Thin content’, i.e. short content with meaningless marketing speak, does more harm than good. We can thank Google’s Panda and Fred algorithm updates for this. For many websites it was time to say goodbye to Google Rank. Stand out positively!
  2. Uniqueness. Stand out from your competitors. Show what your unique strengths are as a company with your professional company website. If you impress your customers in person, then you should do the same online. Anyone who finds their way around easily and finds exactly what they are looking for not only likes to buy but also likes to come back. Of course, there are tricks to increase the conversion rate, such as artificial scarcity, but a good user experience is much more than that.
  3. Professional design. A high-quality company website conveys competence and quality to your customers. Show your strengths directly with your website: logo, color, font and design elements make your company website unique. Potential customers get an idea of ​​you and your website in the first few seconds. A modern, individual and high-quality design inspires and creates trust. With an individual web design, you can give visitors to your company website a reliable impression of what you offer. This will convince you at first glance! But it’s not just new customers who will appreciate contemporary web design: your existing customers will also be happy to use your website again and again.
  4. Responsive design. Also impress on the mobile internet: With responsive design, your website adapts to the user’s device. Whether cell phone, tablet, smartphone or flat screen TV. With a company website in responsive design, you will cut a good figure anywhere. Remember when the mobile web was in its infancy and there were two versions of every website? A desktop site that really had everything on it and a stripped-down mobile site ( that was always pretty ugly?

So if you are still the proud owner of a separate mobile site, you should finally get rid of it this year and rely on responsive design.