The announcement of Watermans as the headline sponsor for Miss England 2024 marks a significant moment in the beauty and health sectors. This partnership gains a personal touch with Bhasha Mukherjee, a former Miss England and NHS doctor, shedding light on the pervasive yet seldom-discussed challenge of hair loss.

Watermans, the brainchild of Gail and Matt Waterman from Yorkshire, has risen to prominence as the Original Hair Growth company. Since 2012, their innovative solutions in hair care have garnered them accolades, including the Queen’s Award, establishing their leadership in the industry.

This collaboration is particularly meaningful in conjunction with Miss England’s 2024 cause, “Balls to Cancer,” illustrating Watermans’ philanthropic spirit. Angie Beasley, the Director of Miss England, expressed her enthusiasm for this alliance, commending Watermans for their philanthropic gesture of donating ‘Grow Me’ hair growth shampoos to chemotherapy wards.

Bhasha Mukherjee, the groundbreaking British Indian Miss England 2019 winner, has bravely shared her hair loss journey, applauding Watermans for addressing this critical issue and providing hope to many facing similar challenges.

Gail and Matt Waterman‘s venture into hair care was motivated by their personal struggles with hair loss, leading to a brand that blends over three decades of hair salon experience with innovative product formulations. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has seen Watermans achieve global recognition, with their products being purchased every 30 seconds around the world.

The partnership with Watermans is a landmark for Miss England 2024, as Angie Beasley highlights, bringing a celebrated British hair growth brand to the fore of this esteemed event. With Jessica Gagen, the inaugural redhead Miss England, set to represent the country at the 71st Miss World in India, this alliance celebrates inclusivity and empowerment.

The anticipation builds for the national final of Miss England 2024, taking place on the 16th & 17th May 2024 at the Grand Station Wolverhampton, with the winner progressing to the 72nd Miss World final.

For the latest news on Watermans’ pivotal partnership with Miss England 2024, visit the Watermans website.