Accidents tend to show up when you least expect them to. No matter how minor they are, they tend to leave a lasting scar on all those who are involved. Some unfortunate souls even lose their lives, leaving their families in deep emotional and financial stress.

But there is hope for accident victims. It appears in the form of accident attorneys. These skilled legal professionals stand by the victim’s side, making sure they receive fair compensation.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing an accident attorney. Some of the more common factors include:

  • Cases won
  • Experience
  • Reputation

Fortunately, this is something that the professionals at Dolman Law Group excel at. This award-winning law firm, headed by Mathew Dolman, has helped thousands of clients get compensation as high as $5 million.

But sometimes victims make the mistake of choosing a lawyer who doesn’t have enough experience. This can happen for various reasons. The most common one is a lack of finances.

So should you bite the bullet and hire a rookie or go through the time-tested route of hiring an experienced attorney? This article will help you make a decision.

Choosing a Rookie Lawyer

All personal injury cases need legal representation. There is no changing that. But the lawyer you choose can make all the difference.

It’s not that choosing a rookie lawyer is bad. But it isn’t fair that you have to be the lab rat for some young lawyer to learn the ropes. Here are some consequences that you may probably witness after hiring a rookie lawyer:

Lack of Experience

Experience is important for personal injury cases. With experience comes the knowledge of what to expect in a personal injury case. A rookie lawyer doesn’t have this experience and will falter in important situations, giving the defense the upper hand.

May Not Know How to Manage Loopholes

There are plenty of loopholes in the law. The purpose of a lawyer is to make sure that the defense doesn’t take advantage of these loopholes and get away scot-free. Sadly, a lawyer who is in the learning stage will miss these loopholes.

Poor Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an important skill for a lawyer to have. The negotiation skills of a lawyer will be put to the test during the settlement negotiation stage.

A rookie lawyer with little to no experience in settlement negotiations is setting themselves and their client up for failure.

Choosing an Experienced Lawyer

This is the recommended option for all cases, be it civil or criminal. An experienced lawyer brings plenty to the table. They are mentioned in the sections below.

Prepares a Solid Case

Nobody can beat an experienced lawyer when it comes to preparing a solid case. They will perform a comprehensive analysis of the case, going through all the information and evidence available.

They will then use this information to strengthen the case and successfully predict the possible defenses that may be used during the claim process.

Anticipating Challenges

A personal injury claim is fraught with challenges. An experienced attorney knows all about this and will strategize based on the information available. Understanding the challenges that may arise during a personal injury case is important, as one wrong move can turn the case against the victim.

Masters at Negotiation

The point of a personal injury case is fair compensation. The chances of fair compensation are high when your case is handled by an experienced lawyer.

An experienced lawyer knows all the tricks played by the defense and will counter them. This ensures you get a settlement that compensates for all the damages you have suffered.

Can Represent Victims in Court

Personal injury claims go to court when out-of-court negotiations fail. An experienced lawyer is useful in such situations.

Lawyers with litigation experience do an impressive job of representing clients in court. They know how to convince the jury and get you just compensation for all your losses.

Who Should You Choose?

The answer is obvious.

You should always choose an experienced lawyer to handle your personal injury case.

Yes, it may sound unfair for rookie lawyers. But there are many ways to gain experience. Your personal injury case shouldn’t be someone’s launchpad.

Always reach out to an experienced lawyer to handle your case.