IC-Crypto has recently made waves in the online brokerage community by introducing its platform in the UK, catering to both novice and experienced traders. This review delves deep into what makes IC-Crypto a worthy contender in the online trading world, focusing on its trading assets, platform features, diverse account types, the exclusive VIP club, and customer support effectiveness.

Trading Assets Offered by IC-Crypto

IC-Crypto stands out with its comprehensive array of trading assets. The platform’s cryptocurrency offerings include popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a range of emerging altcoins. This extensive selection appeals to traders looking for dynamic, high-reward opportunities. Stock trading options cover both traditional and emerging market stocks, while commodities like gold, silver, and oil offer tangible asset trading opportunities. The platform’s Forex market is robust, featuring a range of currency pairs, and the inclusion of global indices caters to those interested in broader market trends.

Platform Features of IC-Crypto

The platform combines advanced functionalities with an intuitive interface, suitable for all levels of traders. Its user-friendly design ensures easy navigation and customisation. Real-time data and a range of analytical tools facilitate comprehensive market analysis. IC-Crypto also includes risk management tools and a simplified order placement process. Furthermore, its cross-platform support and fully integrated mobile app cater to the needs of modern traders.

Account Types Offered by IC-Crypto

IC-Crypto offers various account types to suit different trading experiences and investment capacities. These range from The Trail account for beginners, with a minimum deposit of $250, to The Heritage account for elite traders, requiring a minimum deposit of $250,000. Each account type comes with its own set of features and benefits, tailored to the trader’s needs.

VIP Program and Personalised Guidance

The VIP Program at IC-Crypto offers enhanced trading experiences with personalised support and educational opportunities. It is accessible to traders of all levels and provides individualised support from dedicated advisors. The program includes one-on-one trading sessions and comprehensive educational content.


IC-Crypto appears to be a versatile and inclusive online brokerage platform, offering a range of assets and features that cater to a diverse array of trading preferences and strategies. With its user-friendly interface, variety of account types, and commitment to personalised guidance and education, IC-Crypto positions itself as a notable choice for traders in the UK.