Manufacturing can have an impact on the local area, both good and bad. From shipping and logistics to job opportunities for staff, a factory’s impact can reach far and wide.

If you are thinking about expanding your business to a new location, or even embarking on a new venture and starting a business, there are ways to reduce the impact you will have on the local surroundings.

Considering how the business will impact the local environment

There are several things to consider when thinking about the impact of your business on the local area.

The size of the factory should be where you start. Finding a suitable place to begin with can be hard because of the potential impact. Simply put, the larger the impact. It will be considered an eyesore by local residents. There are ways to shield your building from negative eyes, such as lining chain link fences with natural materials such as bamboo or covering outside pipework in wooden coverings.

Manufacturing naturally produces a lot of different odours. For example, pet food can have quite a strong smell that will carry across the town. If this is the case, install specialist air pollution solutions which will filter the air before it is released, reducing the smell for anyone nearby.

If you have to transport any materials or completed products then you will need to think about the route your lorries take. There will be roads which are unsuitable for large vehicles, so you will need to plan accordingly. You may also want to think about the frequency ofdeliveries. If you are sending out trucks which aren’t completely full, you are creating unnecessary pollution.

How the business will benefit the area

Although it can be easy to focus on the negatives of a factory opening in the local area, it does bring some positives with it too.

A manufacturing plant needs workers so there will be plenty of new jobs up for grabs. This, in turn, will boost the local economy as people will have more money to spend on local businesses. As well as giving people wages, a factory helps to keep skilled workers local. Sometimes, skilled workers flock to larger cities and towns in the pursuit of work. By ensuring that there is a large employer nearby, local towns and villages will continue to thrive and keep residents of all ages in the area.

If you think about the larger picture, products made and bought in the UK are better for the environment. Importing and exporting results in CO2 emissions which are harmful to the environment. Plus, customers are more willing to buy from you if your products are UK-based. This may even give you an edge over your competitors.