If you think performance marketing is a dense web of data, wait till you experience the modern form of mobile marketing. With the increasing emphasis on user privacy, enriching customer experiences, competitive edge, and changing market trends, also comes the challenge of ramping up your marketing skills to collect, assess, and process all the user data received through mobile devices via multiple channels and cooperating partners. Phew! Already sounds heavy, right? Thanks to specialized mobile marketing platform (MMP), like Trackier, app attribution isn’t a hassling task anymore. You can view the entire customer journey from the point of first interaction to app install and in-app activity via the MMP dashboard, with a special focus on the bottlenecks in the sales funnel. But sadly, the opposite is also true. Without a reliable MMP, your mobile marketing efforts can suffer a major setback. So if you’re a mobile marketer planning your big campaign, here’s how you can find your perfect match from the best marketing attribution tools in the market.

Back to the Basics: What is Attribution Platform?

Before we jump to the checklist for finding a mobile attribution tool, it is better to revise what is attribution tracking. Attribution is a technical term that refers to the process of recording a user’s journey across a devised marketing funnel, using the gathered information to optimize your campaign for higher success rates. With all the demographic and behavioral data of App users available to them, marketers can make informed decisions about their marketing expenses, campaigning approaches, and capture a larger share of the online traffic. In light of this definition, an attribution platform refers to any AdTech software that assists in capturing, collating, and processing user data. Since attribution platforms help to translate indecipherable coded data into insightful reports, it is essential to pick software that offers the best analytics features, customer support, and protection.

What Should You Think About Before Picking a Mobile Attribution Tool?

●      Does it Foster Trust in Your Partnerships?

Inaccurate attribution accounts for most of the losses borne by app owners and advertisers. Your ideal marketing attribution platform would be equipped to sieve through granular data and give you a clear picture of campaign performance – from all perspectives. Accuracy is another must-have feature. An MMP that compromises accuracy in the face of processing bulk loads of data can end up draining your budget on fake conversions.

●      Can it Bridge the Gap Between Different Marketing Tools?

Your campaign strategies can take you from juggling between two platforms to managing thousands of partners within a short time. And an MMP that isn’t flexible enough to incorporate all of your media partners can be a taxing investment. After all, an MMP wouldn’t be called one of the best available multi touch attribution tools for mobile marketers if it couldn’t support standard integrations, right?

●      Does it Uphold the Industry Standards for Data Privacy and Accessibility?

Advanced data reporting features are the foremost aspect that separates MMPs from other marketing attribution platforms. The best mobile attribution tools allow you to take full control of your data, giving you insights on a real-time basis, and letting you view the big silos of data into comprehensible blocks that you can interpret to draw actionable insights for your campaigns. Adhering to international data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA also becomes a plus point if your mobile campaigns run at the global level.

●      Can it Ensure Fraud Protection Against All Known Threats?

The mobile marketing economy has seen a sudden boom during the pandemic era. And what began as a million dollar mobile market is soon to climb up to a trillion dollar advertising industry in the coming decade. But in the underbelly of this success lies the hoards of fraudsters, who have learned to overtake the technological barriers, and continually hijack mobile marketing campaigns. That’s why mobile frauds can manifest in many forms, e.g. abnormally high click rates but low conversions, fake conversion reporting, low number of clicks with high install rates, etc. It is always advised to opt for a mobile attribution tool that is updated with the latest ad fraud prevention features and demonstrates a willingness to continue strengthening its shields.

Putting it Together

It is not enough to know what is attribution platform, if you’re not familiar with all the benefits that it can offer. For instance, retention reports, predictive analytics, real time data reporting, anti-fraud features, and 300+ API integrations are only some of the best features of the Trackier mobile marketing platform that can get you started on your first campaign within no time. But the more you meddle, the more you’ll find when you use the Trackier mobile attribution tool firsthand. So, whatever your choice of MMP, make sure you delve into the depths – much like your attribution provider!