Many players like to play blackjack online. After going to the casino, you can see a lot of varieties of the game. Entertainment for a long period of time is considered the most exciting and accessible card game. Already in the 20th century, this game became an essential attribute of almost every casino. Now players have a great opportunity to enjoy this card game on the Red Dog casino site.

Rules of playing online blackjack

To embark on an enthralling card game, acquaint yourself with the regulations of online blackjack. These guidelines are designed to be easily comprehensible, enabling players to grasp them in a matter of moments. Yet, it is vital to note that each version of blackjack may possess its own distinctive intricacies. Nonetheless, the fundamental regulations remain consistent across all variations of the game.

At the initiation of every card game, the players seated around the table are obliged to place compulsory wagers, the specific amounts of which are determined by the regulations pertaining to the particular table. Pertinent details regarding the minimum and maximum bets can be found within the rules provided. Following the completion of these wagers, the dealer proceeds to disclose a pair of exposed cards for each individual space.

The ace and ten form an unbeatable combination in the game of blackjack, known as a blackjack hand, under the current rules. Despite the potential for a draw, this hand prevails over any other. Your success in online blackjack primarily hinges upon the particular variant you select.

Strategies for playing blackjack online

When considering how to play blackjack, it can be seen that there are many different strategies that allow you to significantly reduce the risks. The most common is considered the basic strategy. Its characteristic feature is its simplicity. If you plan to play with this strategy, you just need to find a table where the basic combinations are presented. Its development was engaged in an ardent fan of the game of cards Edward O. Thorpe. For its existence, this strategy has not undergone any changes.

Blackjack variants

The stakes in this game depend on the chosen variant of the black jack rule. In the list below, you can explore the varieties considered in demand:

  • European. This version is practically no different from the classic game. It provides 2 logs of cards, and players need to collect 21 points.
  • American. This game has a rule that one of the dealer’s cards is equal to 10 points. If the dealer manages to collect the maximum combination, players automatically lose.
  • Spanish. The main difference is that up to 8 Spanish card logs are used here. Such logs differ from the standard ones, as they consist of 48 cards.

Why play blackjack online?

There are hundreds of reasons to learn how to play online blackjack. Not only is it practical if you live far away from a traditional casino, but it’s also a great experience, allowing you to experience the thrill of the game from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, if you play online, you can take advantage of various promotions, bonuses and special offers. 

To play blackjack online, a smartphone, tablet or computer will do. You will also need to create an account at Red Dog Casino – you can do this on the registration page, following the instructions on the screen.

Before you start playing

Ensure that your device is equipped with Flash player prior to commencing your online blackjack session. Failure to do so might prevent the game from initiating, therefore necessitating the download or activation of the aforementioned software within your browser.

While the differences between the different types of online blackjack may be minor, the fundamental information shared below remains consistent across all variants.

Blackjack settings

We’ve already mentioned that to play blackjack you need four basic components: a table, a dealer (a real dealer or his digital analogue, depending on the game), several packs of cards and a set of chips.

In the online version of the game without a real dealer, where the gameplay is fully computerised, you play on your own. If you decide to play blackjack in a live casino, there may be several other players at the same table in addition to you and the real dealer.

Placing a bet

So, you’ve taken a seat at the table and you’re going to play blackjack. Where do you start? First of all, you need to place a bet. To do this, choose chips that match your preferred bet amount. Then be sure to check if the amount you’ve chosen matches the amount you want to bet. If everything is in order, wait for the deal to start. If not, click “Clear Bet” and start again.


After you place your bet, the dealer will deal the cards. If you’re playing the fully computerised version of the game, it’s likely to be just you, so you’ll have plenty of time to think about your every move. In live blackjack, multiple people can play at the same table at once, so don’t be surprised that the dealer may be talking to players throughout the game.

Note: while both of your cards are dealt face up, one of the dealer’s cards will always be covered. This is largely what the game is all about – trying to guess whether the dealer’s hand will be better or worse. Now comes the fun part.

The beginning of the game

So, the dealer deals the cards. Now you have a number of options available to you. The most important ones are to ask for another card or to stay with the ones you already have in your hand.

If you think your hand is close enough to 21, you can say “enough”, prompting the dealer to play your hand. If the sum of the cards is far from 21 and you are worried that the dealer might have a better hand than you, you can draw another card. This means that you will be dealt another card from the deck, which will be added to the cards you already have. This process can be repeated until you feel comfortable enough to pass the turn to the dealer, or until your total exceeds 21 points – this is called an overcall. In this case, your bet goes to the casino as this is considered a loss.

Dealer’s move

When you decide to say “enough”, you will no longer have the opportunity to draw more cards. After that, the fate of the game is in the hands of the dealer. His goal is to score more points than you, as close to 21 as possible (but no more). If the dealer’s hand is stronger than yours, you lose.

The general rule of blackjack is that the dealer is obliged to complete the cards if you have more points until you have 17 points or more. In total, one of four outcomes can happen at the table:

  • The dealer deals himself and reaches the sum of 17 points, but his hand is still weaker than yours. In this case, you win.
  • The dealer deals to himself and exceeds 21 points. In this case you win again.
  • The dealer deals to himself and reaches a total of 17 points or higher, but not more than 21, and his hand is stronger than yours. In this case you lose.
  • The dealer deals to himself and reaches the same amount of points that you have. This situation is called “even” and everyone stays at their bets – no one wins or loses.