Since its debut online poker has experienced incredible growth since its introduction. From being a hobby to a global phenomenon with millions of people participating daily in tournaments and games, there is one persistent misconception among some players. They think that online poker is somehow fixed.

Phil Galfond, an esteemed professional poker player and founder of Run It Once Poker, has directly addressed this dispute. We will explore his perspective on why online poker is not rigged while discussing RNGs’ important role in guaranteeing fair play.

Phil Galfond: A Poker Icon

Phil Galfond is one of the greatest professional poker players alive. He is considered among the very best players worldwide. He is a recipient of multiple World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and is famed for his high-stakes cash game skills. Galfond also holds great respect among his peers due to his ethical playing approach – something many consider crucial when choosing their poker partner.

Galfond founded Run It Once Poker in 2019! His involvement in this industry affords him an ideal position to address concerns regarding the fairness of online poker.

Why Are Some Players Alleging Online Poker Is Rigged?

Before addressing the issue directly, it’s essential to understand why some players believe online poker is rigged. Multiple factors contribute to this perception:

Losing Streaks

Poker is an equal combination of skill and luck, so even skilled players may experience losing streaks. However, When prolonged losses occur, players may mistake them as indicative of rigged games rather than accept them as part of the normal variance.

Bad Beats

Poker can often feature unexpected wins for underdogs, known as “bad beats.” These results can be very distressing and cause players to question whether these outcomes occur randomly.

Confirmation Bias

Players tend to remember bad experiences more vividly than good ones. It can cause them to form stronger opinions about online poker as unfair or biased than their positive experience.

Lack of Understanding

Unfortunately, many players lack a basic understanding of how online poker systems operate – including RNGs and algorithms that govern card distribution. It can lead to misconceptions and conspiracy theories amongst players.

Phil Galfond’s Insights on RNGs

Let’s examine Phil Galfond’s view on these accusations and his reasons for believing online poker is not rigged!

In one of the most popular tweets by Phil Galfond, he tweeted, “Major poker sites are not dumb to rig their software for more action. But there are some “conspiracy theorists” that think so…”

This tweet has been commented on and retweeted hundreds of times. Many people agree with Galfond. Besides, we can see many viral poker tweets with controversial opinions to analyze.

Galfond emphasizes the importance of Random Number Generators (RNGs). Reputable online gaming platforms and lottery games rely on RNGs to guarantee an impartial and equitable gaming experience. Consequently, RNGs serve as the fundamental element in promoting fairness in both online poker and lottery games. Britlottery, a well-known online provider in the industry, offers robust RNG services for a variety of online games, thereby enhancing fairness, trust, and value for millions of players worldwide. For additional details about their RNG services, please visit their official website.


Online poker’s reputation of rigged nature is an ongoing misconception, yet Phil Galfond, one of the leading figures in the poker community, presents compelling arguments against this belief. His insights into RNGs and other vital points convincingly defend online poker’s fairness. RNG integration makes a difference if you also want to run a successful online gaming platform.