While some shows and movies hog the spotlight, there are hidden gems on streaming platforms waiting to be discovered. This article shines a light on underrated series and films that have received critical acclaim but may not be as widely known. Uncover the hidden treasures that offer unique storytelling, outstanding performances, and a refreshing break from mainstream entertainment.

Black Mirror 

In the mesmerizing style of Neil Gaiman, a dark and enigmatic world comes to life as the ominous, playful Black Mirror returns for its sixth season. At a time when society’s fears about technology and artificial intelligence reach new heights, the anthology series’ dystopian stories become more topical than ever. Netflix has unveiled the titles and stars of this season’s five gripping episodes, from the meta-tale of “Joan is Awful,” where an ordinary woman discovers her life adapted into a streaming series portrayed by Salma Hayek Pinault, to Aaron Paul’s character landing in an alternate 1969 in “Beyond the Sea.”

The gap between seasons, shrouded in mystery, was partly due to rights issues, and perhaps because creator Charlie Brooker hesitated during the pandemic’s darkest days, unsure if stories about societies falling apart would find their place. Embracing the series’ dark spirit, Brooker may have finally assumed the worst and given up waiting for things to get better. Prepare to binge overseas with Hulu VPN for an unmissable epic show adventure hassle free!

I’m a Virgo

Discover the brilliance of Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, a groundbreaking 2018 alt-universe film that left audiences in awe. Now, Riley’s first series continues this inventive and politically relevant journey.

Jharrel Jerome, the Emmy-winning sensation from When They See Us, brings to life the intriguing character of Cootie, a towering 13-foot tall young man confined to the shadows of Oakland, CA. As Cootie ventures beyond his comfort zone, he encounters The Hero, a captivating television superhero portrayed by the talented Walton Goggins, chosen by Riley for its striking irony. Premiering to critical acclaim at South by Southwest, the first episodes left audiences applauding Riley’s visionary genius and Jerome’s remarkable performance, with Slash Film hailing Cootie as “a relatable and charming coming-of-age figure.


Prepare for a heart-pounding spectacle as the gripping drama unfolds on a hijacked Dubai to London flight. Leading the charge against the criminals is the remarkable Idris Elba, embodying the heroic figure of Sam Nelson, a business negotiator renowned for his unwavering determination. Over the course of seven electrifying episodes, the narrative plays out in real-time, tightly intertwined with the seven-hour flight.

Onboard, Nelson’s strategic genius becomes the passengers’ lifeline, as he collaborates with the beleaguered pilot, Ben Miles, to formulate a plan to thwart the hijackers. Meanwhile, on the ground, a parallel storyline unfolds, where Archie Panjabi takes on the role of a brilliant British counterintelligence agent. Crafted with precision and anchored by Elba’s commanding performance, this suspense-filled

And Just Like That

The highly anticipated Sex and the City sequel is here! Sarah Jessica Parker returns as the now-widowed Carrie, navigating “exit-out-of grief sex.” Unexpectedly, Aidan (John Corbett), her former fiancée, resurfaces, adding a twist to her journey. Meanwhile, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) grapples with familial responsibilities, and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) embarks on a new romance with nonbinary artist Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). Che, the breakout character from the last season, garners diverse reactions from viewers, both appreciation for making Miranda happy and disdain, labeled “the worst character on TV” by The Daily Beast. Series creator Michael Patrick King boldly promises more of Che’s presence, igniting further discussions about the show’s direction. Notably, guest stars Sam Smith, Gloria Steinem, and Candice Bergen add to the excitement.

The Bear

Revel in the enchanting world of The Bear, a show that took both audiences and critics by storm in its last season, charming them with its perfect amalgamation of personal drama, side-splitting comedy, and nerve-racking kitchen tension within the backdrop of a struggling Chicago restaurant. This season, prepare to be dazzled by a narrative that takes a daring turn, as Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) embarks on an audacious journey of reinvention. Stepping into the shoes of his brother, he transforms the sandwich shop, once known as The Beef, into the sophisticated and upscale establishment aptly named The Bear.

Returning to the ensemble are the exceptionally talented Ayo Edebiri, reprising her role as the young and gifted chef, Sydney, and the enigmatic Ebon Moss-Bachrach, breathing life into the complex character of Cousin Richie.Amidst the upheaval, Carmy’s unwavering composure stands out. Even his uncle (Oliver Platt) can’t help but ask, “How is that not making you insane?” To which Carmy replies, “I don’t mind it.” Well, that explains a lot!

Secret Invasion

In the highly-anticipated Secret Invasion, Samuel L.Jackson’s unparalleled performance as the unshakable Nick Fury, founder of the Avengers, takes center stage.

Amidst the chaos and danger, Secret Invasion holds a poignant message – every act of heroism, no matter how seemingly small, has a profound impact, and Fury’s unwavering dedication to protecting Earth embodies the very essence of what it means to be a true hero. As the show unfolds within the current timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seamlessly leads into the forthcoming film The Marvels. With Cobie Smulders portraying the skilled former S.H.I.E.L.D agent Maria Hill, Ben Mendelsohn reprising his role as the enigmatic Skrull Talos, Emilia Clarke embodying Talos’ daughter, and Olivia Colman portraying an MI6 agent, the ensemble cast showcases remarkable talent and chemistry. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await The Nick Fury Show, eager to immerse themselves in more of the iconic character’s heroic escapades and unrivaled charisma.

Class of ’07

You simply cannot miss Class of ’07, the uproarious Australian comedy exclusively on Prime Video. The show’s outrageous start, with a contestant’s Bachelor-like meltdown going viral – accompanied by a hilarious dove incident – sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Dive into the comedic brilliance of Class of ’07, a riveting Australian comedy now available exclusively on Prime Video. Beginning with an uproarious Bachelor-like show contestant meltdown, further heightened by an unforgettable encounter with a dove, the show sets an irreverent and entertaining tone from the get-go.The narrative revolves around the much-anticipated 10-year high school reunion at an all-girls school, disrupted by the cataclysmic arrival of an apocalyptic tidal wave. At the heart of the narrative lies the much-anticipated 10-year high school reunion at an all-girls school. Read more 4th of July Movies to Watch with Your Family.