Content Writer, the pioneering content marketing organization, announced a significant stride toward building the world’s largest writing community – Generic gig platforms like Fiverr ponder its market impact.

The Content Writer platform aims to unite writers worldwide, enabling them to showcase their skills, experience, and services offered. By simply setting up a free account and filling out their information, any copywriter can generate a modern, minimalist profile.

Content Writer logo

Content Writer logo

Content Writer logo – currently one of the most popular brands in the world. The company will soon surpass 100,000 followers on LinkedIn. Content Writer is expanding its content marketing agencies in 46 countries, such as France, Spain and China.

A look at the current writing market

To start with, how many writers will potentially benefit from Content Writer’s solution? Statista estimates there are 3.32 billion employed people globally. The World Data Bank states that 46.6% of these individuals are self-employed, equating to roughly 1.54 billion freelancers.
Delving further into these figures, a 2022 report by Payoneer indicates that writers constitute 8-10% of all freelancers. Thus, there are approximately 123 million copywriters and content writers worldwide.

This gives us a sense of supply. But what about demand? A 2021 Statista report estimates the number of companies at 334 million. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of B2B and 70% of B2C companies utilize content in their marketing strategies. Therefore, the number of companies that require writers’ assistance hovers around 239 million.

Surprisingly, despite the scale, Content Writer seems to be the first and, to date, the only recognizable company specializing in this sector. In summary, there are 123 million writers and 239 million potential clients. Content Writer aims its content marketing platform at this vast market. brings significant value

The Content Writer platform removes the necessity for individual writers to maintain their own websites, thereby saving on server and domain costs. Yet, the services offered by Content Writer extend far beyond simple profile creation. Bartosz Ciesielski, CEO of Content Writer Poland, promises to continually roll out new functionalities.

Bartosz Ciesielski, CEO of Content Writer

His organization claims that the platform’s objective is to unleash the creative potential of writers, who will benefit from the ready-to-use digital infrastructure. It will allow them to craft creative, valuable content regardless of their location and without financial barriers. In other words, it is the first global platform dedicated to content marketing.

The Content Writer platform also brings benefits to customers who need content – as they have quick and easy access to a wide range of talented writers from all corners of the world. They can therefore choose the right writer based on industry, writing style or language.

How will the market react?

This revolutionary approach by Content Writer is sure to ruffle feathers in the gig economy, challenging the status quo established by more generic platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

It is worth noting here that the demand for content is growing every year. Also Google trends show that the popularity of the Content Writer is gaining 20% year on year.

As Content Writer carves its unique niche in the market, it will be fascinating to observe how this disruption will shape the future of freelance content creation and content marketing as a whole.