Buying mushroom farm equipment for the first time can be a challenging task – there are a lot of products to choose from, but not all of them are of equal quality and will fit the farm well. Therefore, picking them at random is not the way to go. That’s why we gathered some of the most important tips for first time buyers of equipment for mushroom farms in one place. Keep reading to find out what should be taken into consideration when selecting the right models!

Mushroom picking trolley – what features should it have?

Mushroom picking trolleys are a must-have piece of equipment in every modern mushroom growing farm. But what features should high quality ones have? Automation is one of the key aspects to pay attention to. Automated movement of the platform (up and down, as well as left and right) with remote control not only saves a lot of time but also the picker’s strength, as in older models movement of the platform required manual turning of a crank, which was physically taxing.

Good trolleys are also equipped with an automated stoppage system, which helps to prevent workplace accidents. It automatically stops the trolley in the blink of an eye when an obstacle is detected in its path, whether it’s another employee or some other piece of equipment. Easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving, optimal battery capacity that allows the trolley to work for a long period of time before it needs to be recharged and additional safety features (doors that open inwards, non-slip working platform and more) are important as well.

Mushroom scale – key qualities

Due to harsh conditions in mushroom growing farms (high temperatures and humidity), as well as an additional risk of mechanical damage (for example from cutting mushrooms with a knife), mushroom scales need to be, above all, highly durable.

Precision and ease of operation are important as well. Large screen that will allow the worker to see the result even from a distance, several modes of operation to choose from and fast stabilisation time are worth paying attention to as well.

Good mushroom knives – how to recognise them?

Ergonomic and durable handle and an optimally sharp blade that doesn’t dull easily – these are the most important characteristics of high-quality mushroom picking knives. What’s also important to note is that such knives aren’t that much more expensive than lower quality ones, so choosing the better option isn’t that much bigger investment.

On the contrary – cheaper knives have a tendency for the handles to get damaged and the blades to get dull, which requires them to be replaced, generating additional costs in the long run.

Purchasing high-quality equipment for a mushroom growing farm is essential to ensuring its success. It’s best to choose models that are made of durable materials and have modern features, such as ones related to automation. They can be obtained from a trusted supplier of mushroom farm equipment, such as GROWTIME.