Whether it is your first anniversary or fiftieth, every year is a very important milestone and significance of your relationship. It is the day when you remember all the good times you have spent and shared together. On this day, you find your special someone, so you should try to remind them how special they are to you and that they mean a lot to you.

Communication and understanding are essential skills to have a long-lasting relationship and nurture your love for each other. Expressing your love is another challenge, but there are many occasions on which you can show your love and passion toward the love of your life.

If your anniversary is around the corner and you want to make it perfect for both of you, then keep reading this to find out ways you can make the day extra special for your partner.

List Of 5 Things You Can Try On Your Anniversary

1] Mini Trip

Regardless of how many years have passed since your “I do” moment, an anniversary trip is a must to re energize your relationship with your partner. Unlike a honeymoon, you need more preparation and strategy while planning an anniversary trip. It is a day to spend some quality time with your partner, away from home, work, and family.

You can go to the same place you went to for your honeymoon or explore a new place. Make a list of destinations you both would like to visit and prefer the one that best fits your schedule. One of the easiest ways to choose the trip destination is to make chits and pick a place.

2] Plan A Rooftop Picnic

If you don’t want to go out on your anniversary, then this idea is perfect for making your day special while staying at home. There are many rooms in your home, but have you ever tried decorating your terrace as a picnic spot? As a child, you must have once had a sibling’s picnic here, but the vibe is totally different when you are with your life partner.

You can purchase the decoration items along with your anniversary cake from the market. For convenience, you can visit any online cake shop to place an order for a delicious cake. Also, If you want a fast delivery of your order you can opt for Bakingo’s cake delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, or any other city you live in. Likewise, you can find affordable decorative items to get delivered to your doorstep to create a cosy and romantic for your special day .

Once you receive the deliveries, now decorate the rooftop with lights, flowers, and curtains, and place the cake in the middle. Finally, bring your partner to the terrace and have a romantic anniversary picnic at home.

3] Scavenger’s Hunt

Add a little adventure on your anniversary day by planning a scavenger hunt for your partner. A scavenger hunt is a game where you hide a grand/ final prize and place hints and small prizes for your partner in various significant places. Decoding the clues and finding the gifts will make your soul mate happier and you will also burst into laughter when you see them making an effort to find the final gift.

Buy a few small prizes and one large gift and place them into different locations of your house. Now take some sticky notes and write down hints that will take your partner to the places where the gifts are hidden. Make sure that each clue is linked with one another and stick them with the gifts. You can stick the first clue beside their bed, on the phone, or on their forehead to start the hunt.

4] Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember the first date that you went on with your partner? If you do, then how about recreating that day and living it again as your wedding anniversary event? Sounds fun, right?

Book the same table of restaurant you sat at on your first date and ask them to add some decorations and prepare a beautiful  happy anniversary cake in advance as no celebration is complete without a sweet treat.

On the day of your anniversary, ask your partner to get ready the same as they did on the first date or wear something similar. You can even get the same orders to eat as that day and do the same activities you did. To create some new memories, try doing some additional activities like a coupled dance to your favourite music, singing a song, etc.

5] Couple’s Spa Day

Take time off from your busy schedule and treat yourselves to a coupled spa on your wedding anniversary. It is a perfect way to relax and recharge after working non-stop for the rest of the day. You guys are together with each other in all the ups and downs of your life and relationship, making each thing work out, so when you hustle together, then it is a must to relax together.

Book a spa package for you and your partner after browsing through various salons or spa resorts in your locality. Massages and spa treatments will release all stress and tension and leave you relaxed and energized. While you visit the spa resort, look for a place to dine- in and have some desserts such as cakes or ice-creams.


Here are some ways you and your partner can celebrate your anniversary this year and make it extra special. Different people have different ways of celebrating; some follow the traditional approach, whereas others like to try out something unique and different every year. A wedding anniversary is a way to reaffirm to your partner that you love, respect, and care for them and that you will always keep the promises you made on your wedding day.