As one of the largest streaming services in the world, Netflix must constantly reinvent itself to remain a prominent force in the entertainment sector. The next crime thriller series from the business, “Kaleidoscope,” is precisely what they plan to do. “Kaleidoscope” (formerly known as “Jigsaw”) is an anthology series featuring heists, mysteries, and police thrillers that was created by Eric Garcia and developed by executive producer Russell Fine is the perfect alternative for Money Heist lovers.

Giancarlo Esposito of “Breaking Bad” fame, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, Peter Mark Kendall, Rosaline Elbay, Jai Courtney, Niousha Noor, Jordan Mendoza, Soojeong Son, and Hemky Madera are among the show’s noteworthy cast members.

The scenario revolves around a group of burglars trying to open an impenetrable safe to get the biggest reward. Nevertheless, they must defeat the FBI and the world’s most formidable corporate security squad to obtain the money just like the money heist series.

The specific format of “Kaleidoscope,” which enables viewers to watch the episodes in whatever sequence they desire, sets it apart from other programs. Although there are eight episodes in the series, its creator, Eric Garcia, emphasizes that there is no certain order in which they should be viewed. He thinks the plot will remain constant, but depending on how the episodes are watched, the audience’s perspective on the plot and characters may change. Each viewer then has a unique, immersive experience due to this.

To make it easier for viewers to follow up, each episode will be given a different colour name. According to producer Russell Fine, each episode will have all the information necessary to comprehend the plot, but the audience must put the pieces together as they watch by siri.