Following the growing trend of green oasis-like bathrooms, Brits are being advised on how to achieve their very own thriving rainforest in the bathroom.

With people keen to follow trends of creating their very own bathroom jungle, experts at are sharing their top do’s and don’ts for helping bathroom houseplants thrive.

Although many plants enjoy the environment of bathrooms, there are some which wouldn’t take too well to the wet and humid surroundings.

Snake plants, aloe vera and dragon plants all thrive when placed on a bathroom counter or next to the bath, unlike varieties of cacti which require a much dryer habitat.

There are other do’s and don’ts for budding bathroom planters to follow, such as remembering to consider light requirements and making sure to not place any plants under the direct stream of shower water.

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “We have seen the rise of many homeowners looking to fill their bathrooms with greenery. We fully support any budding planters looking to follow this trend, as not only does it result in a bathroom jungle escape but also some very happy plants.

“It should come as no surprise that many plants love living in bathrooms – thanks to their humid and wet conditions. With the conditions bathrooms provide, even the worst of plant parents can keep their moisture-loving greenery happy at home.

“However, it is important to look into the specifics around your potted plants and ensure they are always receiving the correct amount of sunlight and water.”

Below are’s do’s and don’ts to turn your bathroom into a green oasis:


Do use plants which will react best to the conditions of a bathroom. Ferns of all varieties and sizes, Cast Iron Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Dragon Plants and Philodendrons are just some of the plants set to thrive in the humidity over a bathroom.

Do incorporate orchids for some bathroom glamour. Orchids thrive in humid environments thanks to their tropical natural habitat. Try adding a single elegant stem in a pot on a counter or windowsill.

Do use every surface. Try out your bathroom plants in several different spots to see where they thrive and feel at home. A small plant will live happily on your bathroom counter, and larger hanging plants can be suspended from the ceiling.

Do fill an empty corner with a large fern for added foliage – no matter how small or dingy.

Do consider light requirements for your bathroom plants. If your bathroom has small windows and poor access to sunlight, integrate plants which thrive in partial shade.


Don’t let the full force of the water rain down on plants placed in the shower – this can lead to overwatering and kill the roots.

Don’t put any bathroom plants in pots without drainage holes as all of the water and extra moisture in the room will deprive the roots of oxygen if not properly drained.

Don’t bother with cacti – some of the only plants that will find no benefits from living in the bathroom are the cacti variety. They’re from hot, dry places and are in no need of steam.

Don’t re-home plants to your bathroom if you have no natural light at all in there. Many apartment bathrooms are built without windows and are unable to support photosynthesis.

Don’t limit yourself to potted plants. Tie a few stems of fresh eucalyptus together and hang over your shower head for both its aesthetic and physical health benefits.  Eucalyptus has been linked to relieving upper respiratory issues and aiding breathing congestion.